Date: Series: God Is Our King

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Series: God Is Our King

Fall Year 1, Lesson 19

King Hezekiah Prays and God Answers

Bible Event: 2 Kings 18-19, 2 Chronicles 32:1-22
Take Home Point: *GOD IS OUR KING – Pray to the King.

*Repeat this phrase throughout the lesson. The leader will say the first part of the phrase (CAPS). The children respond with the second part of the phrase (italics).

Jesus Link: We can pray to Jesus, too!

What kids will learn about God in this worship experience:

        • Kids will learn about King Hezekiah who trusted God. Hezekiah trusted God and prayed for deliverance.

        • God delivered by sending an angel who destroyed most of the Syrian army at night.

  • Just like King Hezekiah trusted God our King, so can we. He will answer our prayers and give us what is best. He has already done so by giving us his Son, Jesus.

Welcome Zone: (15–20 minutes)

Purpose: While kids arrive, give them a simple learning readiness activity that requires minimal supervision. This might include a video, games, blocks, or puzzles.

Video Suggestion: Veggie Tales Video: “Where Is God When I’m Scared?”

Activity Suggestion: Blocks, toys, puzzles, paper, and crayons.

Opening Worship: (10-15 minutes)

Children can bring forward the cross, candles, Bible, offering plate, and treasure box. The treasure box contains the props used to tell or dramatize the Bible event. Open with a simple prayer having the children repeat after you. Collect offering and talk about how God will use it.
Praise Songs:

Choose two or three songs and list them here.

Bible Event: Storytelling with Audience Participation

Reading a Bible story or telling the Bible event can be done effectively with expressive voice and dramatic gestures.
Leader: This is the Bible. It is God’s word, and it is true. From the Bible, we read about one of the kings who ruled over God’s people in Jerusalem. He was a good king who loved God and wanted to do what God told him. His name was King Hezekiah. Can you say King Hezekiah?
Let me take a volunteer who will come to the front, put on this robe and crown, and sit on the throne in the city of Jerusalem. This king will also need some subjects—people that are under his rule. Let’s take a few who will pretend to be people living in Jerusalem and ruled by King Hezekiah. Now, farther away, lived a very powerful king. Who will volunteer to be that king?
Place volunteer with crown and robe in the back of the class and introduce him.

This king was Sennacherib. He was King of Assyria and he was a wicked king. He did not follow God, but instead made idols, or statues, and he would worship them. He thought his statues of gods were real. And, he thought they were more powerful than any other gods that people worshipped.

Now, King Sennacherib had a mighty kingdom with many soldiers. Will everyone else here pretend to be soldiers? King Sennacherib went marching from country to country and city to city. He marched with his soldiers. Soldiers, can you march in place like this? Then, his soldiers would fight. Pretend to have your swords like this. City after city and country after country would be destroyed. Wow! He must have thought he was the greatest king in the whole world.
Now, everyone be still and listen to this question. Who is the greatest king in the whole world? It is God. He is the King, and even if we can’t see him, we know that he is real and he hears our prayers and wants us to follow him. Now, King Hezekiah loved God. He knew God was real and he followed him. But finally, wicked King Sennacherib with all of his armies came marching up to Jerusalem to King Hezekiah.
Soldiers, are you ready to march? Okay, let’s go. Get in battle formation around King Hezekiah. There was a wall around Jerusalem. King Sennacherib, with all of his armies, stood outside the wall. They were so great and powerful, they would be able to get over the wall and defeat the small army of King Hezekiah. But, before they attacked, King Sennacherib sent his messenger up to the wall to try to scare King Hezekiah and all of his people. This is what the messenger said, “How can you possibly stand up against a big and mighty army like ours? Do you think your God could help you? Why, we have fought against many cities and nations and they had gods and their gods didn’t help them. Our god is much stronger. Your God is weak and cannot help you.” He tried to scare all the people, but was what he was saying true? (Of course not.)

King Hezekiah had one very mighty weapon that he could use. Do you want to guess what it was? Take responses. It was prayer. King Hezekiah prayed to God and said, “God you are our King. You are the ONLY true God. King Sennacherib only worships silly idols and he thinks they have power. Did you hear what he said about you? We trust you to help us. By ourselves we are weak and their army is strong, but you are a mighty God with mighty angels. Please come and help us.”

After Hezekiah’s prayer, God sent his special prophet named Isaiah to tell King Hezekiah what would happen. Isaiah told him, “Don’t worry Hezekiah. God has heard your prayer. King Sennacherib has spoken against me and thinks that he is the one who is powerful, but this is what I will do. I will defeat his army and send him back to his own country, where his own children will take away his kingdom and his life.”

King Hezekiah went to sleep that night wondering how God would keep his promise. The next morning, guess what he saw? I’d like all the soldiers of King Sennacherib to lie down. During the night, an angel of the Lord had come and destroyed the army of King Sennacherib. The king then went back to his hometown. One day after he returned, while he was worshipping his false god, the king’s own children snuck up on him with a sword and took his kingdom from him.

Action Zones: (20-30 minutes)

Purpose: Children move at their leisure to the activities according to their interest. Adults are assigned to oversee each of the zones,watching for safety, assisting any activity, and helping the children connect to the lesson of the day. All zones are introduced at the beginning of Zone Time. Some suggested zones are included below. It is usually best to have all children go to the Snack Zone first. Sing a blessing song or say a snack prayer together before dismissing to the zones. During the Zone Time, children may arrive from mid-service dismissal if this is an option at your church. Be prepared to welcome the children and invite them to choose a zone.

Snack Zone: Skittles or M &M’s. Assign each color a different type of prayer. For example: red is for something you are thankful for; yellow is for something you need help with; green is for someone you know that needs you to pray for them; etc. Have the children pray accordingly before they can eat.

Drama Zone: Practice praying. Work on folding hands, bowing heads, kneeling, etc. Share prayers that kids say at home before they eat.
Puppet Zone: Have the children use puppets to act out the story of King Hezekiah from today’s Bible Event, or simply have them use the puppets to practice praying.
Felt Zone: Use felt board materials to show the story of King Hezekiah from today’s Bible event. (For example, use Lesson #82, “Hezekiah Trusts God,” from Betty Lukens Through the Bible in Felt.)
Video Zone: Veggie Tales Video: “Where Is God When I’m Scared?”
Craft Zone: Provide blank sheets of paper. Have each child think of something they need God’s help with. Have them say that prayer quietly to themselves. Have them use a white crayon to make a cross on the blank paper. Then use watercolors and sponge brushes on the paper. The white crayon cross should repel the watercolor and show through! Tell them that this is their reminder that God is listening to their prayer. Attach a pre-made sticker (Avery 5160) that says: “God is our King – Pray to the King.”

Play Zone: Prayer balloons. Mark off a masking tape square or circle on the floor approximately 10 feet wide. Place five to seven kids in the area and let several balloons loose. Children must stay sitting in the area and must keep the balloons from going out. Each time they tap a balloon, they must say a quick prayer, quietly, of something they need forgiveness for or need help with or are thankful for.

Music Zone: He is the King of Kings, by Virgil Meares, from the cassette titled, King of Kings, Integrity Music, Just for Kids or your choice of music with the same theme.

Quiet Reading Zone: Basket of books, include any that contain the story of King Hezekiah, or that talk about prayer.

Coloring Zone: “King Hezekiah Prays” coloring page.

Safety and Security: Safety and security procedures are important for each church to carefully define and implement according to their unique needs.  The security, safety, illness and accident procedures described in this curriculum are provided for example purposes only and may not be appropriate, applicable or adequate for every situation.  Each church is responsible for determining whether any security, safety, illness and accident procedures contained in the curriculum are appropriate, applicable or adequate for its unique situation.  The activities described in this curriculum require adult supervision and may not be suitable for each child and each situation.  Each church is responsible for ensuring that adequate adult supervision is provided for all activities and for determining whether an activity is appropriate for each child and each situation.  Kids Kount Publishing disclaims all liability for the implementation of any procedures or the performance of any activities described in this curriculum.

Closing Worship: (20 minutes)

Purpose: As you empty the zones and clean up, begin the music so the children can start wandering over.

Worship Songs:

Choose one or two songs and list them here.

Bible Application with Puppet Presentation:

Purpose: The puppet demonstrates the need that will be met in today’s lesson. The scripts are not written verbatim, but give a story line in which the group leader can interact with the puppet.

Bubba comes onto stage looking for a phone. He needs to call God. He’s got to talk to him. What’s God’s number? Does anyone have it? The large group narrator explains to Bubba that that’s not how a person talks to God. Bubba says that that’s how he talks to his Grandma, or his Dad at work, or other important people.

The large group presenter explains that it’s even easier than that to talk to God. All you have to do is pray. Bubba doesn’t know how to pray. The large group presenter explains that you can close your eyes and fold your hands and just talk to God. You can talk out loud or to yourself and God hears you, no matter what. Bubba thinks that that sounds good, but it’s almost lunchtime, so God will be too busy listening to other people. He’ll wait until God is less busy.
The large group presenter also explains that God is never too busy. He hears our prayers all day and all night, no matter what. In fact, one time the large group presenter woke up in the middle of the night. He had had a bad dream and he was a little afraid, so he prayed to God right then in the middle of the night, and God still listened!
Isn’t that cool? We should just remember that no matter what the problem is or what time it is, we can always talk to God, and he always hears us! Remember: *GOD IS OUR KING – Pray to the King.
Prayer Time:

Purpose: Allow children to contribute their own prayers. This will teach them to turn to God in both good times and in times of trouble. End with the Lord’s Prayer.

Children Pray” Options: (select one from the options below)

_____ Prayer Train Option: Children line up and take turns stepping in front of the microphone and speak their brief prayers of thanksgiving.

_____ Prayer Chair: Children stand in a circle around one child sitting on a chair in the middle. All children in the circle will lay a hand on the child sitting in the chair as they say a prayer together.
_____ Popcorn Prayer: The leader moves through the crowd with a microphone and taps children on the head to stand and speak their prayer.

Lord’s Prayer: Lead the children through the Lord’s Prayer, phrase by phrase, or let them pray the entire Prayer along with you.


May God, who is all around you, (Beginning at the bottom of the circle, slowly

pour his love upon you. make large circle with your hands. Finish by bringing your hands down and wiggling your fingers to resemble rain.)
And Jesus, his life a sacrifice, (Slowly make a large sign of the cross. Then

walk right there beside you. move your hands out to the sides.)

And may God’s Holy Spirit, (Cross hands over your heart.)

the one who lives inside you,

keep you strong, (Move to a “strong man” position. Then

comfort, lead and guide you! cross your arms with your hands on corresponding upper arms to communicate comfort. Bring one hand forward with “lead” and the other with “guide” to complete the blessing.)

Song of Sending:

Choose one song and list it here.

Closing Zones:

Purpose: Children go to an activity zone, such as the coloring zone, quiet reading zone, and children’s Christian music video zone, as they wait for their parents.


Welcome Zone:

  • blocks, toys, puzzles, paper, crayons

  • Veggie Tales Video: Where Is God When I’m Scared? Big Idea Productions—order from

Opening Worship:

  • cross, candles, Bible, offering plate

  • two capes

  • two king crowns

Action Zones:

Snack Zone:

  • Skittles or M &M’s, enough for each child to have a variety of colors

Drama Zone:

  • no supplies

Felt Zone:

  • felt board materials to show the story of King Hezekiah from today’s Bible event (For example, use Lesson #82, “Hezekiah Trusts God,” from Betty Lukens Through the Bible in Felt—order from

Puppet Zone:

  • use puppets to act out the story of King Hezekiah from today’s Bible event, or simply have them use the puppets to practice praying

Video Zone:

  • Veggie Tales Video: “Where Is God When I’m Scared?” Big Idea Productions—order from:


Craft Zone:

  • a blank sheet of paper for each child

  • newspaper

  • dishes of water

  • white crayons

  • watercolors and sponge brushes

  • pre-made stickers* (Avery 5160): “God is our King – Pray to the King”

Play Zone:

  • masking tape square or circle on the floor approximately 10 feet wide

  • several balloons

Music Zone:

  • your choice of music

Quiet Reading Zone:

  • basket of books, include any that have the story of King Hezekiah or stories that are about prayer

Coloring Zone:

  • crayons and markers

  • “King Hezekiah Prays” coloring page

Closing Worship:

  • Bubba, the puppet

  • telephone

Closing Zones:

  • colored pencils

  • paper

  • basket of books

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