Whose learning story? Differing pictures of 'adult' learners in higher education
  Windows on links between education and poverty: what we can learn from 11-year-olds researching children’s literacy?1 Mary Kellett* and Aqsa Dar Paper presented at the British Educational Research Association Annual Conference, University of
  Mark Goodrham Calderdale College
  An approach to the introduction of elementary astronomy concepts in early education
  Going to University: Family Histories & Post-Secondary Credentialing in a Cape Breton Working Class Town
  Title Researching the development of a primary geography resource: why, how, issues and implications Author Position and address Graham, Jane & Walker, Greg
  Title: Place attachment, place identity and the development of the child’s self-identity: searching the literature to develop an hypothesis
  Reading Romance and Reinforcement of the Religious Order: An investigation of Pakistani women’s digests and their readership
  Union learning representatives: a really useful research agenda
  Shapeshifters, shadows, mentors and allies in a lifelong learning journey: lessons from television
  What do young people think about good teaching and successful learning?
  Rob Evans German University in Cairo, Egypt
  The Educating of Students’ Decision Making Competence in the Problem Based Learning Context: Facing the Perspective of the Contemporary Knowledge Society
  Compassion, justice, and sanctuary: can asylum-seeking and refugee students ‘belong’ in british schools?
  An inclusion story (Exploring aspects of educational inclusion in Birmingham 1996-2000) gethin lloyd davies
  Learning as desire
  By David Jhong Kyu Leeh
  Primary Pupil’s Perspectives and Creative Learning
  Coming to Know: Personal Knowledge, Expert Knowledge and the Construction of Knowledge in Research Knowledge Norma Adair and Ivor Goodson Paper presented at the European Conference on Educational Research, University of Geneva
  Fifty years in three months: a journey of cultural and educational discovery and growth in Bangladesh
  Telling tales: a fresh look at student experience and learning in higher education
  Authors: Gijón, José. Ph. Dr. Member of the force research Group (Educational Training focused in the school). University of Granada. Fages, Estrella. Writer and Illustrator. Title
  Piscalkiene Viktorija
  "And this story is true " On the Problem of narrative truth
  Marie Huxtable, Bath & North East Somerset, Local Education Authority
  Teachers facilitating critical thinking in students: The search for a model and a method
  Bera sep. 17, 2005 (Sat) a case Study regarding the Role of Mentor for Student Teacher in Japan
  The (im-)possibility of using participatory methods to access and represent young children's views Heloise Maconochie
  Towards an understanding of adults' learning stories: gender, educational identity and social capital
  Howard-Jones, P. A. and Pickering, S
  Wanting to be ‘known’: re-defining self-awareness through an understanding of self-verification processes in educational transitions
  Aam 05 Diormas Tunnicliffe
  The significance of agency in lifelong learning Convenor: Gert Biesta
  Lifelong learning institute school of education university of leeds
  Beyond the curriculum
  Learning, Narrative & Making Sense Studies of Change in the Workplace
  Young Children Drawing: The significance of the context
  Joy Jarvis, Janet Dyson, Kit Thomas, Sally Graham, Alessandra Iantaffi and Helen Burchell
  Arnardottir, Johanna Rosa Prevention, Substance Use and Gender Differences Paper presented at the European Conference on Educational Research, University of Geneva, 13-15 September 2006
  Beyond the school gate: schools, communities and social justice
  The troubles
  Class and pedagogies: management of examined english in hong kong
  I want to be the first whisper first heard by a deaf man’
  Review of Museum, Library and Archive Activity with Children and Young People
  Every Child Matters
  ‘ Making up’ the middle class child: families, activities and class dispositions
  The Nine Lives of Children
  Compton and Nahmad-Williams
  Christine Gomez Roehampton University, London
  Researching lives: The New Zealand Education PhD experience 1948-1998
  Paper: emotional intelligence: an empirical work
  The ethical challenges of researching primary school children’s online activities: a new ethical paradigm for the virtual ethnographer?
  What does it take to learn from one’s life? Exploring opportunities for biographical learning in the lifecourse
  School Science Curriculum Reform in the usa
  The roles of women and men in Estonian readers1
  The Evolution of Technicity Mike Doyle
  Constructing Firm Faith in Educational Space in Finnish Films in the 1930's and the 1940's Minna Vuorio-Lehti Department of Education, University of Turku, Finland Paper presented at the European Conference on Educational Research
  Evaluation of Goal-Based Scenario Centered Educational Software
  Quantum leap to cyberspace: the quest for societal transformation

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