UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/English/Jim MacArthur/Std Senior/Master & Commnder
  Notable Characters
UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/English/Scott Welden
  Native American Stories
  Native American Lore
UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/English/Jim MacArthur/CP IV/Storytellers (Unit I)
  Hrothgar’s Sermon
UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/English/Jim MacArthur/Honors IV/Band of Brothers
  Guided Questions for Eavan Boland’s "The Oral Tradition" Stanza 1: "Whatever."
UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/English/Jim MacArthur
  My father’s name was John Kinsella
UserFiles/Servers/Server_891766/File/English/Jim MacArthur/Std Jr Units/Bros & Fish
  The Man in the Black Suit

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