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GEO 5900/9900

Chemical Processes in Soil and Groundwater:

Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo

March 10-14 & March 25 - April 4


Professor Per Aagaard

The story told by the chemistry of waters

A number of biogeochemical reactions take place in the soil and in the subsurface, all of them giving an imprint on the water chemistry. This class will treat the main geochemical reactions controling the chemical composition of soil and groundwater in detail, and how these can be quantified and used in geochemical transport modeling. Equilibria and kinetics in water-mineral-gas systems will be covered, with special emphasis on CO2 - carbonate reactions, mineral weathering, redox-reactions, ion exchange/sorption and water mixing. Microbiological degradation of organic contaminants will also be treated. An understanding of these processes is required to predict the effect of contaminant spill and human influence. How can we describe and quantify these processes? Here we will rely on stoichiometric constrains/mass conservation as well as assuming equilibria and/or kinetic relations. A number of examples and homework problems will be given. Special emphasis is also placed on training in computer modeling of geochemical ractions and transport of solutes.

Which geochemical models?

Geochemical models are today important tools in the study of soil and groundwater, both in natural systems as well as in areas affected by contaminants. We will use the new PHREEQC code from the USGS through the whole course, teaching the students to handle a wide variety of tasks.


The class will follow the text: Apello and Postma ā€¯Geochemistry,

groundwater and pollutionā€¯ with additional handout material

There will be an individual project report counting 50% of total grade, and a final written exam counting 50% of total grade

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