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Digital Storytelling

Key Digital Storytelling Web Sites

  • Digital Storytelling Association

  • Digital Storytelling Festival. Information on the annual digital storytelling festival in Colorado.

  • Next Exit. Web site of Dana Atchley, performance artist and digital storyteller; site offers information on performances, workshops, and consulting services for corporations.

  • Center for Digital Storytelling

  • Digital Storytelling Cookbook. From the Center for Digital Storytelling.

  • Memory's Voices: A Guide to Digital Storytelling.

  • The Elements of Digital Storytelling.

  • Storytellers of the New Millenium. The World of Digital Storytelling By Corey Hitchcock.

  • Abbe Don Interactive, Inc.

  • Digital Clubhouse Network A non-profit organization dedicated to "using the power of networked multimedia to build better communities."

  • Digital Clubhouse New York City. Located in New York's Information Technology Center at 55 Broad Street in Lower Manhattan.

  • Digital Storyelling at KQED. Coming to California Digital Storytelling Contest.

  • StoryCorps.

  • Capture Wales (In English). Capture Wales (In Welsh). Project sponsored by the BBC.

  • Streaming Stories (UK).

  • Digital Storytelling at the Interactive Foundation. Located in Sweden.

  • Digital Bridge. Located in Sweden.

  • Murmur. Located in Toronto, Canada. Project developed at the Canadian Film Centre's Habitat New Media Lab by Shawn Micallef, Gabe Sawhney and James Roussel.

  • Australia.

  • Digital Storytelling @ the Creativity Cafe.

  • Creative Narrations.

  • Center for Reflective Community Practice at MIT.

  • Digitales.

  • Inside Lives. Located in London.

  • Fraynework Digital Storytelling. Australia.

  • Digital Stories.

  • Sound Portraits. Radio documentaries.

  • Yahoo's Digital Storytelling Directory.

Digital Storytelling Educational Programs

  • Community Digital Storytelling Collaborative - Middlebury College.

  • Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling.

  • Shoreham Project - Middlebury College.

  • Digital Storytelling at Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Digital Storytelling at Montclair State University.

  • Digital Storytelling - UC Berkeley.

  • Masters in Immersive Mediated Environments. Indiana University.

  • IdeaFest. Indiana University.

  • University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication's Institute for New Media Studies.

  • Virtual Pediatric Patients: A Digital Storytelling System for Teaching Common Pediatric Problems.

  • Integrating Digital Storytelling into Your Classroom.

  • Digital stories by students & teachers. Resources.

  • Digital Storytelling in the Scott County Schools.

  • Heightened Student Voice through Digital Storytelling. Kenton, KY School district.

  • Digital Storytelling at Chamisa Mesa High School.

  • Kids with Cameras.

Books, Articles & Research about Digital Storytelling

  • Digital Storytelling. (2002). By Joe Lambert. Berkeley, CA: Digital Diner Press.

  • Digital Storytelling: A Creator's Guide to Interactive Entertainment. (2004) By Carolyn Miller. Burlington, MA: Focal Press.

  • Digital Tools Easier to Grasp: Digital center helps people hold up a lens to their own lives. By J.D. Lasica. Online Journalism Review.

  • Digital Storytelling Finds Its Place in the Classroom. Tom Banaszewski

  • Digital Storytelling. Mark Standley.

  • Digital Storytelling - Razorfish. (PDF document)

  • A Story About Teaching Digital Storytelling at Scottsdale Community College: An Interview with Linda Hicks and Rachel Woodburn.

  • Putting the Story into the Digital Storyteller.

  • A Case for Web Storytelling.

  • Digital Storytelling Resources.

  • The Power of Digital Storytelling. Businessweek.

  • Community Digital Storytelling Movement.

  • Place, Vision, and Voice program.

  • Time Travelers. By Craig Richards. October 1999. discusses the possibilities of digital storytelling for family reunions and for preserving family history and artifacts. (

  • What's Your Story? Daniel Pink's report on the 1998 Digital Storytelling Festival for Fast Company. (
  • Preserving and stimulating oral tradition using the Internet. By Steve Cisler. 65th International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) Council and General Conference. August 1999. (

  • Telling the Story. Mappa Mundi. An Interview with Rebecca Pranger. (1999).

  • Story Time. By Scott Rosenberg. Salon.

  • How the Best Storytellers Win.

  • Storytelling: The Power of Listening.

  • Story Networks: Media Lab Europe.

  • Interactive Cinema at MIT's Media Lab.

  • The Design Desk.

Digital Storytelling Tools and Resources

  • Adobe.

  • Swishzone.


  • New York Public Library Digital Gallery.

  • ClipShack.


  • Google Video.

  • Our Media.

  • Phanfare.

  • Vimeo.

  • Youtube.

  • Larsen Digital Services Slide Scanning and Scrapbooking Guide.

  • Digital Storytelling Finds Its Place in the Classroom......

Digital Stories

  • Brambletown. Artist Brent Wood presents an online narrative that is like an animated, interactive comic strip. Requires the Flash plug-in.

  • Katherine Drexel: An Extraodinary Life. Excellent example of multimedia storytelling on the web from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

  • William and Patty: A Love Story. Excellent example of digital storytelling on the web from the Modesto Bee.

  • Forests, Fields, and the Falls: Connecting Minnesota. Beautifully presented historical stories from the Minnesota State Hisotrical Society.

  • Broken Sky. Environmental story.
  • Clara Haines's Hawaii Photo Album. A story of a Hawaiian vacation set in earlier times. Requires the Real Player.

  • Rumpets for Reindeer.

  • 15 Reasons.

  • Two Days in Paris by Craig Marion.

  • Instrument of War: The True Story of the Yuba City Draft Board Members Stephen Mamber.

  • Presidential Temperaments. Stories about American Presidents.

  • Mouscafe. Stories inspired by cats, food, poetry.

  • The Fray.

  • Watershed.

Digital Story Archives

  • Bubbe's Back Porch - read stories of the site creator's own grandmother and contribute stories of your own.

  • Digital Story Bee - workshop on how to put personal stories, memories, and family history online.

  • London Explosions, July 7, 2005.

  • Stories of September 11th.

  • BBC's World War II People's War story archive.

  • Face-to-Face:Stories from the Aftermath of Infamy.

  • Ellis Island Online: The Immigrant Experience - Six immigrant stories. The Ellis Island web site is a fabulous resource. You can look up the records of individual immigrants and see digital copies of the shipping manifests documenting their arrival at Ellis Island, as well as images of the ships that brought them here. You can buy copies of the manifest pages and the ship images for your family records.

  • World War I Memoirs and Remembrances. Memoirs and remembrances of WWI from around the world.

  • Densho Project: Oral histories of Japanese Americans interned during World War II.

  • Bay Area Holocaust Oral History Project
  • We Made Do: Recalling the Great Depression. This is an on-going project of the students in Mooresville High School in Mooresville, Indiana.

  • American Slave Narratives.

  • The Moonlit Road.

  • The City Stories Project. There are a million stories in the naked city, and a million cities. Stories from cities across the globe.

  • I, Witness to History: The Library of Our Lives. Includes oral histories, interviews, life histories, and life stories from a Larksfield Place Retirement Community in Wichita, Kansas.

  • Center for Life Story Preservation.

  • Ballston Veterans Project. Created by a high school history class in Ballston Spa, NY.

  • Lives of a Century. From the Christian Science Monitor.

  • Cyberstories. An archive of positive stories about good samaritans, surprises, I needed that, simple acts of kindness, etc.

  • One World Journeys. Stories about nature and culture.

  • My Hero. Archive of stories about heroes, including angels. animals, artists, entrepreneurs, explorers, family, lifesavers, teachers, writers, peacemakers, earthsavers, and others.

  • Lives, the Biography Resource. Stories of people's lives.

  • Gallery of Achievers. Stories of people whose lives and achievements shaped the 20th century. (

  • Stories of people's lives, both contemporary and historical, from the publisher of Biography magazine. (

  • This American Life. This site presents realaudio personal stories and performaces (
  • The End of Life: Exploring Death in America. National Public Radio's archive of its special series on The End of Life, including digital stories. Deals with the concept of death and what different people think about it. Contains stories, essays, and plus interviews and stories from the radio, from shows like All Things Considered.  Contains Audio and Text. (

  • Widows of War Living Memorial. At this web site, women can tell their stories and work for peace. This site is a part of the web site for the documentary movie, Regret to Inform, about the survivors, American and Vietnamese, whose loved ones died in the Vietnam War.

  • Letters from the Heart. These letters from the widows of American soldiers are featured on the PBS web site for the special POV program Regret to Inform. (

  • The Virtual Pediatric Patient: A Digital Storytelling System for Teaching Common Pediatric Problems. Children's Hospital of Iowa. (

  • Storytelling for the Millenium

  • The Bit Screen Digital video online, featured in the New York Times. Small archive, but interesting collection of videos.

  • Digital Journey. Sun Microsystems presents some award-winning digital documentaries about science, music, technology, and other topics.

  • Atom Films.

  • Carolyn's Quilts. Stories centered around patchwork quilts.

Dramatic Storytelling in Electronic Games

  • Clicking Anastasia: An Internet Adventure. An interactive story centered upon the RussiAn Princess Anastasia. (


  • Digital Storytelling and Computer Game Design. Thom Gillespie.

  • MediaJazz: Digital Storytelling and Computer Game Design.

  • The Art of Computer Game Design Chris Crawford

  • Hotel New Zork

Interactive Story Environments

  • ALIVE Project

  • CMU SCS OZ Project Home Page

  • University of Illinois CAVE Virtual Reality System and CAVE Demonstration Projects


Memorial Journals and Story Archives

  • The Virtual Wall. This web site provides a complement to the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Washington D.C., a forum for family and friends to share their memories of people who died in the Vietnam War.(

  • Carpetbaggers. Commemorates the first Special Operations Group of the United States Army Air Forces, which started in 1943.

  • Forever Network. This website offers biography and geneology services. working with a Forever Biographer, families can create a permanent archive of memories, including photographs, films, video clips, and written anecdotes.

  • The Center for Life Stories Preservation. Create a family scrapbook and search other scrapbooks.

  • Ellis Island Records. Access the records of this quintessential gateway to America.

Interactive and Hypertextual Fiction

  • Eastgate Systems, This publisher of hypertextual fiction and related software is the primary source for serious hypertext. This site includes a lot of hypertext titles, plus other features, including On My Screen, recommended web sites by Abbe Don.

  • Janet Murray's Resource Page for Hamlet on the Holodeck. This page provides a guide to web resources concerning interactive fiction, including hypertext, games, MOOs, etc.

  • Interactive Cinema Homepage at MIT.

  • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Infocomm Adventure.
  • Interactive Fiction Playground.

  • Storysprawl.

  • Lebuse's Letters. Web site for an interactive multimedia CD-ROM drama.

  • Eliza. The interactive therapist developed as an experiment in natural language processing developed by Joseph Weizenbaum of MIT in 1966 is available on the World Wide Web. (

  • 253 a navigable story from 253 points of view, set on a London subway train, by Geoff Ryman

  • Mass Transit by Freedom Baird, set in various New York vehicles

Corporate Storytelling

  • Storytelling: Passport to the 21st Century .
    Creating Legends and Telling Stories: New Leeadership Competencies .

  • Web site for Steve Denning's model of 'the springboard story.' See also Denning's book The Springboard.
    Steven Denning's Blog.

  • MBSA: Managing By Storying Around. Web site for the book Managing By Storying Around.

  • A Perspective on a Different Leadership Style. Builds on the book Managing By Storying Around.

  • Knowledge Socialization Project at IBM.

  • Storytelling as a Business Tool. Article by renowned New England storyteller Doug Lipman.

  • Notes on the Strategic Stories fad: Disney and other storytellers.

  • Photostory Project.

  • Open Space Technology and Storytelling.

  • Corporate Storytelling.


  • The Storytelling Organization Game and Related Resources.
  • Storywise. The Center for Narrative Studies is dedicated to applying narrative studies to the renewal of culture and communities.

  • Narrative Psychology.


  • Rolling Thunder, Examples of digital storytelling sites; links and information on new tools, commercial digital storytelling markets and other connections.

  • Hyperbole Studios. Corporate storytelling consulting.

  • Telestory. Corporate storytelling consulting.

Digital Photojournals

  • Elsa Dorfman: Portrait Photographer. Wonderful samples of photographs that really tell stories. Photographs of Allen Ginsberg, family members, friends, dogs, and others ( Includes Elsa's Housebook: A Woman's Photojournal. Nice excerpts from --- and the story behind --- a book that's out of print.

  • Janet Kagan's Photojournal.

  • Geoff and Jenn's Glacier National Park Photojournal.

  • Vietnam Death Trip Photographic Journal.

  • Carlos Lopez-Barillas Photojournals. Photojournals of trips to visit the land of the Mayans, Ireland, and the Macaw Trail.

  • The Canadian Rockies: Three Weeks in Heaven.

Personal Journals Online

  • Tutorial for Creating a Personal Web Site.

  • Links to Online Diaries.

  • Blogger.

  • MySpace.

  • Justin Hall's Journal.

  • Amber Dragon.

  • Urban Diary.

  • Beno Hwang, a student at Berkeley.
  • On July 20, 1997, the North Carolina National Guard 139th embarked on a 270 day peace keeping mission to Croatia. This is the journal of Captain David L. Emmett, Company Commander of the Morrisville based 139th.

  • Reporting From. Personal journals from around the U.S.

  • Phatz Diary. This web site features a personal journal as well as a web cam.

  • Jim Burrows' Web Site.

  • Personal Documentary Center - examines personal lives and narratives online, documentary psychology, and the psychology of cyberspace.

  • An Overview of Online Journals. (

  • Fully Exposed - Diaries on the Net. By Margie Borschke.

  • Rewind by Criss.

Travel Journals

  • Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation: Costa Rica Trek.

Historic Journals

  • Eye of the Storm. Civil War journals, water color paintings, and stories from Robert Sneden. Associated with the book, Eye of the Storm.

  • Father Lestanc's Personal Journal. In French and English.

  • SELF WORKS. Diaries, scrapbooks, and other autobiograhical efforts of people of the 19th and early 20th century. This site contains the diaries and journals of different people of the past (women, soliders, buissness men, and adventurers). Some entries are just two words long others go into a little more detail.

Story Webs

  • Crimescene (formerly "Crime Story")

Health Stories and Journals

  • Time Slips. This is an interactive storytelling project with people with Alzheimer's disease. Storysharing for Altzheimers' victims and their families. Contains sample stories.
  • Stories by caregivers - Alzheimer's, Multiple Schlerosis, etc.

  • Stories related to domestic abuse.

  • Crisis, Grief and Healing. Tom Golden's web site provides a forum for sharing grief and stories of loss.

  • Passing throgh a Valley. Kathy Kolb's journal of dealing with chronic fatigue. (

Educational Journals/Roleplaying

  • Civil War Personal Journal (Role-playing for 7th graders)

Teenagers' Journals/Stories


  • KidPeace is sponsor of this web site that includes personal stories.


  • Diaryland.

  • Girls in America. This site talks about what goes on today with girls. It offers up statistics and facts, as well as some stories under "Girls speak out."

Educational Projects

  • The Web Interactive Storyteller Environment. This research group at MIT studies how artifacts such as agents and toys can be designed with psychosocial competencies, based on a deep understanding of human linguistic, cognitive, and social abilities. (


  • California Digital Arts Workshop

  • The Story Vault

  • Canadian Film Centre/New Media Habitat

  • Links to web sites created by kids (

Community Projects

  • Community Technology Centers National Network
  • Neighborhood Networks

  • Los Angeles Culture Net

  • eCircles A communitiy-building web site that allows people to share photos, along with event calendars, address books, chat rooms, and discussion groups.

  • A communitiy-building web site.

Online Comics

  • Digital Webbing A site of links to online comics.

  • Scott McCloud Web Site. McCloud is the author of Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics, two very important books about presenting stories in comic book format, using comic book design strategies.


  • Hotwired Animation Express Short-feature animation in different formats (Quicktime, Flash, Shockwave, etc.)

Story Resources Online

  • Storytelling and Folklore Resources Online.

  • Experience Design Resources: Storytelling. Advance for Design AIGA.

  • Online Oral History Support.

  • Story Resources available on the Web. (

  • (

  • Storytelling. This page features articles, links, photos and information on the oral tradition and the art of storytelling. (

  • The Storytelling FAQ is a wonderful source of information.

  • The Storytelling Ring Home Page
  • Tales to Tell. Illustrated stories from around the world: rhymes, fables, adventure stories, folk and fairy tales. (

  • Zen Stories To Tell Your Neighbor. This web site is a collection of stories from the Orient, mostly Zen and Taoist tales. (

  • Children's Storybooks Online. (

  • Funsmith's Storytelling Page. (

  • Internet Public Library Story Hour. (

  • The Jonesborough Storytellers Guild. This site is the home of the National Storytelling Festival. It has many links to other sites. It is also a part of the "Storytelling Ring". (

  • MO-TELL: Missouri Storytelling. Storytelling Resources is a useful find within the site.

  • Writers on Writing. New York Times feature profiling writers as they talk about the writing process. (

  • MetaJournals-Online journal resource

  • Sherri Johnson's Storytelling Links

  • Tarot-like cards to stimulate storytelling.

  • The Writer's Computer Store

Tools for Digital Storytelling

  • Adobe Systems

  • Apple Computer

  • Avid Technologies

  • Electrifier Pro

  • Dramatica Software for Screenwriting

  • Intel

  • Macromedia (developer of Web authoring tools including Flash and Shockwave).
  • For a discussion of these tools, read Josh Smith's article, Flash and Shockwave, in (January 7, 2000).

  • Flash Animation. Links to flash tutorials and other information. (

  • Media Cleaner Pro

  • Photo Creations

  • Sights & Sounds Plus

  • The HyperStudio Story. See examples of digital storytelling in schools.

  • Movieworks. (film editing)

  • You can select tracks from music CDs to create a soundtrack for your online slide show. (

  • Photo Creations (image editing)

  • Real Networks. Produces RealSlideshow, Real Player, Real Jukebox and other products for adding multimedia to the Web.

  • RealSlideshow, a free multimedia tool allows users to combine voice commentary and/or music with images to create slideshows for their web sites. Operation is quite straightforward, but drawbacks include audio file limitations (one voice track to one slide, one music file per slideshow) and difficulties running slideshows on sites without a RealMedia G2 server, though links are provided to several sites that will host slideshows for free. Users may download RealSlideshow for free after registration. A more powerful version is available --- for a price. Currently runs only on PCs, not Macs. (

  • Real Networks Frequently Asked Technical Questions (

  • Trellix Web. A tool for creating web pages. Interfaces with Real Slideshow.

  • Dan Bricklin's Journal of the 5th Annual Digital Storytelling Festival an example of Real Slide Show combined with Trellix.
  • BeeCall. Record a voice message on your web page. (

  • Kodak


  • Everyone has a story. What's yours?

Online Storytelling Tests

  • First Lines: A Sort of Literacy Test. Test your knowledge of the first lines of books from different literary genres.(

  • Kingdomality Personal Preference Profile. Personality styles with a medieval theme.
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