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Benjamin Millek

Game Software Engineer

San Jose, CA 95112 • (669) 210 - 2704 •



• Android, iOS, PC, Nintendo DS

• Unity3D, Qt, Sencha Touch

• Visual Studio, Xcode, C++, C#, Javascript, Lua



Founder/Programmer/Designer 1/2017-Present

Furious Bovine San Jose, CA

Invadurrs, Defend!

Designed and created Invadurrs, Defend! with Unity3D for Android tablets and phones.

• User drawings processed and turned into in game objects for defending the city.

• Published to Google Play Store.

Software Engineer 2/2013-12/2016

Cisco ( Contract employee) San Jose, CA

Packet Tracer Desktop

UI and engine improvements.

Packet Tracer Mobile

• Created Sencha Touch GUI for Packet Tracer software and ported existing

Packet Tracer code to work on Android/iOS tablets and phones.
Experimental software

• Developed prototypes involving varied hardware and software, including mobile and

motion controls.
Usability Software Engineer 4/2012-8/2012

Roblox (Full-time employee) San Mateo, CA

Lua tool overhauls

• New UI implementations for existing Lua tools.

• Incorporated new features to existing tools.

• Bug fixes.

Qt implementations

• Created new Qt UI components and incorporated them into preexisting tools.

• Fixes for existing Qt implementations.
Software Development Engineer 5/2008-3/2011

Powerhead Games (Full-time employee) New York, NY

Lua scripting system

Create and manage sprites, backgrounds, 3D models and textures,

palettes, gesture recognition, sound and local wireless through Lua scripting.

• Incorporated internal menu development access and actions into Lua scripting.

• Provided access to most internal systems via scripting.
Unreleased Lua Scripted Game (Nintendo DS)

• Developed internal project built off the systems developed to be

used with Lua. Incorporated sprite, background systems and gesture recognition.
Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush (Nintendo DS)

• Implemented all menus (in and out of gameplay).

• Programmed all aspects of story progression.

• Handled in-game rule determination and outcomes.

• Developed model and texture loading systems.

• Developed the sprite creation and management system.

• Implemented the field and scoreboard HUD.

• Made the kicking microgame.

Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers (Nintendo DS)

• Implemented all out of gameplay menus and some in gameplay menus.

• Programmed all aspects of story progression.

• Developed model and texture loading systems.

• Created the sprite management system.

• Implemented in game HUDs (field, scoreboards for different mode).

Glow Artisan (Nintendo DSiware)

• Redesigned old multiplayer implementation.

• Added new multiplayer game mode.

• Multiplayer related menus, in and outside of gameplay (flow, options, puzzle sharing).

• Developed some of the non-multiplayer menus.
2KSports Major League Baseball 2K10 (Nintendo DS)

• Implemented out of gameplay menus and some in game.

• Developed model and texture loading systems.

• Developed in-game microgames and cutscenes.

• Implemented unlockable content.
Imagine Soccer Captain (Nintendo DS)

• Game menus

• Implemented multiplayer related menus (connection and content sharing).

• Developed model and texture loading systems.

• Created model animation system for cutscenes and menus.

• Developed Model customization system.

• Implemented model texture editor and logo editor.

• Story scripting system

• Created microgames (single and multiplayer versions).

Software Development Engineer 8/2007-12/2007

Carbonated Games (Contract) Redmond, WA

(Unreleased Xbox Live Arcade port to Windows) –

• Took over porting for all non-security related code tasks.

• Mouse and keyboard functionality for menus and game actions.

• Addition of Windows only options.

• Implementation of certification requirements (Games for Windows – LIVE, other).

• Bug finds and fixes for pre-ported code.

• Merged code base for the XBLA title and the port.

Software Development Engineer 10/2006-03/2007

Mobliss (Contract) Seattle, WA

The Price is Right (BREW)

• Found and resolved bugs for all systems (networking, sound, graphics, scripting).

• Resolved long-standing issues with code libraries.

• Designed/implemented new library functionality.

• Performed UI implementation for menus and game controls.

• Added extensions to game logic and core implementations.

• Facilitated interaction between the J2ME and BREW development teams in forming the

basic structure of the J2ME implementation.

Puzzled Sheep

• Created a level pack.


Bachelor of Science: Computer Science (Real-Time Interactive Simulation) 2006

DigiPen Institute of Technology Redmond, WA

Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, and Networks

Associate In Computers and Business 2001

Camden County Community College Blackwood, NJ

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