Dibels next dorf, Retell and Retell Scoring Guidance

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DIBELS Next DORF, Retell and Retell Scoring Guidance:

Scoring DORF: Median number of words correct per minute, median number of errors correct per minute and median number of correct words in the Retell. (Median = middle. If =two scores are the same, use that score – i.e. – 62, 53, 62 – 62 is the score.)
It is highly recommended that you give all three passages. If you are only able to give one passage because of special circumstances, then give the second passage.
For benchmark administration of Retell Fluency, you must give all three passages as the reliability on RTF is too low when only using one passage. (Depending on how often you are progress monitoring, you only need to use one ORF passage when progress monitoring.)
Discontinue Rules:

  1. If no words are read correctly in the first line, say STOP, record a score of 0 and do not administer retell. Leave the score for retell and retell quality blank.

  1. If fewer than 10 words are read correctly on passage #1 during benchmark assessment, do not administer Retell or passages #2 and #3. Record the score for the one passage.

  1. If fewer than 40 words are read correctly on any passage, do not administer Retell or Retell Quality for that passage.


  1. How do you enter retell scores if a student only completes 2 retells because fewer than 40 words are read correctly on one of the three passages? (If 40 or more words are read correctly on all three passages, you must do a retell for all three.)

Average the 2 scores.

  1. Do you administer retell and/or retell quality to all students?

Not if their fluency score is 40 or below. (If you do not administer retell or retell quality, leave the score blank. Do not enter a 0.)

  1. When you progress monitor DORF, do you do retell as well?


  1. Are there benchmark goals for RTF?

A Retell score of about 50% of the ORF score is typical. A Retell of less than 25% of the ORF score may indicate cause for concern.

December 16, 2010

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