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senator and proxy (Hartley, Snow)

  • Future Educators of America, Delta State University Chapter Advisor (Powers, Snow)

  • Higher Education Literacy Council (Thomas, Snow, Cummins, Waddell)

  • IHL Alternate Route Advisory Council (Waddell)

  • IHL representative to Mississippi Professional Educators (Barnes)

  • IHL representative to Mississippi Association for Middle Level Education (Barnes)

  • Kappa Delta Pi, Delta State University Chapter counselor (Waddell)

  • Literacy Across the Curriculum Institute, seminar on Differentiated Instruction (Lambert)

  • Mississippi Department of Education Social Studies Curriculum Framework Revision Committee (Pedersen)

  • Mississippi Department of Education Task Force on Teacher Leadership (Waddell)

  • Mississippi Early Childhood Association, Delta State University Chapter Advisor (Thomas)

  • Mississippi Geographic Alliance steering committee (Pedersen)

  • Mississippi Private Schools Regional Spelling Bee pronouncer (Garrison)

  • Participated in College and Recruitment Days (Powers, Waddell)

  • Phi Mu, Delta State University, chapter advisor (Powers)

  • Presbyterian Day School Spelling Bee pronouncer (Garrison)

  • Pre-Service Seminar, Co-Teaching Models, teacher interns, Delta State University (Lambert)

  • Pre-Service Seminar, Differentiated instruction., CEL 318 elementary education candidates, Delta State University, spring 2009 and fall 2009 (Lambert)

  • Pre-Service Seminar, Differentiated instruction, elementary and secondary teacher interns, Delta State University, spring and fall 2009 (Lambert)

  • Pre-Service Workshop, Place: Themes of Geography, Pre-Service Conference, Mississippi Geography Alliance (Peterson)
  • Program Reviewer, Council for Exceptional Children (Hartley)

  • Reviewer, Delta Education Journal (Kuykendall)

  • Reviewer of children’s books, Southern Early Childhood Association (Thomas)

  • ROMEA conference moderator (Barnes)

  • ROMEA conference site manager (Lambert)

  • Second Congressional District Reading Fair judge (Barnes, Snow, Powers, Kuykendall, Barnes, Pedersen, Garrison, Lambert, Waddell)

  • Margaret Green Junior High Reading Fair judge (Snow)

  • Student Advisory Council advisor (Thomas)

  • Student Mississippi Professional Educators Association, Delta State University, chapter advisor (Barnes, Powers)

  • Student Mississippi Association for Middle Level Education, Delta State University, chapter advisors (Barnes, Powers)

    Technical Assistance/Professional Development Services to Area Schools and Communities

    • Guest Speaker, Connecting Health and Literacy, Head Start, Shaw, MS (Snow)

    • Guest Speaker, Parental Support of Literacy, Shaw School District Parent Literacy Academy (Snow)

      • Professional Development Seminar, Special education overview: The referral to placement process, EPY 601, Delta State University, Cleveland, MS (Lambert)

    • Professional Development Workshop, Classroom Management for K-teachers, Desoto County Schools (Bridges)

    • Professional Development Workshop, Cooperative learning, Humphries County School District, Belzoni, MS (Powers)

    • Professional Development Workshop, Differentiated instruction, Charleston Middle School, Charleston, MS (Powers)

    • Professional Development Workshop, Positive behavior management in the classroom, DAAIS, Delta State University, Cleveland, MS (Hartley, Lambert, Kuykendall)
    • Professional Development Workshop, Positive behavior management in the classroom, Humphreys County Schools, Belzoni, MS (Hartley)

    • Professional Development Workshop, Managing Challenging Behavior in Inclusive Settings, Charleston Middle School, Charleston, MS (Hartley)

    • Professional Development Workshop, The Most Southern Place on Earth, curriculum facilitation, National Endowment for the Humanities, Delta Center for Culture and Learning, Cleveland, MS (Waddell)

    • Technical Assistance Workshop, Using informational text for reading instruction: Health-related text, Jonestown Community Center, Jonestown, MS (Snow)

    Summary of Division Scholarly and Professional Service Activities for 2009


    *Elementary Education

    *Special Education


    *Division Chair


    Advisors to student organizations/

    Recruitment activities




    Dissertation chairs





    Dissertation committee members




    Editorial board positions held


    Faculty-mentored student professional paper presentations




    Poster Presentations at professional conferences



    Presentations at professional conferences






    Presentations in workshops or other public forums






    Professional appointed/elected board positions held





    Professional conferences attended





    Professional publications




    Technical assistance/professional development services to P-12 schools/educators






    *Elementary Education (6 faculty, 2 part time faculty), Special Education (3 faculty), MAT (1 faculty), Division Chair (1) Note: Publications and presentations with two or more division faculty listed as authors are just counted once.)

    When comparing 2008 with 2009, 2009 Scholarship information indicated more faculty-mentored student presentations, fewer poster sessions, one less presentation at professional meetings, and the same number of professional publications. In the area of Service, in 2009 one more workshop/public forum was presented and more faculty served as dissertation chairs and committee members. There were fewer of the following: editorial board positions, professional board positions, professional conferences attended, and technical assistance/professional development services provided to P-12 schools/educators. In 2009, limited funds for travel and professional development may have affected these service activities.

    Affiliation with/Support of Professional Organizations, University, College, and Division Committees
    Faculty members provide service as sponsors, officers, committee members, and/or members in the following organizations:
    American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies

    American Association for Colleges of Teacher Education

    American Council on Rural Special Education

    Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

    Association on Higher Education and Disability

    Council for Exceptional Children

    Delta Kappa Gamma

    Delta Reading Council

    International Reading Association

    Kappa Delta Pi

    Mid-South Educational Research Association

    Mississippi Association for Middle Level Education

    Mississippi Early Childhood Association

    Mississippi Professional Educators

    National Board of Professional Teaching Standards

    National Middle School Association

    Omicron Delta Kappa

    Phi Delta Kappa

    Faculty members are involved in committee work at the University, College, and Division levels. During the past year, The Division had representation on each of the following:


    Ad Hoc Committee on Tobacco Use

    Alumni Association

    Dean of the Graduate School Search Committee

    Distance Learning Committee

    Diversity Advisory Committee, Recorded

    Foundations of Excellence Committees

    Graduate Appeals Committee

    Graduate Council

    Healthy Campus/Community Initiative Advisory Committee

    Health and Wellness Committee

    Intellectual Property Committee

    Library Committee

    Merit Pay Appeals Committee

    Promotion and Tenure Appeals Committee

    ROMEA Planning Committee

    Student Organizations Committee, Secretary

    Student Publications Committee

    Taskforce on Faculty Course Evaluations

    Teaching Excellence Committee

    Writing Across the Curriculum Committee


    Assessment Committee

    College of Education Academic Council

    Committee for Redesign of Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Programs

    Conceptual Framework Committee

    Courtesy Committee

    Diversity Committee

    Doctoral Admissions and Curriculum Council

    Enhancement Fund

    Faculty Committee

    Field Experiences Committee

    Fundraising Committee

    Governance Committee

    Honors Day Committee

    Programs Committee

    Teacher Education Council

    Tenure and Promotion Committee


    Courtesy Committee

    Curriculum Committee

    New Faculty Mentors

    Numerous Ad Hoc Committees

    Tenure and Promotion Committee

    New position(s) requested, with justification:

    Recommended change of status:

    • Dr. Angela Bridges is the Program Coordinator for the Master of Arts in Teaching Program

    • Dr. Dianne Thomas resigned as Program Coordinator for the undergraduate Elementary Education Program (January 2010)

    • Dr. Maud Kuykendall received tenure and Associate Professor rank (to begin with the 2010-2011 Academic Year)

    VI. Degree Program Addition/Deletions and/or Major Curriculum Changes:

    Changes made in the past year:

    A new course was added to the Elementary Education Educational Specialist Program: CEL 712/812.Leadership Roles in Elementary Education is being taught during the Summer I and II 2010 Terms.

    Recommended changes for the coming year(s):

      • The following additions were approved for the 2010-2011 Graduate Bulletin:
        • Clarification of admission requirements in the M.Ed. in Elementary Education Degree Program related to the submission of evidence of a passing score on the state licensure test in Elementary Education.

        • Clarification of admission requirements in the Ed.S. in Elementary Education Degree Program related to the submission of evidence of a passing score on the state licensure test in Elementary Education.

        • CSP 344.Assessment of Students with Special Needs was removed as a requirement for the Elementary Education endorsement in Special Education.

        • CSP 372.Teaching Methods and Practicum in Elementary Age Inclusive Settings was added as a requirement for the Elementary Education endorsement in Special Education.

    Division of Teacher Education Unit Plan and Report 2009-10

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