Date: Term 3, April June 2018 Primary: Two/Three

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As part of Year 1 of the current SDP, we have been keeping under review several of our policies/procedures this year – to align with Department of Education (ever evolving) guidance/rather than responding to particular concerns.

It is considered good practice if we offer various parties the opportunity to contribute so that we can reflect further on the relevant policy/practice. In this instance, I am inviting comment from parents in relation to two written documents (both of which are contained in the policies section of our website):
Safeguarding and Child Protection

Positive Behaviour and Anti- Bullying
If you would like to contribute, please use the space below to add comments and return via your child’s class teacher before the end of April. Staff will be revisiting the documentation in early to mid-May. Thank you.

Signed ………………………………….. (parent)___
Please note: Comments should be about the policies and not about individual incidents etc.


Date: Term 3, April - June 2018 Primary: Two/Three
Key areas of the curriculum to be covered this term:-


Reading – Some children will have reading and a reading activity as shown in their homework diary. Continuous revision of sight vocabulary and blending sounds together - reinforcement at home appreciated. Each evening please read with your child and encourage him/her to enjoy library books borrowed from the school library.

Comprehension – Activities are related to both reading books and stories/poems read in class. Parents can support this by questioning children when reading each evening.

Phonological Awareness

  • syllable clapping

  • rhyme/rhyming stories

  • ‘I spy’ games with initial sounds

  • We will revise and work on all letters of the alphabet - beginning and end sound

  • Blend sounds together to make words.


  • form letters of the alphabet in the lower and upper case

  • personal news”

  • forming sentences using key words

  • create a sentence to complete a story

  • Summer Literacy Activities

Talking and Listening

  • circle time – discuss holidays/weekend news/favourite activities/family, Farm and Summer activities

  • questioning and answering during daily activities and routines.

  • story time predicting

  • children will report to the class about time spent in their mainstream schools on Fridays and their weekend adventures


Following the New Heinemann Scheme and the School’s Mental Mathematics Scheme.

Areas to be covered this term –

  • Numbers 1/100

  • Addition and Subtraction to 10/100

  • Shape and Space

  • Measurement – estimating, measuring and comparing length, capacity and weight using non arbitrary units.
  • Time – days of the week/ o’clock/half past – analogue and digital

  • Money – recognise coins to 10p/£1

  • Equivalence of coins to 10p/£1

  • Addition & Subtraction to 10p/£1: using coins & mentally

Children will work at their own level. Information will be given at parent meetings – date/time to be relayed soon.
The interactive whiteboard will be used extensively to stimulate learning in all areas of the curriculum.

Topics to be covered in The World Around Us and Structured Play:

Farm Summer
Examples of activities include:

  • Life cycles of frog, chicken, butterfly

  • Farm animals and their babies

  • Journey of milk / bread / wool from farm to us

  • Fruit and vegetables

  • Signs of Summer

  • Summer stories – holidays

Other information:

Homework – Please consult the homework diary daily. All homeworks should be signed/acknowledged by parents.

Please also monitor the home/school diary for important notes which often require a response.

Children are given speech therapy homework most nights. Please complete this with your child regularly.

Dinner money – £10.40 per week - £2.60per day – payable at the beginning of each week in a named envelope to the class teacher.

Break – Healthy snack provided in school - £1.50 each week or £6.00 per month to be forwarded on Monday in a labelled envelope.

Toys – We prefer that children do not bring their own toys to school.
Trips/Events include:

  • Swimming every Wednesday morning (commencing 18th April)

  • The Mellon Fun Farm, Omagh – Wednesday, 25th April. £5.00 per child (as previously advised)

  • P1 and P2 Mathematics Morning – Thursday, 3rd May

  • Trip to Enniskillen PSNI - includes a short journey on the police boat (date to be confirmed) – date to be confirmed.

  • Sponsored Walk to raise funds for the Language Centre (details to follow)

  • Swimming Gala and Celebration of Success – detail to follow late in June.

Formal parent meetings scheduled for the end of April (details to follow). Please try and attend the appointment you are given.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reply Slip

(please sign and return to class teacher)

Name of Child: ________________________ has permission to attend swimming every Wednesday, commencing 18th April.
Signed: _____________________________ (Parent)

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