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Derek Pertrtyl

Executive Summary 3

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Executive Summary:
Story Abstract:

This is a top down style zombies game with an arcade feel as the game progresses. You play as a zombie whose consciousness has survived though his body has become infested. Because you are physically a zombie, humans are trying to kill you so you must survive as long as you can. Other zombies' brains can be devoured to regain you health in order to better combat the humans.

Game Play and Look and Feel:

The game actually takes place on the robot controlled planet 010011110100110101000111 so you will find that the humans actually look more like robots and the zombies somewhat of a malnourished robot. Health and Score can be seen in the top left of the screen. Just below that is the the cooldown on your zombie summoning ability, each 25% will produce one zombie, so at full charge you summon four around you.

Player Roles and Actions:

As the player you must stay alive to help kill the humans, you slowly lose health over time but can gain it back by killing zombies by meleeing them. After a period of time you have the ability to summon other zombies which won't attack you but will attack anything else they come across.

Strategies / Motivations:

Players will encounter both zombies and humans which will each require different strategies. For the zombies the best choice is to kill them as quickly as possible to get as much health as you can from the zombie, since each zombie only takes one hit to kill it is easy to kill them quickly in this way. Humans will shoot other zombies and take 4 hits to kill so they can be largely left alone and killed when your health is high enough to not be in danger of dieing. Remember to summon your zombies if you are in danger and if you health is low they can even be summoned and immediately killed to get health back. Health regains are somewhat inversely related to the number of zombies on the screen so you must keep that number low which keeps the player from just camping a single spawn point the entire game.

Development Specification:

Dveloped on a machine with a Celeron processor, 2 GB of RAM, and an integrated video card with 797 MB of video memory, runnign 64-bit Windows 7. Any machine capable of running XP should be able to run this with no problems


Built in Visual Studio using C++ and DirectX and based off of source code from Lamothe’s book.


Collision detection between game objects is achieved with axis-aligned bounding boxes for each object.

If ((objectA.x < objectB.x + objectB.width) &&

(objectA.x + objectA.width > objectB.x) &&

(objectA.y < objectB.y + objectB.height) &&

(objectA.y + objectA.height > objectB.y))

then objectA and objectB have collided
Health decreases at a rate of 10 per second. Health regains are inversely related to the number of zombies on the screen such that:

Health regain = zombies[k].health/2 – 2*zombies.size()

Health regains cannot be negative.

Zombies walk around aimlessly bouncing off of walls and attacking whatever they run into that isn't another zombie (they do attack the player, doing 5 damage per hit), they also change their directly every second or so. Humans walk around like zombies and shoot any zombies that cross their “laser sight”, doing 25 damage to whatever they hit.

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