Alexander the Great Global History and Geography I name
  E. Napp Date: Quotes to Start the Conversation
  Being Viking World History Name: E. Napp Date: Historical Context
  The Mauryan Empire Is Established
  Define samurai
  E. Napp Objective: To identify and explain the reasons for Ghana’s prosperity and power
  Choose One of the Following Books to Read: The Three-Inch Golden Lotus: a novel on Foot Binding Author: Feng Jicai
  Thursday, Apr. 08, 2010 Should Kids Be Bribed to Do Well in School? By Amanda Ripley
  Theodore Roosevelt and the Panama Canal us history/Napp Name
  Daoism and Legalism World History/Napp
  A monk’s Story Global History and Geography I name
  The Shang and Zhou Dynasties of China Global History and Geography I name
  One More Essay Writing 911: Emergency Help for the Pen Shy Global History and Geography I name
  The Feudal Hierarchy in Japan World History/Napp
  Sectionalism: Each section of the country had developed its own special characteristics

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