Description of the Project and Its Significance

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Bergstrasse 4

14542 Werder (Havel)

Phone: 0049-3327-565989


Date & Place of Birth: June 21, 1959 in Peine / Germany

School Education: 1966-1969 Primary School Gr. Lafferde / Germany

1969-1978 Grammar School Gr. Ilsede / Germany

Higher Education:

        • 1981-1985: Study of Ethnology at Bonn University. 11.12.85

        • 1986: M.A. in Ethnology (Cultural Anthropology) with a thesis on Ethnomedicine The Ethnic Variants of Illness -Thoughts and Behaviour of Illness in Tribal Cultures, published in Bonn 1986 (in German language)

        • 1986: Study of Musicology at Bonn University

        • 1991/92: studies at the Visva Bharati University in Santiniketan under Prof. Indranil Bhattacharya (sitar)

        • 1994: Ph.D. thesis on a comparative study of eastern and western classical music focussed on aesthetical problems, The Significance of the Rasa-Theory in contemporary North-Indian Classical Music - in Comparison to the Affektenlehre in the 18th- & 19th-Century Music of Europe, dissertation adviser, Prof. Dr. Emil Platen
        • 2002: Habilitation in Ethnomusicology with a study on Rabindra Sangit, My Heart Sings
           Rabindra Sangit Die Lieder Rabindranath Tagores zwischen Tradition und Moderne.

Professional Appointments:

        • 1995-97: Trainee at the Linden-Museum Stuttgart; conception, organization and realization of the exhibition „mit Haut und Haar - Die Welt der Lauteninstrumente“

        • 1999: Lecturer at the Universities of Cologne and Düsseldorf.

        • 2003: Head of Department of Ethnomusicology and Berlin Phonogram Archive at the Ethnological Museum in Berlin.

        • 2006/2007: Guest Professor at the University of Vienna.

        • 2008: Professor at the University of Cologne.

        • 2009: Guest-Professor at the University of Chicago.

Musical and Performance Qualifications:

Piano- and Organ-studies under Kantor Walter Fischer / Guitar-studies under different teachers / since 1985 member of the Tagore Institute Bonn; study of Classical North-Indian Music (sitar / surbahar/ vocal / music-theory) under Dr. (Mrs.) Trina Purohit-Roy / concerts with the Tagore Institutes Ensemble / lecture-demonstration concerts


        • 1987 Gujarat / South India / Calcutta: recordings of different styles of vocal music (Classical / Bhajans / Rabindra Sangit); documentation of the art of sitar-manufacturing in Kolkata (slides collection)
        • 1991/92 Scholarship from the German-Academic-Exchange-Service (DAAD) for studies at the Visva Bharati University in Santiniketan under Prof. Indranil Bhattacharya (sitar) / in Kolkata extended studies on sitar-manufacturing with Kanailal & Brothers (slides collection) / recordings and interviews with musicians and musicologists for the Ph.D. dissertation.

        • 1994 South Korea: research on Korean Buddhist Music (sutra-chanting) and lectures at Seoul National University/ India: research on Rabindra Sangit and sitar-manufacturing.

        • 1995 India: video documentation on rudra-vina / surbahar / sitar-manufacturing for the „Museum für Völkerkunde Berlin“

        • 1996-97 scholarship from the Korea Research Foundation and DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) for a three months study of Korean Buddhist Music and lecturing on Indian Music at several Universities in South Korea. In January 1997 lectures at the BHU (Banaras Hindu University) in Varanasi.

Prof. Dr. Lars-Christian Koch, page 2

        • 1998 research in India on Rabindra Sangit preparing a project for the University of Cologne

        • 1999 lecturer at the Department of Musicology at the University of Cologne. Working on a research project on Rabindra Sangit – A genre of Bengali Songs between Tradition and Modernism

        • 2000 / 2001 / 2002 fieldwork on Rabindra Sangit in Santiniketan and Kolkata.

        • 2004 / 2006 fieldwork on Modern Bengali Songs and urban music in Kolkata.

        • 2008 fieldwork in Kolkata on urban music cultures.

Publications (selection):

2009 The Concept of Microtonality and the Construction of Indian Music in the Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Europe, in: Sünne Juterczenka, Gesa Mackenthun (eds.): The Fuzzy Logic of Encounter – New Perspectives on Cultural Contact / Münster

2008a A preliminary archaeological report on two lutes of the Surbahar type (India) and an ethnomusicological perspective

Ricardo Eichmann – Lars-Christian Koch– Dirk-Roelfs Meyer, In: Studien zur Musikarchäologie V / Berlin

2008b Raga-Music in North India between Religious Meaning and Courtly Culture. In: Religion and Music – Proceedings of the Interdisciplinary Workshop at the Instiute for Scientific Studies of Religions, Freie Universität Berlin, May 2006 (ed. Lidia Guzy)/Berlin

2007a “rudra vina – Die Herstellung eines indischen Saitenisntruments in der Tradition Kanailal&Bros.”

Museum Collection Berlin Audiovisuell / DVD-Reihe der Abtl. Musikethnologie, Medientechnik und Berliner Phonogramm-Archiv

2007b Lars-Christian Koch & Maurice Mengel: From Elementary Thought to Tone Psychology – Bastian and Stumpf´s Discourse of the Mind as a Condition fort he Development of Ethnomusicology. In: Adolf Bastians and his Universal Archive of Humanity / Hildesheim

2006 Lars-Christian Koch & Julio Mendívil: Objekte ohne Kontext: eine organologische Konstruktion anhand historiographischer Quellen aus der Inkazeit. Eine Anwendung an eine Sammlung vorkolumbischer Musikinstrumente, In: Studien zur Musikarchäologie IV / Berlin

  1. (mit A. Wiedmann und S. Ziegler) The Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv: A treasury of sound recordings. Acoustic. Sci. & Techn. 25,4 Tokyo

2003 Kerstin Klenke, Lars-Christian Koch et al.: „ ´Todgesagte leben länger´ - Überlegungen zur Relevanz der Musikethnologie; in: Die Musikforschung 56. Jahrgang 2003 S. 261-272

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