Days of the Week: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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Days of the Week:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar




Rules for good looking/listening/sitting

Sit in semi-circle

  • Good looking

  • Good listening

  • Good sitting

Hello Song

Pass the teddy to the child while saying the name

Sing hello song

Ask “who” the child is going to choose next

  • Teddy

  • Words of song

  • Names of children and teachers

  • “How are you today?”

  • “I’m good” “I’m fine thanks”

Elicit/Introduce Vocabulary pre-reading

Introduce VHC as Teddy’s friend

Tell children “Teddy likes (drawing) and the VHC likes (food/eating).” Point to heart shaped flashcard for ‘likes’

Hand out food flash cards for Mon-Fri eliciting/introducing vocabulary

  • Teddy

  • Card/stuffed toy caterpillar*

  • Food flash cards Mon-Fri*

  • Heart shape flashcard for ‘like’

  • Teddy / The Very Hungry Caterpillar likes…

  • Drawing / Eating/ food

  • Apple / Pears / Oranges

  • Plums / Strawberries

Story Time

Read story as far as Friday. As you read, children lay out cards to match page in book. This makes Mon-Fri timeline.

  • “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle

  • Food flash cards Mon-Fri*

  • Food vocabulary as above

Story Telling

More confident groups may be able to re-construct story so far from timeline. Other groups may be able to predict next day as teacher tells story.

  • Food flash cards Mon-Fri*

  • On Monday/Tuesday etc. as far as Friday

  • The caterpillar/he ate

  • Food vocabulary as above

Elicit/Introduce Key Vocabulary, Story Time

Establish that we have school/week days so far, that there are two more days when we don’t come to school.

Lay out flash cards for Saturday, Sunday to complete timeline.

Teacher finishes story using completed timeline, some children may be able to predict what happens at the very end.

  • “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle

  • Food flash cards Sat and Sun*

Game – What’s Wrong?

One child closes eyes, teacher removes/turns upside-down or swaps flashcards. Child says what’s wrong by gesture or verbally. Child can take over teacher’s role.

  • Food flash cards Mon-Sun*

  • Close your eyes

  • Open your eyes

  • What’s wrong?

  • (Monday’s) gone

  • (Tuesday’s) upside-down

  • (Wednesday) goes there

Goodbye Song

Now it’s time to say goodbye (tune of Mulberry Bush)

Say goodbye to each object – child pops it in the bag when they hear their object

  • Bag

  • Goodbye object

*flashcards for this activity can be downloaded free from but if possible to use real or plastic fruit (tactile) then use those.

Smartboard resource available from


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