Devotional- john 4 Monday: Growing Ministry and Jacobs Well

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Devotional- John 4

Monday: Growing Ministry and Jacobs Well
Read: John 4:1-6
Question- If your ministry was growing, would you get up and move to a new location?

Jesus did, why?

Jesus’ ministry had out grown John the Baptist, and it came to the Pharisees attention. The enemies of the gospel were ready.

Note: Jesus wanted to make disciples, not just converts.
Jesus departs for Galilee; verse 4 tells us He had to go through Samaria, or NKJV says, “Must”. When John uses “must” or “had to”, it is usually for a spiritual reason. Eg It is apart of God’s plan.

There were other roads or ways that Jesus could have travelled, however He “must” be obedient.

Jacobs well! What do you know about Jacobs well?

Read: Genesis 33:19- Jacob meets again after some 14+ years his estranged brother Esau.

Everything goes amazing, and Jacob buys some land from the locals, pitches his tent, and digs a well- not his only well, but a significant one. He calls the place El Elohe Israel: God the God of Israel. It is a place where he honours God.

Prayer: Lord God, may I always listen to your leading and guidance in all I do.


Tuesday: Samaritans and a Samaritan Woman

Read: John 4:7-26

Quick snap shot on Samaritans; Matthew Henry calls them Mongrel Jews (half/mix breed Jews) in culture, religion, and race. They are not the “true Israel”, but an off shoot. Remember the Good Samaritan, he did the unthinkable and helped a Jew. This was to show that being a neighbour was all about the heart, and not the culture, religion, or race.

Q: So why does Jesus go to the people of Samaria?

Jesus goes to the Samaritans on a mission; to re graft the lost people back into God’s Kingdom.

Verse 7 starts another great conversation; John opens up relationships, and lets us see Jesus interacting. He did it with Nicodemus and He does it again with a woman- a Samaritan woman.

Jesus crosses boundaries, spiritually, and gender wise. He opens the conversation, He takes the step, and He speaks to a “Samaritan woman”. It starts so simply as a gentle question, “Can I have a drink?” but it becomes so much more.
Question- Have you ever thought in your day to day interactions that a simple question could open up a God conversation?

Well it can! Are we ready for it? Are we prepared? Are we listening?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, may I be ever ready to ask a question, and be ready for a conversation that can lead people to You.


Wednesday: Harvest Ready
Read: John 4:27-38
The disciples return to an incredible sight- Jesus is in deep discussion with a Samaritan woman. Then suddenly she runs back into town (without her water jug), and she testifies about Jesus.
The disciples say nothing but urge Jesus to eat, but Jesus is not hungry. He explains “I have had my full because my food is to do the will of my Father.”

You could just imagine the looks on their faces!!!

Jesus then explains- We are here on a mission, it is not just about food and water. Look, the harvest is ready! Call out to the Lord of the harvest for more workers.

You could almost hear Jesus saying, lesson 101 of the Gospel- Focus, be ready; now is the day of Salvation, now is the time of harvest, look and you will see your God do amazing things.

Prayer: Lord God, may we be ready to share Your truth, to plant, to water, and to reap a harvest. Amen

Thursday: Salvation to the World
Read: John 4:39-42
Just a quick re-cap. Jesus was travelling from Jerusalem to Galilee. In the middle of the day they stop for water and food. Jesus has a chat with a woman; she believes, she tells people, they believe. Jesus stays for 2 days; He teachers and equips the new believers. A new work has started; is planted.

In these few verses, the harvest is indeed reaped. The trickle becomes a flow, and then I believe a flood.

Jesus only stays 2 days to teach and equip this “new work”, this “new plant” amongst the Samaritan people.
Note: No disciple stays behind to be the ‘Pastor’, the new work is left, to grow and develop.
Question- How much training and equipping do we have?

How many sermons, Bible studies, Conferences do we need to realise we are called to be Jesus’ witnesses to the world?

Jesus starts a work, and then lets it grow.

Question- Is God calling you or me to develop a “new ministry or work”, or a new Home Group?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, here I am; I am prepared to go into the harvest- send me!


(NOTE: You have already been sent- see Matthew 28:19-20)

Friday: A Noble Mans Son Healed

Read John 4:46-54
This is indeed the 2nd of the 7 Signs that are recorded in the Gospel of John. See vs 54.

This is indeed a significant Healing. Let us have a look at those involved.

  1. A noble man, “Tenny” tells us in his commentary that this man was probably a Noble man in the house of Herod. He has a son, probably his oldest son. He has tried everything to see his son healed and to no avail. He then in a desperate situation goes to prevail upon Jesus to heal the Boy.

  2. The Boy: He is back in Capernaum. He is dying, to sick to travel the distance.

  3. Jesus: The Son of God, who just recently had turned a huge amount of water into the best wine ever and the people are still talking about it.

After the nobleman imploring Jesus to come Jesus responds in vs 48 “ Unless you people see signs and wonders you will by no means believe.”

This I believe is pretty current in our Culture, Is God real? Let me see him perform this miracle than I might believe.

The Nobleman’s response is “come before my son dies”.

Notice he does not attempt to argue the point of believe, he has a need and he wants Jesus to fulfil it.

Jesus Responds “Go your way your Son lives”.

Where does this place our Nobleman?

Does he now argue with Jesus, no you must come or does he “believe” in what Jesus has just said?

Vs 50 tells us “he believed Jesus and went his way”. Tenney states that this belief is based on hope and a necessity, he no other option but to believe.

The Nobleman arrives home and is meet by his servants, they are buzzing around him full of excitement, saying your son is alive, he lives he lives.
The Noble asks when did this happen? He finds out that it was at exactly the same time when Jesus said “your son lives”.

Now he Believes, now he is blown away, now he testifies, and his whole house hold believes.

Awesome story awesome Testimony.
Prayer: Jesus, you are the one true God, you are the one I believe in. I will testify to your name no matter what. Amen
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