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Member of an organization working in the South Asian American community in Chicago. Activities include voter registration, citizenship workshops, annual arts show, etc

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Member of an organization working in the South Asian American community in Chicago. Activities include voter registration, citizenship workshops, annual arts show, etc.

AWARDS Awards: Winner of 2003 McGuigan Prize for Undergraduate Essays on women and/or gender for “The Gentle Babu and the Crazy Woman: Custodial Rape Inside and Outside the Home”

Scholarships: AIIS Language Fellowship, Engineering Scholarship of Honor, Regents Merit Scholarship
LANGUAGES English [first language]; Bengali [fluent]; Hindi [basic conversational]
COMPUTER SKILLS Degree in computer science with extensive computer and programming skills. Equally comfortable in Windows and Mac OS. Proficient in MS Office Suite and web development (Drupal, Wordpress, html). Programming Languages: PHP, HTML/CSS, C/C++, JavaScript, SQL, PASCAL, BASIC
WEB DESIGN Libraries & Archives in South Asia (LASA) wiki

A collaborative effort to compile a guide to libraries and archives in South Asia for academics and researchers in the humanities and social sciences.


University of Chicago Dissertations on Southern Asia
A database of Ph.D. dissertation abstracts on topics related to Southern Asia in all disciplines beginning in 1914. Contains over 550 abstracts.


Maurice Mengel

Ethnomusicology, Media Technology and Berlin Phonogram Archive

Ethnological Museum, National Museums in Berlin

Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation

Arnimallee 27, 14195 Berlin


Current Doctoral Candidate in Ethnomusicology, University of Cologne

Expected graduation, March 2010.

Dissertation Topic: History of the Romanian folk music archive Institut de Etnografie şi Folclor in Bucharest. Advisor: Lars-Christian Koch, University of Cologne.

2003 M.A. in Musicology, Cultural Anthropology, and English,

University of Cologne.

Recent Work Experience

since 2006 SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANT for three digital archive programs

(DISMARC, ethnoArc, and ILKAR), Berlin Phonogram Archive, Ethnological Museum, Berlin.

2004-2006 APPRENTICE MUSEUM ASSISTANT, Berlin Phonogram Archive,

Ethnological Museum.
Honors & Awards

2009 Ethnomusicological Research Today – An International Doctoral Workshop, University of Music and Drama Hanover, 24-27 June.

2006 German Academic Community (DFG) grant, 51st SEM conference, Honolulu, USA, November 2006.

2005 Visiting researcher, Library of the Romanian Academy

1999 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) grant,

International summer course on Romanian language and culture, Iaşi, Romania.

1998 European Union grant through University of Jyväskyla,

Intensive program in cognitive musicology, Jyväskyla, Finland.

Professional Memberships

Member, International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA)

Member, International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM)

Member, European Seminar for Ethnomusicology (ESEM), member of the coordinating committee

Member, Gesellschaft für Musikforschung (GfM), study group on ethnomusicology

Member, Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM)


Single author:

in press, New Country, New Song: On Utopia in Romanian Ethnomusicology of the Early Socialist Era. Proceedings of the ICTM study group on historical sources meeting in Stockholm 2008.

in press, The Challenge of Technology: Ethnomusicological Archives in the Past and Present. Forthcoming special issue on folk music archives of the Romanian Journal Ethnografie şi Folclor.

2009 Des archives poussiéreuses à l'avenir numérique: Nouveaux défis pour l'ethnomusicologie In edited by Laurent Aubert, Tabou: Vol. 6. Mémoire vive. Hommages à Constantin Brăiloiu 161–181.

2007 "The Age of Archives in Early Romanian Ethnomusicology: Towards a Paradigm of the Archive Between 1927 and 1943." European Meetings in Ethnomusicology 12:146–168.

2006 Review of "Rainer Polak: Festmusik als Arbeit, Trommeln als Beruf, Berlin: Reimer 2004" (in German), in: Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 131.

2002 Conditions, possibilities and limitations of the biography in ethnomusicological research (in German), master's thesis, University of Cologne.

Maurice Mengel, page 2


Lars-Christian Koch & Maurice Mengel

2007 From Elementary Thought to Tone Psychology. Bastian and Stumpf's discourse on the Mind as a Condition for the Development of Ethnomusicology. In: Fischer, Manuela; Bolz, Peter; Kamel, Susan (Ed.): Adolf Bastian and his universal archive of humanity. The origins of German anthropology. Hildesheim, Zürich: Olms.
Maurice Mengel & Jin Hyun Kim

2002 "Art as a Symbol System: Inquiries into Artistic Expression According to Nelson Goodman's Theory of Symbols" (in German), study group report for SFB 427 Media and Cultural Communication. Kunst_als_Symbolsystem.pdf



  • Presented paper, Creating the Own by Selling the Other: Commercial Folklore Productions on Romania’s Socialist Market, Annual Conference of British Forum For Ethnomusicology, Liverpool, April.


  • Presented paper, "ethnoarc – Musikethnologie vernetzt", Autumn Conference of the Study Group on Documentation of the German Museum Council, Berlin, October.

  • Presented paper, "Limba de lemn: The Mechanics of the Political Rhetoric in Romanian Ethnomusicology from the 1950s to the 1970s", 24th Meeting of the European Seminar in Ethnomusioclogy (ESEM), Warsaw, September.

  • Presented paper, "Metadata interoperability of digital archives." "Technical challenges and developments in 21st century folk music archiving" conference, Budapest, June.
  • Presented paper, "Ethnomusicological Research in the Service of the Working Class: Folclor Nou in Romanian Ethnomusicology from the 1950s to the 1970s.”Stockholm, ICTM Study Group Historical Sources, April.


  • Presented paper, "Working with Ethnocentrism: Considerations on Knowledge and Power in Current Projects related to Digital Ethnomusicological Archives", ESEM, Lisbon, October.

  • Moderated Roundtable, "The DISMARC project: Discovering Music Archives", ICTM, Vienna, Austria, July.


  • Presented paper, "Archive as Agents – The Construction of Tradition in Romanian Ethnomusicology", 51st SEM conference, Honolulu, USA, November.

  • Presented paper, "Ar'chiv [gr.-lat.] das: 1. Zur Problematik eines scheinbar unproblematischen Schlüsselbegriffs in der Musikforschung". Gesellschaft für Musikforschung, Munich, Oktober.

  • Presented paper, "Aspects of folk song in Romania: Maria Tănase between muzica populară and folcor," ICTM Study Group on Historical Sources, Berlin, Germany, March.


  • Presented paper, "Muzica si identitatea naţională: teorii, metode si rezulate din ultimii ani", Colocviile Brăiloiu, Bucharest, Romania, October.

  • Presented paper, "The Age of Archives in Early Romanian Ethnomusicology: Towards a Paradigm of the Archive between 1927 and 1943". 21st Meeting of ESEM, Cologne, Germany, August.

  • Invited speaker, Berliner Gesellschaft für Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte, Talk entitled "Erzähltes und Klangliches: Biographien rumänischer Musikern", Berlin, Germany, June.
  • Presented paper together with Lars-Christian Koch, "Vom Elementargedanken zur Tonpsychologie: Zur Bedeutung idealistischer und materialistischer Tendenzen bei Bastian und Stumpf für die gegenwärtige Musikethnologie" at conference. "Adolf Bastians Erbe im Ethnologischen Museum – ein universales Archiv der Menschheit?", Berlin, February.

Sundar Ganesan
Roja Muthiah Research Library
3rd Cross Road, CPT Campus, Taramani, Chennai 600 113
Phone: (044) 2254 2551 & 2554 2552; Mobile: 9444042456


Registered for a Ph. D. programme (Department of History, Madras Christian College), University of Madras; Research Topic: Text-book Culture in Colonial Tamilnadu..

B. L. I. S. - University of Madras, Chennai

M. A. - History, University of Madras, Chennai

P. G. Diploma in Yoga Studies, Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai

2005- Director, Roja Muthiah Research Library (RMRL), Chennai, a project of University of Chicago

Library, USA and Roja Muthiah Research Library Trust, Chennai, India.

2001- 2004 - Director In-charge; 1997 to 2001 - Assistant Director (Micrographics); 1994 to 1997,

Library Assistant, RMRL.

1992–1994 - Research Assistant, Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems, Chennai.

Conferences, Exhibitions and workshops:

2009, Presented a paper “Indus Scripts: Text and Context” for a Course on Indus Scripts during May at University of Washington, USA.

2008, A short training programme at the British Library Conservation Centre on Conservation of Library material, received a travel grant from Association of British Scholars, Chennai Chapter.

2008, Presented a paper on “Collection Development Policy of the Roja Muthiah Research Library, Chennai” at Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India.

2006, Presented a paper on “History of publishing in Tranquebar”, Gurukkul Theological College, Chennai, India.

2006, Participated in Association of Asian Studies Conference, San Francisco, USA.

2006, Presented on “Roja Muthiah Research Library – An Overview” at Committee on South Asian Libraries and Documentation, University of Berkeley, USA.

2006, Presented a paper on “Trends in archiving Library material” at Delhi School of Economics, Sociology Department, New Delhi, India.

2005, Organizing committee member of National Conference on “Electronic Theses, Dissertations & Digital Libraries” in Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India.

2004, Presented a paper on “Archiving Documents – trends and practices” in Goa, India, organized by Archives & Research Centre for Ethnomusicology, AIIS, New Delhi, India.

2004, Participated in three Conferences – (1) ETD 2004 (Electronic Thesis and Dissertation 2004) held in University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky and (2) JCDL 2004 (Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2004) held in Tucson, Arizona, USA. (3) New Delhi, India.

2002-2003, Participated in meeting of the Council of South Asia Library Centres, Kandy, Sri Lanka and New Delhi, India.

Sundar Ganesan, page 2

2000, Visited UK for a training programme to learn digitization techniques at the Wicks & Wilson company, manufacturers of microfilm/fiche scanners. Visited the Wellcome Institute for the History of Understanding Medicine, U. K. to learn the techniques of conservation. Received training under Mr. Tony Bish (Head, Conservation) and Ms. Anna Wise. Also visited the Victoria and Albert Museum, National Preservation Office, British Library, London and Bodleian Library, Oxford to see their collection and observe their conservation, bibliographic and digitization practices and efforts.

1996, Coordinated and participated in Workshop on Care, Handling and Preservation of Library Collections held at Roja Muthiah Research Library, Chennai (Course Director Mr. Tony Bish, Head of Conservation, Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, London, UK).

1995, Coordinated and participated in Workshop on Archival Microfilming, held at Roja Muthiah Research Library, Chennai (Course Director Mr. Julio Berrios, Chief Micrographer, Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. USA).

Institutional Grant Awards

2008, Endangered Archives Programme, British Library, for preserving literature on the history of Tamilnadu

2007, Central Institute for Indian Languages, Mysore, for Indus Research Centre, an unit of Roja Muthiah Research Library

2005, Ford Foundation grant to conduct seminar on “Regionality, Identity & History Writing” at the Roja Muthiah Research Library, Chennai - USD 12000.00.

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