Directions for PhotoStory 3

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Directions for PhotoStory 3

  1. Create a folder on your flash drive for the project.

  2. Save pictures that you plan to use to your folder on your flash drive.

  3. Open Photo Story 3

  4. Screen 1 - Select Begin a new story and click on Next

  5. S
    creen 2 - Click on Import


  1. Tell it where the pictures

are located

  1. Select the first picture you

want then hold down the

Ctrl key and continue selecting pictures.

  1. C
    If you want to add slides that have words only – Create the slide in PowerPoint, then save as a JPEG. Insert the JPEG file like you did the other pictures.
    lick Ok.

  1. Click on the picture you want to work with.


f you want to edit the picture, you can do so, if not, click Next.

Screen 3 allows you to add titles to your pictures. Type in what you want, change fonts, colors. etc. Keep changing pictures until you have added text to all that you want text on. When you have finished adding text to your pictures, click Next.

  1. Screen 4 allows you to record your own voice message. You will

need a computer that has a built in microphone or purchase a

microphone for your computer. If you add a microphone you

will need to click on the tiny microphone and follow the wizard

directions to configure it for your


11. To record – Click the red button to start and

the smaller button to stop.

If you mess up click the 3rd button to undo.

  1. Screen 4 also allows you to change the motion, transitions and timing of your pictures. Directly under the picture you will see a button that says Customize Motion. Click on this button. Put a check mark in the box that says “specify start and end positions.” Pull the boxes around on your picture to set the start position and the end position. If you want to change the length of time the picture stays up you can click on “number of seconds to display picture” and change the time.

  2. You can also click on the transition tab at the top to select how you want your slide to open. Click on Save and Close.

  1. S
    Note – if you use music other than the music provided, you will need to make sure the song you add is saved in MP3 format before you try to add it. Changing a song to MP3 format is easy if you have iTunes on your computer.

    Another program that will convert music is Switch Sound File Conversion Software – Free software - can be downloaded at If you download Switch, you will use the Express Rip portion of the program to change the songs to MP3 Format.
    creen 5 allows you to add music.

Select Music

Create Music

14. Select a picture to indicate where you want the music to begin. Click Select Music if you want to add music that is saved on your computer. 15. Click Create Music if you want to use music included with the program. The music will continue until it runs out or you select another picture and add more music. When finished adding music, click Next.

Highlight Save your story for playback on your computer. Click on Browse and select a name for your photostory and a location to save it. (This version cannot be edited).

To save a version that can be edited, click on Save Project, select a name & location and Save.

After you have saved your work, select Next. You will be given then option to view your story and exit the program.

16. Screen 6 – You will need to save your work 2 ways, especially if you think you will need to go back and make changes.

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