Date: 2/13/03 Grade: 1

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auren Frisina

Date: 2/13/03

Grade: 1st

Subject: Language Arts

Objective: students will be able to:

  • Depict their mental image of the tooth fairy.

  • Reflect after listening to a story in order to draw additional mental images about the tooth fairy

  • Understand that acknowledging mental images is a great reading strategy to use while they are reading.


Anticipatory Set:

  • I will show the children a stuffed animal: “My friend brought me a present yesterday….. show stuffed animal (bear) ....Do you know who this is? This is the tooth fairy! The children should reply that this is not the tooth fairy etc….

  • Tell children that we are going to read a book about the tooth fairy, but I want to first know what they think the tooth fairy looks like.


  • The children should be able to draw their own mental image. If they are unable, I will call their attention to colors and details that they can think about. I will draw my mental image on the board if necessary. (Make it vague so I do not influence the student’s images)

Check for Understanding

  • Ask the students questions to ensure that they have included as much detail as possible.

  • Does your picture look like the mental image that you hold in your head?

Guided Practice

  • Discuss why mental images are important

  • First drawing – 10 minutes

  • Read book – 15 minutes

  • Discuss the story – did you mental image change? What about this book made your mental image change? 7

  • Second drawing – 10 minutes


  • “Today we focused on using our mental images. Can anyone tell me why this is important? Why do you think this is important? How does this help us when we are reading a story?”

  • “I want you to focus on what mental images are popping into your head when you are reading. This will help you comprehend what the story is about, and it will help you remember the details of a story”

Independent Practice

  • Students will draw read a book from home and draw a mental image as well as a few sentences describing the scene or book.

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