Directions: Follow the links and complete the assignment attached

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Name: ________________________ Story of the Brain

Directions: Follow the links and complete the assignment attached.

Go to Click on Hemisphere Specialization. This is an interactive text. As you click next, a slide will appear that asks you to click on the appropriate hemisphere. Read and complete.

  1. Take notes on anything you feel you would need to review. Be aware this sight goes in to detail abut the complexity of the eye. For our overall learning we will say opposite side, but watch the intricate play on right/left eye vision.

***You do not need to submit your information at the end.
****Looking for more help in understanding this unit, Check out

When you get to the site you can click on 3-D Brain and other cool interactive learning tools
Now take a look at the detailed description of brain structure and function I handed to you. Use it and all of your notes, etc. for the next activity.
It’s a Brain Adventure Story

Scenarios to choose from:

1. Sneak out of your house after parent is asleep, return to find her/his bedroom light is on!

2. Speeding down the highway, late for school, and you get stopped by a policeman.  Include the experience of getting a ticket.

3. It is a month before prom and you have a crush on a friend.  You want to ask him/her to the prom.  Include the moment leading up to it and the after he/she answers.

4. You got caught cheating on a test and must meet with your teacher and principal in the Principal's Office.  Include the initial thoughts, story, and actual meeting.

5. You are about to have your first big kiss with your new boyfriend/girlfriend.  Include the thoughts, where they come from, and the physical reaction.

6. You are watching a tragedy play out on the National News.  Include the mental, emotional, and physical reaction.

Write a 1-2 page short story detailing a fictional story while describing the communication between brain, nervous system, and endocrine system. Use terminology from your studies. I expect over 15 terms.  Be detailed so that I can understand your full understanding of the anatomical parts and their purposes in our behavior.  You may only use the scenarios listed above. This story is due on October 1st anytime but I prefer before test. You may type or handwrite it.

You must underline the terminology/parts that are used. 

Here’s an example:

Joey was having a party and I was not going to miss it. He is so cute and my heart beats faster as I see his text message. What was happening to me?! Clearly my occipital lobe was getting information transferred from my eyes and my temporal lobe was processing the chimes from my phone after my ears caught the information. My brain was in overdrive as this information was sent from each lobe to my frontal lobe. The information would seem like nonsense to us but my brain was using the neural network to help me decipher what to do next. As the information comes to a new neuron, its dendrites grab neurotransmitters through the synapse. The chemical information becomes an electrical impulse and is safeguarded by the myelin sheath. Like duct tape the sheath keeps the impulse in and moving down and through the neuron until it reaches the axon. The axon holds those neurotransmitters that can jump through space and continue the message or code. Once the frontal lobe has this information I put together recognition of Joey calling, check the message and now my frontal lobe helps me decipher and make decisions…


This example really draws out the details within one aspect of the story. You will write the story and spread out the details of the brain and body communication. So in your story one aspect of the story can be with the cell phone and another could be when you tiptoe down the steps. Remember we have all the lobes to work with, the cerebellum, serotonin, amygdala, thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, epinephrine, and much more. Spread out the way you use the parts in your story.

Good Luck and have fun!!!!

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