Dawn Enters And They’re H


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Dawn Enters And They’re Home

A memorial of illness and the passing of some dear ones


Entry to the

Frank Collymore Literary Endowment




Acrostic Titles


Three Minutes Silence Today


Tribute to Campus Trendz Victims




Campus Trendz


A Heartless Senseless Act


See, Got No Back Door


Where Were You When


Only God Can Turn


Not On My Front Page


My Peace I Leave With You


September To Remember Music


The Arrow


Alphonsus Cassell – The Mighty Arrow


My Good Friend Has The Big C


Pancreatic Cancer




Things I Lost In The Fire


And This Little Light Of Mine


He Felt Like God’s Intercom


Greatly Blessed Highly Favored Deeply Loved


Dear Loving People of St John


Tribute To The Honorable David Thompson


Tribute To Our Friend Thompy


The Healing Has Begun


The One The Leader Our Friend


They Couldn’t Contain The Tears


Hope For The Best Prepare For The Worst


Don’t Panic Bim


Farewell To The Prime Minister


A Happy Independence Barbados


Three Minutes Silence Today
The sirens will sound 20 seconds and then we

Have three minutes silence in unity

Radio will alert people far and near

Each to stop what they are doing, to prepare

Earlier I read a Facebook post, what would you do
Making your way through drenching rains and the sirens blew?

I knew from the early warnings so I would have made sure

No plans for outside, I was staying indoor

Under the unlikely circumstance that I was caught

Then I would’ve bowed, clasped hands and to the knees dropped

Earnestly prayed thanks for God’s precious rain

Show God my remorsefulness of this tragedy once again
Share with Him my concerns that the criminals be

In custody soon to be punished for this cruelty

Lots can be said in three minutes time

Everyone in Bim unified because of this crime

Now the untimely cruel deaths have a legacy

Created a greater awareness for better Codes in the country

Extinguishers, emergency training and escape routes
There will be greater alertness and little doubts

Our businesses will handle such an attack again

Diabolical, destructive deed with devastating disdain

And so where ever I am, I can firmly say

Yes, I shall be on the knees at the siren waiting to pray

Tribute to Campus Trendz Victims

Sadness and anguish ripped the nation apart

Horrendous crime stopped this loving employee’s heart

At 18 years old she had many plans ahead

Never expecting this demise and being counted dead

Now rescued and rushed for safety but she’ll be no ones wife

Ambulance took her away but the fire took her life

Killed hopes, killed plans and killed dreams,

Engulfed in the blaze and trapped in her screams

Lady only 24 who served her customers with care

Lost her life when careless thieves were there

In her fears she thought to hide, this can not be

She for some believed and screamed come rescue me

Her hopes died in a cloud of smoke

And she died when flames drew near where a barrier broke

Nikita what a femme, caught many an eye

I see her chose life and would’ve never chosen to die

Killed at 23 in this unconscionable, diabolical deed

Inferno stopped her love for partying and hopes to succeed

Tattoos were like a trade mark they numbered eight

Alas no permanency they too have met this untimely fate

Kept all things colorful and bright

Enjoyed her 4 years old daughter, a bundle of delight

Loved being happy, she was lively and friendly too

Larcenists dimmed her brightest light with incendiary devices they threw

Yet just shopping like any other mothers at 24

And fireballs thrown after robbing the place, what more

Now a motherless girl has been left behind

Now a mother is gone too soon at the hands of a heartless kind

True to her family who loved her very much

In life there are some souls with that special touch

For many she was such a person and at 23 years of age

Folk loved her genuine smile, her caring and her absence of rage

And when she went shopping at the Campus Trendz that night

No one would have imagined her losing her life, it’s just not right

Yet another fair lady of stunning beauty

Pearl by name but no pearl as lovely

Eldest child of her parents although only 18 years old

Amanda many called her worked at the store, we’re told

Rest in Peace fair ladies the Nation grieves for you

Life was taken from you too soon but your legacy brings legislation new

Engulf by flames what do you do

‘Xtinguish the flames before they extinguish you

These devices are as critical as hello, thank you, come again

It’s not difficult to operate, don’t need a rocket scientist’s brain

No, salespeople must be trained to save themselves from fire

Got to become more proactive with those you hire

Use time to teach safety measures for emergencies

Important that they are prepared for all foreseeable tragedies

So you say they may have been frantic

How they have, in light of what was going on, showed panic

Especially because this is possible I say

Rehearse using extinguishers before more lives are extinguished today

Campus Trendz
Crowded infrequently and certainly not this Friday night

A handful of ladies and some staff helping all they might

Mayhem rushed in and their peace rushed out

Put every thing in a bag was one man’s shout

Under stressful conditions they did obey

Some still got cuts and stabs before the thieves got away

They left with the money and a blaze they left behind

Robbed them and trapped them in an inferno, what’s become of mankind

Engulfed in flames the six ladies were cornered inside

Now screaming and frantic, from the flames they couldn’t hide

Didn’t stand a chance, choking, insides boiling, and no air blew

Zapped down by thieves who stole money and took lives too

A Heartless Senseless Act
Are we standing by and letting it all slip away

Have we Bajans allowed too much moral decay

Excusing ourselves when we see villainous deeds

Are we turning away from this country’s real needs?

Regrets we all feel now that thieves have gruesomely changed

Thieves morphed into murderous men and getting more deranged

Larcenous brutality although they took away

Every cent available that was collected that day

Shanna was only 18 and she happily served

She gave of her best and got what she never deserved

Snatched away from us so senselessly

Evil act killed fellow staffers Pearl and Kellisha brutally

Nikita, Tiffany and Kelly-Ann who were shopping there

Struck down by the inferno to their fatal despair

Enraged right-thinking Bajans abhor this deed

Lots of us say the hangman’s noose is what these thieves need

Earnest Bajans we appeal to you

Search high and low, search far and wide too

Sincere condolences to the love ones of those who died
Allow their lost some meaning by looking deeper inside

Condemn all violence before mountains are made from molehills

Take a stance against this bedlam before another thief kills
See, Got No Back Door
So why do we wait so long to know

Emergencies and there is no where to go

Ever since, with all the building codes
Government waits until tragedy explodes

One door stores should have been long gone

These old time standards should be withdrawn
No existing building should be allowed

One door when it caters to a crowd

But we waited until we lost six

And now to hear the code needs a fix

Change them we all agree but it’s already six lives late

Killed by merciless thieves who sealed these girls’ fate

Disaster has been plaguing this island recently

One minute accidents and the next some weather tragedy

Old folk warned us to be cautious leaving the seashore

Realize it’s not only the sea, stores you’ll See, Got No Back Door

Where Were You When

When the sirens blast and church bells rung

Had you the discretion to stop your tongue

Each car that stopped and hushed its horn

Radios airing sirens, did you know it was to warn

Every one in 20 seconds to stop and pray

With respect to the six ladies killed on Friday

Emergency services couldn’t stop, like scheduled surgery

Raise a hand if those around you stopped in awesome unity

Engines to buses were switched off after they were pull aside

Your respect for 3 minutes then we’ll continue the ride

Organizers overlooked some things yesterday

Using midday for people to start to pray
Whistles did blow and clocks did chime

Having photographers shooting during the silence should’ve been a crime

Every one else stopped working so why didn’t these

Negotiate their shots during sirens and like us during the silence, freeze

Only God Can Turn
Only God can turn a MESS into a MESSage

Numerous mistakes I made but He showed me a new page

Life battled me yet each TEST He turned into a TESTimony

Yesteryear’s paths are now example for everybody

God took a TRIal and made it into a TRIumph one day

Only God could turn blue skies from ugly gray

Devastating killings of the VICtims but He made this a VICtory
Code changes on buildings and 3 minutes of silent prayers in unity

And so I see the changes, the many ways

Notice His awesome work and give Him the thanks and the praise
There was much negativity in my life but He

Undid each one and turn them into positivity

Rights He turned from wrongs as only He could

Now I spread His word because my GOD is GoOD!

Not On My Front Page
No! No! Please no, no, don’t tell me

Our front page besmeared with the doers of such iniquity

Their faces should appear only where they belong
On the crimes’ pages for doing such a hideous wrong

Nabbed by the Strong Arm of the law, Dottin got his “boys!”

Make the front page tell the story of the thing the Nation enjoys

Yard fowls behind the diabolical act will receive a charge

Folk can rest now the killers are no longer at large

Ruffians snared and will now face

Our laws toughest arms, police ended their chase!

No! No! Please no, no don’t give them a place of esteem

The front page could do without the likes of this evil team
Put their faces way back in the crimes’ page

And don’t give any spotlight to this garbage

Give us the prestige of a Nation getting rid of the no good

Effective cooperation to frown on evils and show the Pride Of Nationhood

My Peace I Leave With You
Mayhem abundant so how could a loving God be

Your beacon of hope and allow such cruelty

People are made to suffer at the hands of these

Evildoers that strike without hesitation, with the greatest of ease

And how could a loving God hear their screams

Could he have known their hopes and dreams?

Even with His power could He have known that when they arrived
It would have been their last night, they would never leave alive
Loving God who could easily had stopped the beast

Easily could have given the girls a way out at least

And yet nothing but death for the six

Villains stole what neither time nor money can fix

Every hope shattered, dream busted and what did God do
What can I look to Him for and say thank you

I fell to my knees and thanked God for His mercy

They died from smoke inhalation and not from the flames agony

He opened this country’s eyes to the many things that are wrong

Yesterday’s tragedy was hard but today we unite in prayer and song

Our Loving God lost six but has saved many

Undo your doubts and see the positive, our loving God does plenty

September To Remember Music

Shush, they are playing music for us

Earlier they played Stevie but I heard from The Age of Aquarius

Proper song, one I could never sing

Then the host played Let The Sunshine In

Each song following had sunshine in its theme

More spreading of God’s rays of a Golden beam

Bright sunlight to spotlight the things each of us sees

Each of God’s creations and now sun spangles through the trees

Radio is great it casts memories through sound
The host spins the music and we conjure the rebound

Our imagination can take us where ever we need

Reaching our heart strings too with an emotional stampede

Emotions of memories when sunshine warmed your face

Memories too of sunshine which could displace

Every dark cloud that lurked to turn blue skies gray

Music spun of Sunshine on my Shoulders and then my day

Brightened like nothing can happen once I used my mind

Enjoy Seasons in the Sun, the beautiful sunshine

Regrets then played that the Arrow had fallen

Many were touched by his music but now his songs sadden

Unable to see the delight of sunshine, remorse only

Sadness complemented with tears from the clouds lightly

It is hard when we receive the news but joy will come from sorrow

Celebrate this life lived, September we’ll Remember the music of Arrow

The Arrow
The news came in that the Arrow fell

Had a trajectory that casts an intoxicating spell

Everyone in its path was graced with song

Alphonsus gave soca a place to belong

Recording the international hit Hot Hot Hot

Reaching many countries and languages toughing each spot

Our Sympathies to his family, friends and to all who are sadden

We’ll miss this great Musician, the Arrow has fallen

Alphonsus Cassell – The Mighty Arrow
A Mighty Arrow shot through the air

Lit a passage everywhere

People far and wide all the same

Heard the splendor which from this Arrow came

Ole ole feeling Hot Hot Hot

Nations applauded the music and gave it an esteem spot

Selected as theme song for 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico

United those who heard it for years where ever you go

Soca music was given this icon who on Nov 16, 1954 was born

Christened Alphonsus Celestine Edmund and now we all mourn

Arrow thrilled many audiences with his infectious style

Soca mixed with Merengue and Rock to ingeniously compile

Something new that penetrated the world scene

Entertained the globe in ways previously unheard and unseen

Lyrical genius and rhythmic blaster

Lots of songs produced from this musical master

Take 1973: “Dance with Me, Woman”

He did in 1981: “Soca Rumba” surely a unique calypsonian

Everyone may not know in 1983:”Rub Up” was done with “Hot Hot Hot”

Most remember 1984: “Long Time” few do not

In 1988: “Groove Master” was done

Gave the world in 1989: “O ‘La Soca” but most recently none

His music has been played over and over repeatedly

Tourists identify with his mixes and dance uninhibitedly

You too will recognize his music from the very first bar

Arrow’s music digs pleasurably into our persona and tattoos its scar

Remorse struck us all when we heard today

Region’s Icon for this great music had past away

Our Sympathies to the Family and friends of this musical great

We all pray the Arrow has shot this time, through Heaven’s gate

My Good Friend Has The Big C
More tears today, seldom dry eyes

You can understand why this Nation cries

Got more sad news today that tugged on us

Our people have had a series of bad news in Barbados

On a briefing to the nation on behalf of the Prime Minister

Doctor Richard Ishmael confirmed the presence of Pancreatic Cancer

Frightening disease delivered in an even more frightening tone

Reading from notes in a language to laymen unknown

It’s a “Carcinoma of the pancreas manifested…..…as a tumor”

Enlightening us of cancer in the pancreatic glands to end further rumor

Not all of us even know what the pancreas is

Don’t know what it does and if it were a quiz

How many know its functions, the many things it must do

All seem to know it’s the worse of cancers, but why, only a few

So here is a brief intro about this dual functional gland organ
That forms part of the digestive and endocrinal system in one

Hormones it produces like insulin, glucagon, and somatostatin

Enzymes to help break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats within
But how ever intricate it seems what ever the recovery rate

Intercession was early and prayer is never too late

Got in touch with the specialist, the only one who can truly mend
Called the biggest healer, now My Good Friend Has The Big C, Christ our friend

Pancreatic Cancer

Percentage mortality rate is bad but this does not mean

A life after pancreatic cancer is unforeseen

Need not start thinking so negatively

Cancer can be defeated once caught early

Radiation, chemotherapy and surgery too

Early detected cancers can be stopped from metastasizing over you

And once stopped and removed life goes on

The prognosis for pancreatic cancer isn’t foregone

I want to remind all concern that prayers work when we

Call on the Father earnestly

Come together and focus on positive thoughts and prayers

And the Lord will answer our needs and quell our fears

No task is too great and no deed too small

Call on the Lord and He will hear them all

Even this Pancreatic Cancer with such unpromising facts

Relax, pray and God will guide the doctors to do the max

People use these words interchangeably

Expired, died, passed away and perished

Radio newscaster said perished and immediately

I was infuriated, how could they say this of someone we cherished

Saved, she believed the Word and believed John 3

Her life on this earth though snuffed away

Eternity awaits her because thou shall not perish but have eternity

Do these newscasters believe why Jesus died that day?

Things I Lost In The Fire
Tragedy, what a ruthless, heartless crime

Heinous killers must be the scum of the earth, evil’s slime

I am most disgusted as are all of you

No right thinking Bajan wouldn’t feel this way too

Going to etch a scar in our hearts

Slice away our core and strip our emotional parts

It leaves many questions of where blame resides
Larcenists, arsonists, building codes, rescuers, where danger hides

Or society sometimes wait too late to react

Showing far too much tolerance at their first brutal act

This fire took lives but with those took much more

I feel the lost of opportunity, the knocks at the door

No chance to give to society their positive plan

There’ll be no smiles, hugs, dances, nothing follows what they began

How hard to never see their children, hear their stories and views

Every chance taken away at the September’s news

Fire took away my chance to ever meet them or for they

In some odd chance to meet my family or friends one day

Regrets now to have never felt their love

Even more regretful, I lost the chance to speak to them of our Father above

And This Little Light Of Mine
A soul is like a flame in an ocean of light

Never too dim alone, never too bright

Diffusing its glow all about
Then a strong wind threatens to put it out

Howling through the darkness the strong wind blows

It creeps up upon you, how no one knows

Spreads and gushes upon the flame

Little flame never knew from whence it came

In the threatening gushes the flame breaks apart

Then reaches out all around and new flames start

These new flames each breaks apart too

Little flame is now supported by the large fire which grew

Every threat now is fuel to the fire’s energy

Light from the fire consumes the dark canopy

It was weakened when the little flame reached out

Growing into an ocean of flames that illuminated all about

How like a flame our souls are

The threats upon us are scattered from far

Our souls together bring an awesome light

Flood away any threats that are in sight

My flame shines with the Prime Minister and reaches to you

If you can shine yours by praying for him then we can too

Negate his threats and turn this cancer away

Every soul needs to believe and earnestly pray

He Felt Like God’s Intercom
Heart attack was massive and he was pronounced dead

Emergency shocks didn’t revive him, he flat lined instead

Forty minutes had now gone and he started turning blue

Extremities turned black so all present knew

Life had past from the body that laid motionless

Though the lone doctor upon leaving turned back relentless

Like he was drawn by a compelling voice telling him to say a prayer

It felt silly and embarrassing but there was no one there

Knelt and said “Father..I cry out for this man's soul”

Excuse his past, raise him up, give him new control

Give him another chance that he might know you

One more shock he begged the returning ER doctor to do

Did and regular rhythm came back immediately

So too his respiration and color in his body

It was a miracle and to God be the praise

None of his colleagues believed prayer heals nowadays

The blatant truths came years ago when his son got leukemia

Even back in 2000 he found none sympathetic in the academia

Reality has shown us the power of prayer

Call on the Lord our Savior asked Him to drawer near

Our ill friends need you to believe because prayers heal

Miracles happen all around us so please hear this appeal

Greatly Blessed Highly Favored Deeply Loved
Glorious legacy for our children is our aim

Renew our special relationship and reclaim

Every partnership to build a better democracy

And a better Barbados this land of Sun and sea

Together we can uphold each other and build

Lord you’ve made our people determined and well skilled

You who have responded with overwhelming love

Brought your well wishes and prayed to our Father above

Little can I return but deep gratitude at best

Every one of you have made me feel fully blessed

Seeing your compassion towards me and my family

Sharing your prayers and well wishes for me

Even though I opted to broadcast and not in live to televise

Didn’t want the portent of my message be deceived by your eyes

Have occasioned obvious weight loss from medication

I would rather… you… be concerned about the message than my manifestation

Got little control over what will happen to us

How we respond to what happens is easier and thus

Let me assure you that my family and I

Yield to the medical teams here and in New York to comply

Fully cooperating, determined to battle this illness

All that’s humanly possible is done to arrest

Verily, fellow citizens we are humbly recognizing that ultimately

Our future rests in the hands of the Almighty

Recognizing this truth, I continue to solicit

Everyone for your intercession and prayers and well wishes you submit

Divine Lord said to Paul “..my power is made perfect in weakness”
Dear Lord you are my strength and salvation, audibly I confess

Even now I am able to rejoice in hope

Even now I can be gracious through faith to cope

Premiers and people in fact all relationships in existence

Live times of closeness and times of distance

You were appreciated in either circumstance that came

Let’s hope your experience has been the same

Our energies must be refocused on what is best for the island

Verbosities and actions wrapped in the flag, with better brand

Earnest prayers we’ll make for my healing and another to the Father above

Dear Father my fondest wish for Barbadians is they Unite and Love
Dear Loving People of St John
Did you read his letter, did you feel like me

Engrossed in his manner, wrapped in his sincerity

And did you fall to your knees to pray

Right there asking the Lord to cleanse and make him ok

Looking back it was since ’87 that he represented St John

Over 23 years shared drinks, jokes, visit homes, churches and took on

Very many roles and still had time to relax

In the parish with his constituents who he enjoyed the max

Not enough to just speak through his addresses to the country

Got too strong a bond from face to face visits in his constituency

Personalize letter he hoped would better suffice

Even though page limitations forced him to be concise

On hard courts at Gall Hill, on the streets of Cherry Grove

Places like Society, Venture, Edgehill and where he drove

Like Messiah Street, Mount Tabor and Wilson Hill

Eagerly he hoped to do it all over again and prays it’s God’s will

Our PM promised St John “I am yours and you are mine”

Faithfully selecting deputies to continue his design

St John “Be comforted in the knowledge that” in his difficulty

This experience has brought him much closer to the Almighty

Join together and continue your prayers for God has smiled

One day He will “bless …every family of St John; each and every child”

He remains not just our caring Prime Minister to the very end

No, he is our dedicated representative, confidant and true friend.

Tribute To The Honorable David Thompson
Tears fell profusely from our eyes and the clouds cried too

Reacting to the news of his final adieu

In the wee hours of the morning death came

By his side was his mom and wife and his kids the same

Ultimately our lives are in God’s hands

To go to Him when He quietly commands

Eternity of peace awaits those who
Trust in the Lord and will righteously too

Obey His word, enduring to the end

This was our Prime Minister, our confidant and friend

He aspired for greatness from when he was a child

Enthusiasm, integrity, knowledge and many qualities compiled
Had shaped his character and made an incredible man

Only those who cared to listen understood his plan

No other leader here advocated family first

Or focused on preventing youths headed from bad to worst

Regally he walked through the corridors of time

And made no excuse of focusing on Violence and Crime

Barbados is a great nation and its preservation would be

Lasting if we center our attention first on family

Every home a scholar, sure, but first make each house a home

Don’t want a Barbados of houses where emotions roam

Assault and battery, doubts and screams

Violence so rampant and so many lost dreams

Incredible to know a leader so young and wise

Did all to help our nation even when faced with his demise

Tears are falling again as I write

How hard to accept he has lost this fight

Only because I knew him always to win

Most challenges he was faced with, every battle he was in

Prime Minister and leader, confidant and friend

Smiled as he walked into the light, as he knew life will end

Our Father, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, How Great Thou Art

Now to Paradise you’ve taken our leader, when you stilled his heart

Tribute To Our Friend Thompy
Thompy, he was affectionately called by all

Remembered every meeting and would lucidly recall

Incidents we had forgotten, so vividly

Brought them back to our recollect often passionately

Used to be very humorous and always started the fun

There were side splitting jokes when ever he begun

Early times that I do recall while at school

Thompy arrived first on mornings as his personal rule

Opened the gate with the keys from the Head

Once done he returned the keys and off he sped

Upstairs, the balcony, any where until

Ringing of the school bell started the morning drill

Floors and corridors busy as we rushed to prayers

Ringing bell again and Thompy officiated both up and downstairs

I didn’t see him playing games but he cheered every match

Every set of new students he greeted, every batch

Never joined the cadets or joined the scouts

Didn’t matter because Thompy was there at their camp outs

The Thompy we knew was full of fun

He was calm and collected, didn’t tan in the sun

Opened his heart to let all people in

Made us feel like we belong and that we were all akin

Politics may have adopted him but he made politicians agree

Youth are vital, Family First and we must live with Love, Peace and Unity

The Healing Has Begun

Thousands perhaps came to the Hard Courts at Gall Hill

Had planned to be well wishers, the PM was ill

Except the radio played solemn music, the nation cried

Had declared a few days earlier the PM had died

Ecumenical gathering to celebrate his life

All his colleagues present, his family, children and wife

Life although snatched away while still young

In a short time he was great, so we celebrated as we sung

Numerous hymns like “His Eye Is On The Sparrow”

Got encouragement to walk the straight and narrow
How great to hear “It Is Well With My Soul”

A hymn of great solace to give God His control

Sung “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” and “How great Thou Art”
Bellowed “How Great Is Our God” from the very start

Everyone was comforted as Sen. Rev. David Durant confirmed

God Is In Charged and the PM’s salvation was reaffirmed

Under a solemn occasion but angels seemed to be everywhere

Now I know Joy was correct when she said “Real love will be there.”

The One The Leader Our Friend
The country mourns I feel its pain

Honorable David Thompson shall never smile again

Everyone in my home is sorrowful and cries
Openly, we never had chance to say our good-byes

Never took the time to remind him that we feel

Especially blessed because he was at the wheel
This ship was sinking but he was plugging the holes

He mended so much in two years when he assumed his roles

Enjoyed serving the people and always he
Laughed away the trivial and focused on duty

Encouraged those around him to do the same

Always he led to help and not for glory and fame

Didn’t stray from his promises but may practically delay

Execution until he thought we had reached a more suitable day

Remembering our Prime Minister I close my eyes and see

One special leader with astute ability

Unique design and unmatched protocol

Remembering our Prime Minister I admire his recall

Friend to all and would turn away none

Rose to each challenge and worked until it was done

I was privileged to call the Prime Minister my buddy

Ever since our Alma Mater and we continued faithfully

Nothing separated him from loyalty and although life may end

Death shall not separate us from The One, The Leader, Our Friend.

They Couldn’t Contain The Tears
The somber mood was set the skies were gray

Had a stillness that enveloped this sorrowful day

Eyes hazed and features distorted with grief

You could sense the denial, the disbelief

Combermerians young and Combermerians old

On this day lived their saddest told

Unsure how and didn’t care why

Life should not be denied so soon from such a needed guy

Darker grew the day and redder the eyes

Nothing is as hard as when such a loved soul dies

The soldiers were braced with their heads bowed

Couldn’t pay any attention to the mourning crowd

Once I got there I looked but couldn’t see

Not with my friend so far away from me

They didn’t consider those with fading sight

And I stared for a while just hoping I might

In a moment revert to my youthfulness

Notice his face and his final dress

The moment never came but all the same

He was there I know it though he couldn‘t answer his name

Eyes close and then I said a prayer

Take my friend to Paradise Lord and soon I’ll be there

Everything and everyone sparked a memory

A day of happiness and laughter held deep inside of me

Released from where I kept it all of these years

Suddenly the clouds burst They Couldn’t Contain The Tears

Hope For The Best Prepare For The Worst

Hold me to your bosom my God, I feel to cry

Our dear leader, confidant and friend, why did he die

Prime Ministers are not supposed to go like this, are they?

Even though others died, why did he have to pass away

Farewell dear friend you taught me

One must never put anything before family

Rest assure that I don’t but I feel like we are one
Today they buried you and it’s hard to believe you’re gone

Hard to let go of the memories we share

Every year we spent together while at Combermere
But today you left to go to God’s promised place

Eternity of life wearing a smile on your face

Somehow I know you are better off so I must let go

This Paradise you are off to you deserve it I know

People have been hearing of your many attributes

Realizing you were as comfortable with royalty as with grassroots

Everyone has seen the treasure we knew

Pleased to learn your friendships were all true

And they tried to compress your life in two eulogies

Really personal from Brian and from Hartley, professional qualities

Eulogies are limited to time governed by organizers designs
For us to speak of your life we’ll need more than these lines

Our words can never summarize the magnitude of your heart

Recall the essence of the intensions you had from the start
Tributes were all great but they would need be

Having to describe individual perspectives truthfully

Experiences we all had with this loyal friend
Were immeasurable, and fully extend

Over years, age, creed and always too

Race, political affiliations, whatever he loved you

So long dear leader, confidant and friend

Today we say farewell but our memories shall never end

Don’t Panic Bim

Dear Lord you took his body today

Our time with him is over though the memories will stay

Nothing can take them away from us

Thanks Father for giving him to Barbados

People may say his term wasn’t long

And that he left without righting the wrong

No, not true, tens of thousands have hope because he

Invested his time while devoted to friends and family

Cared enough to set standards others may emulate
Built us into firm craftsmen of our fate

I see all his work and all we owe to him

Mostly I hear him whispering Don’t Panic Bim
Farewell To The Prime Minister
Father you gave him and soon you took him away

And there are questions what these actions say

Reactions are generally the same tune

Everyone thinks he is gone to soon

When such a special person dies

Excessive will be the peoples’ cries

Lord you know this man that all came to know

Loved one, leader, confidant and friend they didn’t want to go

This time is and any other would be, hard to bear

Only you Father knew the time he’d leave here

To this end we say a fond farewell

He served the people outstandingly and from what they can tell

Excellent was the service he gave to you
Putting his all to help others meant he was helping you too

Righting wrongs against the downtrodden and giving them a chance

Investing endless time to make Families First his stance

Made you Father his guide when uncertainty was ahead

Ecumenical inauguration and religion widespread

Ministers trusted him and their constituents too

In his own St. John he was loved by many and all he knew

Nationhood he preached and that the people be as one

International strains will ease he said if we’d better get along

Shared his dream of a people who lived with love and unity

There is so much he left as his legacy

Ever merciful Father my people wish to give him this final adieu

Rest In Peace Mr. Prime Minister, Barbados says Farewell to you

A Happy Independence Barbados
All Bajans far and wide here and elsewhere
Hear these thankful words that could be our Nation’s prayer

An abundance of good weather generally

People courteous and kind mostly

Plenty of food, enough to go around

Young people respectful to elders and pride and decency abound
In every neighborhood is a church where neighbors go

News spread like wild fire, faster than on the radio

Dead end roads with foot paths to lead you out

Every house giving strangers shelter when it’s pouring out

Proud to work and happy to go to school

Education is a privilege and working is a rule

No lazing about for hard back men

Don’t expect to receive $20 when you bargained for 10

Excursions off to the countryside

Night walks in safety no villains lurking to hide

Clammy cherry used for sticking and making kites

Every house having no guard wall and still fewer dog bites

Black birds, sparkies, wood doves and doctor boobies

All fly close by and nest in the fruit trees

Rivers not many but swamps and ponds

Bring boys fishing creating life lasting bonds

All the wonders that were once ours now gone

Doesn’t mean the Bajan spirit can’t live on

Our goals are the same; we all crave to be happy

So today, this Independence Day let’s pray for love and unity.


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