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Danger Racer

Sergey Zabelin

CIS487Game Design

University of Michigan – Dearborn

December 18, 2003


1.0 - Overview
Danger Racer was inspired by a 1983 classic video game “Spy Hunter.” After getting into a fight with the local mob, you realize that your chances of staying alive in town are slim to none. Push the pedal to the metal, as you make a run for it! With a tank full of gas, two machine guns on the hood of the car, and some amazingly strong bumpers, your only chance to survive is to avoid being run off the road.

The player controls the car using the arrow keys and spacebar to fire the machine guns. The mob vehicles can be either shot or bumped, but watch out, there are bombs on the road, so you may want to reconsider bumping into them. The car can only take a limited amount of damage before it blows up, but fortunately you may run across a few repair power-ups, and even weapon power-ups! Weapons have limited ammo, so use it wisely.

2.0 – Game Mechanics
2.1 – Overview
Danger Racer is an arcade racer/shooter, modeled after Spy Hunter. While the game has a few different enemies and power-ups, the road is straight, so all the player has to do is avoid running off the road and getting hit by the mob cars.
2.2 – Camera Position

The camera position of the game is a classic Top-Down view without any view changes. The players car can only move left and right relative to the screen, and allows good control of the vehicle while shooting the enemies into bits.

2.3 – User Interface Design
Prior to beginning the game, the player is presented with an option menu, allowing starting a new game, view controls, view instructions, and quit.

During game play, the screen contains the road, the player’s car, and enemies. At the top of the screen there is a score display, damage level display, and number of lives remaining. At the bottom of the screen there is a digital odometer, ammunition amount, and number of kills. These displays are positioned such that they would not interfere with the view of the game in action.

2.4Replaying and Saving
As this is a very short and simple game, and the player has only 3 lives, there is no reason to have a “save” feature. The player has an ability to start a new game at any point in time by pressing the escape key and selecting a new game from the menu.
2.5 – Control Summary
This game uses only the keyboard as a controller. Below are the pre-programmed keys and their actions:

Up/Down: Accelerate / Brake.

Left/Right: Move car to the left/right.

Spacebar: Shoots the currently selected weapon if there is sufficient ammo.

Z: Switches between three different weapons: machine guns, lasers, or missile launchers.

ESC: Opens the game menu screen.

Enter: Uses currently selected menu option.
2.6 – Game Play Details
The main idea of the game is to move the car on the screen, attacking all enemies in sight, and avoiding bombs or hazardous enemies.

Goal: Destroy 50 mob cars, followed by a mob boss car.

Danger Racer: The car given to the player is equipped with machine guns, lasers, and rocket launchers. It is capable of going faster than any other car in the game, and has a lot of armor.

Hummer: A mob car. While it has no guns, it is big enough to cause some damage if it runs into you. 1000 points.

Blade: A light-armored mob car equipped with tired blades. Running into this one will kill you. 1000 points.

Truck: A mob supply truck, just cruising along. Blowing this up will drop one of four power ups: machine gun ammo, laser gun ammo, missiles, or repairs for you car. 500 points.

Bomb: Bombs that the mob has left on the road for you to run over and die. You can drive around them, or shoot them to blow them up. 250 points.

Boss: A very heavy armored mob boss car, capable of shooting back. 10,000 points.

2.7 – Cut Scenes
Cut scenes would have no purpose in this game, and were not included.
2.8 – Storytelling
The story for this game is very simple. You are trying to run away from a local mob, and they are after you. This information is accessible via the “About” button in the main menu.
2.9 – Level Summary
There are no levels in this game. Destroying 50 mob cars brings out the mob boss. Defeating the mob boss ends the game.

3.0Artificial Intelligence
3.1 – Opponent AI
Hummers and Blades have the ability to track the location of the player. Hummers have a long tracking range, Blades have a short tracking range. When they spot the player they will move to run into the players car, causing damage or killing it.

Mob boss will always stay away from the players car, but will adjust its location on the road to drop bombs and shoot.

3.2 – Player Detection
Hummers have a 300 pixel tracking range.

Blades have a 100 pixel tracking range.

Mob boss can track the player regardless of the location.
3.3 – Motion

The players car has ability to travel upward to 120 Mph, or 12 pixels per frame. Since the speed of the enemies varies, going at top speed will cause all enemies to shop up from the top of the display, making their way down. Slowing down will cause the enemies to catch up, showing up from either top or bottom of the screen.

No cars in the game have the ability to go in reverse.

3.4 – Path Finding
There is no path finding feature in this game. While the player can run into the mob cars, bombs, or run off the road, the mob cars do not see each other or the bombs, thus being able to travel thru each other.
3.5 – Special Actions
There are no special actions included in this game.
3.6 – Combat
Player’s car is able to attack using machine guns, lasers, missiles, or by bumping into the mob cars. Mob cars that have tracking ability, except for the boss, will try to run into the player’s car, causing damage or death. Since the mob cars are slower than the player’s car, the player can outmaneuver the attacks.
3.7 – Non-Player Characters
Besides the mob cars listed in the Game Play Details section 2.6 of this document, there are no characters in the game.
3.8 – Puzzles and Traps
Being an action/racing arcade game, puzzles or traps would seem inappropriate for this type of game, and therefore were not implemented.

4.0 – Game Elements
4.1 – Items

Bomb planted by the mob to blow you up.

Machine gun power-up, gives the player 1000 bullets.

Laser gun power-up, gives the player 50 laser gun charges.

Missile gun power-up, gives the player 10 missiles.

Repair power-up, restores 50 damage points.

4.2 – Character Bibles




Max Speed


Danger Racer



120 Mph

Machine Guns






80 Mph





100 Mph

Spinning Tire Blades




80 Mph





120 Mph

Machine Gun

5.0 – Story Overview
5.1 – Storyboard

The local mob has an I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine mentality. The mob has helped you in many ways over the years. It has come to a point where Tony, the Boss’s, son is jealous of your treatment and tells his father it seems time that you pay the mob back. After some contemplation, the Boss sends Tony and part of the mob to your house to make a compromise. You manage to fight them off and begin to escape town.

Unfortunately, the Boss found out that you are leaving. Upset that you didn’t accept the compromise and will not repay him for all of his favors, he is sending all he has after you. They will stop at nothing.

You are… the Danger Racer.

5.2 – Background / Plot Summary
Danger Racer (the user) will have to fight and the mob by firing one of the weapons (Machine Guns, Missiles, or Lasers) and by outmaneuvering their attacks. After defeating the mob cars you have to defeat the mob Boss.

At the top of the screen there is a score display, damage level display, and number of lives remaining. At the bottom of the screen there is a digital odometer, ammunition amount, and number of kills. These displays are positioned such that they would not interfere with the view of the game in action.

If you lose the game “Game Over” will appear over top of the game view. If the user is successful, a screen congratulating the player will appear.

6.0 – Game Progression
6.1 – Setting
The setting of this game has a very personal feeling. This is created by using cars that player from any state or country may see on a local road. Thus, the player will feel the game is taking place on a road leading out of their home town, as they make a quick escape from the angry local mob as Danger Racer.
You are the Danger Racer. The mob is out on the road to stop you, but you must press on and wipe out all of them that get in your way.
6.3 – Flowchart

Hummers, Blades, Trucks, and Bombs are out on the road.

Mob Boss car appears.

Kill 50 mob cars
6.4 – Level and Scene Details

There are no levels in this game. Destroying 50 mob cars brings out the mob boss. Defeating the mob boss ends the game. All action takes place on a straight road.

Additional development time would be required to create more enemies, levels, and scenes.

7.0 – Bibliography
In creation of this game, I used the “t3dlib1”, “t3dlib2”, and “t3dlib3” source files that came with the LaMothe’s “Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus”, Second Edition book and CDROM.

I referenced the source code for a demo game “Outpost” in creation of this game.

Special thanks to Irene VanHook for game art. www.megacosm.org


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