Delta Sigma Phi – cal poly / slo epsilon Rho Alumni Association Newsletter Issue #10: Spring 2013 Officers: Ray “Mumbles” Calande, W’74; Chris “Yabut” Patterson, W’73; Martin “Beads” Ernst, W’74

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Delta Sigma Phi – CAL POLY / SLO - Epsilon Rho

Alumni Association Newsletter

Issue #10: Spring 2013

Officers: Ray “Mumbles” Calande, W’74; Chris “Yabut” Patterson, W’73; Martin “Beads” Ernst, W’74


We print and surface-mail E-Newsletters to those who don’t use PC’s and to our Assn. members and donors. This E-newsletter is posted, with past issues, on the alumni web site, on the page “Reports.” Y.I.T.B.O.S., Yabut, Editor
In This Issue:

  • At The Chapter“Chapter On The Upswing”, by Editor, (page #1)

  • Special Focus Subject – “Chapter Rush / Recruitment”

    • Two Rush Chairs Speak Out, by S’10 Kiper and S’12 Dunder, (page #2)

    • Philanthropic Scholarship Promotes Reputation On Campus, by Yabut, (page #3)

    • Alumni Web Site Promotes Chapter Image and Rush, by Alum. Assn., (page #3)

    • New Rush Board In Use, by Alum. Assn., (page #4)

  • Reunion Changes - 2013 Open House (Poly Royal)”

    • ACB Sponsors Saturday BBQ At Chapter”, by Alum. Assn., (page #5)

    • Alumni Dinner Saturday Night”, by Yabut, (page #5)

  • Spring ACB Meeting and ACB Elections, by Alum. Assn., (page #6)
  • ACB President’s Report, by Bob “Ace” Veazie, S’76, (page #6)

  • Chapter President’s Report – by Sam “Crumpet” Tearle, S’10, (page #7)

  • Fire Engine News – “Running But Undressed”, by Ghostwriter Lugnut LaFrance, (page #8)

  • Chapter History - “Brothers Protect Chapter In 1990 Riots”, by 1986-89 Alums, (page #9)

  • Alumni Association News, by Chris “Yabut” Patterson, W’73

    • How We Spend Your Money, (page #10)

    • Remembering Web Site Donor-Founders, (page #11)

    • Member Drive – How You Can Help, (back page)

At The Chapter – “Chapter On The Upswing”

Editorial by Chris “Yabut” Patterson, W’73

My Brothers, as the newsletter editor of many years, I’ve tried to report and not editorialize. However, I feel now is the moment to offer an opinion. As you will discover, the focus of this edition is on our chapter and program in SLO.
The January 2013 photo on the left shows Epsilon Rho’s membership. It is this photo that motivated me to share with you what involved brothers know. The fundamentals of our undergraduate program are significantly improving and each new Exec sets the bar higher.

Two years of dedicated and often frustrating work by your ACB is now showing positive results. Because of alumni giving to our Alumni Association, the AA has been able to support this work. However, the primary credit for program improvement is due to ACB and our undergrad brothers.

A snapshot of Epsilon Rho’s program of two years ago would show the following. The chapter was wink-wink-dry but in reality it was wet. Our grounds and house were not adequately respected or cared for. Even only a year ago, many actives owed past-due rents and dues, which combined, totaled over $10,000. The chapter’s backyard was open to the backyard of a DSP rented house on Hathaway Street – where house rules did not apply. At frequent and large Hathaway street-parties, our chapter property was a through-way for uninvited partiers. Nearly a year ago DSP was put on national probation for an unauthorized party at MVP – an apartment house leased by DSP for live-outs.
Today’s snapshot would reveal an evolving - but improved - chapter program. The chapter is now dry, the grounds have been landscaped, and actives are taking better care of 244. Our Exec Housing Officer, Cooper “Foato” Bloyd, F’09, recently won a national leadership award. There are no overdue bills, official annexes have been eliminated, and a fence was built at the back of the chapter. This fence stops parties from spilling onto DSP property. Exec and membership increasingly make decisions based on a specific value-set, including responsibility to fellow brothers and chapter. As you read this special edition which is focused on our chapter, judge for yourself the direction of our program.
Rush / Recruitment – “Two Rush Chairs Speak Out”

By Past Chapter Rush/Recruitment Chair Patrick “Kiper” Montejano, S’10, Business / Entrepreneurship

By New Chapter Rush/Recruitment Chair Phil “Dunder” Iacono, S’12, Business / Accounting

Past 2012 Rush Chair “Kiper”: The Spring ’12 and Fall ’12 rush groups have resulted in two solid pledge classes which have already begun to give a lot back to our chapter. Last Spring we initiated 26 new brothers, which tied the largest class since Fall of 2005. Four of these new brothers have already taken a position on the Executive Board, while many others in the class look to do the same next year. We initiated 14 in the Fall class in the hopes of keeping our brotherhood strong. Being Recruitment Chair for Delta Sigma Phi was a very fulfilling position that allowed me to give a lot back to a house that has given me so much. While in this role, I also worked with Alumni Officer Chris “Yabut” Patterson to implement the Poly “P” Scholarship. This $1,000 public scholarship was designed to appreciate incoming male students that showed the same determination, discipline, and work-ethic that our older brothers did when they built the modern Poly “P” in 1957. When I took this position my intention was to leave this house even stronger while keeping our traditions intact. Now that I have passed the reigns over to Recruitment Chair Phil “Dunder” Iacono, I can say that I met this goal.

New 2013 Rush Chair “Dunder”: The current pledge class, Spring ’13, was pinned a few weeks ago. They have already shown great potential to become good brothers. Although large in numbers at 34 pledges, Epsilon Rho has hardly given up quality for quantity. Being one of the few second-year men on the Executive Board, I was extremely nervous to have the big job of recruiting a freshman pledge class. However, after just a few weeks, I feel extremely confident in the current class that I have brought in. I feel that Delta Sigma Phi will be well-suited for years-to-come by these men. ( / 310-748-3020)
(Editor’s note: the chapter has sized classes to accommodate a large June 2013 graduation)

Rush / Recruitment – “Philanthropic Scholarship Promotes Reputation On Campus”

By Alumni Association

With the approval of ACB and the Alumni Association, the “Poly P Scholarship” was created in summer 2012 by Delta Sig alumnus Chris “Yabut” Patterson, W’73, and his wife Carol. Unlike the four $1,000 in-house scholarships we annually give to undergraduate brothers, this is a public-service scholarship for a non-fraternal male student. It provides Delta Sig alumni the opportunity to give-back to our alma mater, demonstrate philanthropy to our undergraduate brothers, and bring credit to DSP. This $1,000 annual, non-renewable award was funded in 2012 by our chapter’s two alumni organizations. Delta Sigma Phi is the student organization that built the modern Poly P in 1957. The award is based on merit and need, applicants cannot be affiliated with any fraternity, nor are they required to join any fraternity.

Yabut and Carol worked closely with campus in establishing this scholarship. The award was first offered in Fall 2012 and a strong field of applicants responded. In recognition of certain outstanding applicants, additional monies were developed. In January 2013 the $1,000 scholarship was awarded and other high-placing applicants were given honorariums. Alumnus Jim “Lurch” Larson, W’72, helped with the application. Alumni Noel “Bull” Shutt, F’69, Jim “Oz” Nelson, F’71, and Greg “Mombo” Weaver, F’74, volunteered significant time and thought as great alumni judges. Steve “Rocky” Miller, S’71, and Chapter Executive Officer Patrick “Kiper” Montejano, S’10, did a fine job in advertising the competition.
Our undergrad brothers are proud of this philanthropic program and tell us that campus feedback is very positive from administrators, students, and other fraternities. This very successful pilot program is being continued primarily to support deserving students. However, it also honors Delta Sigma Phi’s unique contributions to Cal Poly over the years.
Yabut and Carol established a “Poly P Scholarship” checking account to aggregate donations (not tax deductable). If you donate to Cal Poly, please consider sending a portion to help fund this worthy program that has the additional benefit of enhancing the good name of DSP. Contact Yabut at with any feedback, questions, or offers of support. To view the scholarship’s news-release or application, go to

Rush / Recruitment – “Alumni Web Site Promotes Chapter Image And Rush”

By Alumni Association

The alumni web site developed by the Alumni Association now maintains a page just for our chapter. This page is the result of active-alumni teamwork. Since 2010 actives have submitted additional information to keep this page current. Go to to view the results of this unique partnership for DSP.

Rush / Recruitment – “New Rush Board In Use”

By Alumni Association

During August and September 2012, your Alumni Association and the chapter partnered to develop a new “rush board” that unfolds to 3x5 feet. This rush tool was a gift of the Association and used by the chapter in recruitment of the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 pledge classes.

Reunion Changes / 2013 Open House – “ACB Sponsors Saturday BBQ At Chapter”

By Alumni Association

Cal Poly’s Open House (Poly Royal) is Thursday, April 18, to Saturday, April 20, 2013.
ACB is establishing a new tradition - a Delta Sig Open House at Cal Poly’s Open House. On Saturday, April 20, immediately following the ACB meeting, a fully-catered BBQ featuring high-quality fare will take place from noon to 2:30 p.m. at the chapter. The BBQ is hosted by ACB and all alumni and undergrad brothers, and their guests, are warmly invited. There is no charge. The house will be open for tours. This is a wonderful meet-and-greet opportunity because the only official business during the BBQ will be announcing scholarship winners for the four, in-house, $1,000 awards to deserving undergrad brothers. Remember – first come, first serve, until we run out of food! No RSVP required.

Reunion Changes / 2013 Open House – “Alumni Dinner Saturday Night”

By Yabut and Carol Patterson

An alumni dinner option has been requested by many alumni as an alternative to attending Carnation. By decision of the active membership, the 2013 Carnation will be a dance and not a formal banquet, and is expected to be held at a smaller, more affordable, venue. Carol and I are pleased to arrange and host an Alumni Dinner to help establish this new tradition.
Please note that the alumni dinner considered at one time for Friday at Madonna Inn is no longer an option. No Madonna Inn function this year – but there is an ocean-sunset dinner planned for Saturday!

You are warmly invited to a Delta Sig Alumni Dinner at Olde Port Inn on Saturday, April 20, during Cal Poly’s Open House. This restaurant, at the end of the pier at Port San Luis (north of

Avila Beach), offers great food, wine, and views. Attire will be casual to casual-dressy.
The Olde Port dinner began as a smaller group-dinner for returning alums from the 1950’s to 1970’s. However, Delta Sigs are inclusive and invite all alumni to attend to make this an ALUMNI DINNER for all eras of Delta Sigs to enjoy! All alums, wives, and guests are warmly invited!
Cocktails at 5 - Dinner at 6!

As of this writing, the small upstairs room that seats only 30 couples is full and we’re expanding into the main level of the restaurant! We originally reserved the upstairs room when planning a smaller gathering. However, having Delta Sigs upstairs and downstairs will be outstanding for everyone! All alums are of course invited to mingle on both floors and create happy-chaos!

The Main Level:

Alums can reserve restaurant seating on the main level by calling Olde Port. You will order from the full menu and pay those prices. For obvious reasons, unlike the upstairs group that had to negotiate a dinner package to get that room, there is no prepayment for downstairs dining.

Entrees range from $22 to $65 without appetizer or dessert, and before tax and tip.
You may view the full menu at The photo on the right is of the main level.
To reserve seating downstairs (main level) call Olde Port at 805-595-2515. Ask to be added to the DSP DOWNSTAIRS GROUP RESERVATION for 6 p.m. Give them your last name, cell number, and the number in your party. It would be very helpful if you let Yabut and Carol know you’ve reserved downstairs seating – or 530-677-5590. Thanks.
The Room Upstairs.

Alums who signed-up earlier and filled the upstairs room are choosing from a negotiated dinner package that requires prepayment (to Yabut). For $120/couple or $60/single, they can expect appetizer platters, soup or salad, a choice of five entrees, dessert, and coffee or tea. The entrée choices for the upstairs group are salmon, cioppino, chicken, veggie-pasta, or a small steak. The surplus from this upstairs group, if any, will be applied to Delta Sigma Phi’s new Poly P public-service scholarship.

Carol and I hope this expanded, flexible, dinner plan will allow Olde Port to seat us all - however many we end up being! We hope this makes it easier for alums to join the group even if deciding late to attend Open House. The more the merrier!

ACB Spring Meeting and ACB Elections

By Alumni Association

Saturday, April 20, 2013, the Spring ACB meeting will be held from 9 a.m. to noon at the chapter house – 244 California Blvd. Officer elections are held in odd-numbered years at the Spring meeting. All officers are elected for two-year terms. Anyone interested in running for an office should attend this meeting. Currently two ACB positions are vacant: Vice-President / Housing; and Vice-President / Engineered Leadership. However, note that candidates for all ACB positions will be voted on.

ACB President’s Report – “The Fraternal North Star”

By Bob “Ace” Veazie, S’76

Over the course of history, mariners navigated by the guidance of the North Star. It was always true, and without it, they would loose their way and often perish. Today, our fraternity must also find and live by our own “North Star”. Our core fraternal values must be our North Star – and we must live by them or our fraternity will also perish.

Our house has been drifting, dying, for many years. It has been led without reference to a full compliment of core values and, because of this, unacceptable behaviors occurred. No more.

After reading extensive research on leadership, and watching many organizations including our own fail, it became evident that we must take action or perish. We must either identify and live by a set of core values, or accept that the Epsilon Rho we’ve long known and loved is dead. Because values drive behavior, it was essential that our undergraduates themselves select the values they would live by – even when no one was watching.

Last year I began working with my ACB, the Active Exec, and membership to return our values – our guiding North Star. Actives and alumni agreed on five core values to live by. These five are: leadership, brotherhood/loyalty (YITBOS), traditions and rituals, professionalism and pride/honor.
I am happy to report that in our ACB/Exec “Goals and Objectives” meeting of last month, we jointly evaluated our active chapter against these five values. This exercise was INVALUABLE in determining where value-based-decisions had been made or missed. In the last year our Exec officers have brought our house back toward the high standards of these values. We are once again a DRY house. We don’t have late bills. The chapter has established their own judicial review board and is using it. Our men increasingly serve in student government on campus. The comraderie in the house is just remarkable.
It is rewarding to watch what a little focus and a bit of coaching can do in helping our young men learn, grow, and become more effective leaders. Each month we are building better men at Epsilon Rho. I am proud and honored to be working with the current Exec and membership - and you will feel the same appreciation when you meet them at Open House on April 20, 2013, in SLO. We are having a giant get-together on Saturday, April 20, at the chapter immediately after the ACB meeting. All alumni, actives, families, dates, and guests are welcome. ACB is buying lunch and we’re talking steaks - not burgers.
Chapter President’s Report,

By Sam “Crumpet” Tearle, S’10, 2013 Chapter President

To All Epsilon Rho Brothers:

Greetings! My name is Sam “Crumpet” Tearle, and I was recently elected as President of Epsilon Rho chapter. Just to give you a brief background overview of myself, I was born and raised in England, and then relocated to Orange County, CA, when I was 11 years of age. I am currently a Business-Finance major and am going to be graduating from Cal Poly in December of 2013.

It is an honor to be President, and I am looking forward to the upcoming year. Our Executive Board for the new term is comprised of a very close-knit group of hard-working individuals. Our current Housing Chair, Cooper “Foato” Bloyd, has done an incredible job in keeping the house in outstanding condition. Some of the goals that we have established consist of maintaining the current condition of the house, cleaning out the back-lot, and to set-up more brotherhood events and retreats throughout Spring Quarter.
This year we are aiming to continue our unprecedented presence throughout the Associated Students, Inc (ASI) at Cal Poly. We have set a goal to bring our overall GPA average to a 3.0, and are encouraging younger brothers to seek help from our fourth and fifth-year men. I am also looking into scheduling another house dinner with President Armstrong (President of Cal Poly) within the next few months, as our last dinner with him was a pleasant and informative experience in February 2012.
As our reputation and relationship with campus officials is continuing to strengthen, I sincerely look forward to the next four months as the leader here at Epsilon Rho. Although our “Carnation Ball” plans are changing this year, it would be a pleasure to meet all of you when/if you are in town that weekend (April 20th, 2013).
If you require any additional information or would simply like to get to know me better, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting any alumni in April, and would love to exchange stories!

(Editor’s note: During this 2012-2013 school year, DSP Executive Officers are transitioning from a January-to-January term of office to a term that will more closely follow the school year – June to June. Crumpet and other officers are serving during Winter and Spring quarters. Beginning in June 2013, elections will be held each June for the upcoming 12-month period.)

Fire Engine News – “Running But Undressed”

By Ghostwriter Lugnut LaFrance


When the invoices are all paid, our alumni restoration of Big Red will have used almost all your donations for running gear. Yes, she runs now and looks like this! The alums in charge donate their time, travel, and tools - but need your continued support for body work, the pump, and more. If you can’t be there to work on her, please use your checkbook to help those willing to donate their time to bring her back. Bought by DSP in 1960 from the Baywood Park Fire Department, she patiently waits for help in the hope of serving yet another generation of Delta Sigs in SLO.

Please send a donation. Make your check payable to Steve “Rocky” Miller, note "Fire Engine" on the memo line, and mail it to him at 3955 Carissa Ct., San Luis Obispo, CA  93401.  Thanks and YITBOS

Chapter History – “Brothers Protect Chapter During 1990 Riots”

By Brothers Who Were There

(Editor’s note: This is a never-before-told story, another unique page of our chapter’s history at Cal Poly. This story is how our undergraduate Brothers protected our chapter during the 1990 Poly Royal riots and aided Cal Poly President Baker. These riots understandably embarrassed Cal Poly, shocked SLO as well as DSP, and ended the wonderful university tradition of Poly Royal. It was replaced by Open House in 1997. An unforeseen victim of the lack of Cal Poly alumni return during this void was the lack of return by Delta Sigs. Without the involvement and guidance of a large number of alumni with multi-decade perspective, our chapter’s program suffered. Without the efforts of a minimally-staffed ACB and the conviction of key undergraduates, we would have lost our chapter.)

By Doug “Frank” Paul, F’87, Past President, now of Monument, CO

I was the house president in 1990 and was there that night. The riots took place mainly on California Blvd and police riot units formed on the Blvd just to the south of the house. Agitators were predominately students from other schools and not from Cal Poly. The Campus Bottle store was looted and rioters threw rocks at police, vandalized cars and structures along California Blvd, and set fire to a motorcycle near the house. The brothers not only wanted to protect the physical house, but protect the DSP reputation. We had our letters on and positioned ourselves throughout the property and in front facing California Blvd to ensure no rioters could enter the grounds. We turned off all lights and closed the gates and had house guests, to include those trying to flee the melee, moved to interior rooms. Then Cal Poly President Warren Baker arrived on scene to view the on-goings. He stayed at the house with me on the front porch and thanked the brothers for our efforts. Due to our control of the situation, rioters and police never entered the property. We assisted in cleanup of the streets the following day.

By Brian “Yukon” Roberts, S’89, Past President

We were driving on California, the street our chapter is on, when we got stuck in a crowd and started taking hits from bottles. We got out of there and joined the line in front of Campus Bottle that was chanting, "Save Campus Bottle." The opposing crowd was throwing rocks and even a stop sign through the business’s windows and yelling, "Free Beer!"  Brothers from DSP and AEP retreated back to our property as the riot grew. The riot police were forming up by the CHP station and moving in a line down California Blvd.  I was in the chapter’s front yard with the rest of the guys trying to protect the house.  As the riot police marched down the street the crowd was being forced north and it all came to a head right in front of our chapter. 

By David “OOK” Woodard, F’86

I remember being at the house when you could tell things were starting to get out of control out on California Blvd. People were everywhere, drinking on the street, lots of open containers.  There seemed to be a certain “vibe” in the air that was different from Friday or Saturday nights in SLO. We had the doors locked and were pushing people out who didn’t belong.  If I recall correctly I believe we had at least one window broken, maybe two.

Alumni Association News – “How We Spend Your Money”

By Alumni Association

It is only because of support from our outstanding alumni that the Alumni Association has been able to find, connect, and inform so many - and work to better our chapter in multiple ways. Thank you Brothers! Your Brotherly gifts have resulted in alumni-search and directories that helped our alums to find each other – and sometimes after decades of wondering, “Whatever happened to so-and-so?”
A single snapshot of a 12 year period cannot show trends over time. Spending trends are migrating from surface-communications to e-communications. The Association continues to develop our Epsilon Rho alumni web site as an e-office that efficiently permits our few volunteer officers to provide information and services to the many. View its many offerings using the “short cut” pointer domain name that we can all remember:

Brothers, this pie chart’s title reads “DSP Alumni Association Spending” but it should be called:

How Our Loyal Alumni Have Made A Remarkable Difference”.

Please take a bow – you’ve earned it!

Alumni Association News – “Remembering Web Site Donor-Founders”

By Yabut
As the Web Site Chair, I feel brothers of-all-eras are indebted to these 81 Delta Sigs. In 2007, they answered the call to fund an intangible – an alumni web site. Launched in August 2008, this site is both a source of services and news to alumni as well as a means to promote continuity of knowledge and goals at our chapter. We increasingly use the site to house our unique history, traditions, and old photo albums. The e-directory helps alumni remain in contact with each other, receive news, and learn of opportunities to contribute. Our web site applies the energies previously lost to repetitive reinvention-of-the-wheel to the advancement of our brotherhood and bond. Thank you Founders!

I close with three thoughts which have given me pause for reflection. First, thank you for trusting in this idea. Second, Fall 1975 had 100% of its members become Founders. Last, and sadly, our Brother Robert Fairbanks became Bond Eternal in 2012, but his gift continues to give.

Alumni Association News – “2013 Member Drive – How You Can Help”

By Alumni Association

Your Alumni Association officers all volunteer but it takes money to run an alumni organization of 1,500 graduates and give our chapter the scholarships and educational gifts that teach brotherhood or promote the bond. Maintaining and growing the alumni web site, preserving our unique history, printing newsletters, necessary postage, and promoting reunions all take capital.

This is the time of year we ask for your brotherly support - dues and donations – so we can plan the next year of operations. Annual Association member dues are $20. We pay for administering the Association with dues and fund scholarships and gifts to the chapter with donations. We volunteer – 100% of your giving goes to DSP.
Please show your brotherhood-from-afar by helping us pay-the-bills to serve our Delta Sig alums and support our chapter’s program. With 16 fraternities at Cal Poly, an important part of our work as alumni is helping to keep DSP the top house for the best young men in a competitive environment. Every contribution we receive makes a real difference in what we can do.
Please make your check payable to DSP EP Alumni Assn. and mail it to Brother Ray Calande (“Mumbles”, W’74) at 1384 Rue Avati, San Jose, CA  95131-2547.
We help our undergrad brothers live and govern by values. We encourage our chapter’s program to attract young men of the highest character - because such men advance our unique, 63-year legacy in SLO. As we discovered when students, they realize great benefits from earning brotherhood, and being a member, in one of the best “labs-on-life” at Cal Poly: Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity!
Your donation helps us promote our chapter’s role in Building Better Men for tomorrow.

Thanks and YITBOS,

Your Palm-House & California-House Delta Sig Alums Who Volunteer

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documents -> Towards a discussion of support to Urban Transport development in India Energy & Infrastructure Unit South Asia Region
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newsletters -> Delta Sigma Phi / Cal Poly / slo / Epsilon Rho Alumni Association e-newsletter e-issue #5: March 2011 Ray “Mumbles” Calande, W’74, President & Treasurer – Chris “Yabut” Patterson, W’73, Membership, Newsletter, & Web Site Martin “Beads” Ernst
newsletters -> Delta Sigma Phi / Cal Poly / slo / Epsilon Rho Alumni Association e-newsletter e-issue #4: October 2010 Ray “Mumbles” Calande, W’74, President & Treasurer – Chris “Yabut” Patterson, W’73, Membership, Newsletter, & Web Site Martin “Beads” Ernst

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