Contracts outline, Epstein, Fall 2007 (I got a B+ in the class)
   What is intellectual property?  Are copyrights, patents and trademarks needed?
  Internet Commerce Outline introduction internet business models
  Ip in General Origins
  Tms definition: a word, name, symbol or device that identifies
  Antitrust nyu spring 2010 – Jonathan Baker Table of Contents
  Constitutional Law Outline Prof. Malamud Fall 2003
  Chapter 1 – Choosing a System of Procedure Intro to Class
  Evidence outline
  Remedy for a 4th Amendment violation: Exclusionary rule
  Prof. Adler Spring 2001 Corporations Outline
  Personal Jurisdiction A. Traditional Bases of Jurisdiction: Power, Presence, Domicile, and Consent
  Corporations Outline Prof. Siegel
  Torts – Fox – Spring 2005 intentional torts
  Securities Law Outline Choi Spring 2006 1 Introduction 1
  Copyright Law Outline
  Part A: Trademark Law Categories of Marks
  Limitations on exclusive rights
  Josh Kaplan Civil Procedure Fall 2004 Pro. Eskridge Contents
  Zimmerman Copyright Outline The Concept of Copyright
  Chapter 2: Jurisdiction Over the Parties or their Property 3
  I made a B+ in this class. Introduction to relevance
  1. the jurisdiction, structure, and procedure of the nlrb
  Fox Antitrust Outline 2011 I. Introduction 3
  I. Introduction: Illustration of an Evolving Due Process Test
  Wide judicial discretion
  Public goods – non-excludable and non-rival
  Criminal Procedure Outline Professor Schaffer Fall 2004 I. Introduction 3 II. Search & Seizure 3
  Relevance & general admissibility fre 401—Relevance Defined
  Relevance- article IV
  Jurisdiction constitutional smj
  Personal Jurisdiction Reminders
  Administrative and Regulatory State (ars) Outline – Rascoff, Spring 2009 – Jason Hardy
  I. The Concept of ™ A.§45- definitions
  Constitutional Law (Yoshino, Fall 2009) Table of Contents
  [I] The Corporate Entity 3 [A] Choice of Form 3 [B] Formation 5 [C] The Entity Idea 10
  Admiralty prof. Kimball January 9, 2006 Topics covered in this course
  I. background
  Property Outline Been Spring 09 Jason Hardy
  Schaffer Criminal Procedure Outline 2002
  Aba model Rule 1 Competence
  I. Why Have Contract Law?1 A. Compensation for detrimental reliance—unfair to let someone suffer
  Nyu project on International gmo regulatory Conflicts
  Public goods
  Corporations Outline Overall Points
  Essentialists (single true definition of property) v. Skeptics
  Big Themes in the Juvenile Justice System
  Basic principles
  Criminal law outline
  Criminal law outline
  Personal jurisdiction
  Fre 101-104, 401-403, 611. Problems 1A
  Regulation of banks klausner spring 1995 I. Introduction What is a bank? A. Financial Institutions
  Constitutional law outline
  Contracts outline
  I. introduction 2 >II. Burdens & Presumptions 5
  I. Intro to Wills
  Purposes of Contract Law predict which promises will be enforced
  Commercial sales
  Table of Contents General ip policy/theory
  Contemporaneous objection rule
  Geoffrey miller — banking law and regulation — spring 2015 introduction
  I. Property 1 A. Definition 1
  Corporations Professor William T. Allen Fall 2009 4 credits Jae Suk Vanwijngaerden Outline
  Basic principles
  Guide to conform primary behavior > b. Allows law to develop slowly and steadily
  Introduction to the Constitution War of Independence
  Introduction Organizational form created and sanctioned by the legislature – do it right and get the benefits Two business forms that occur if you do nothing: Sole proprietorship
  Introduction Analyzing tax rules
  Conflict of laws
  Personal Jurisdiction
  FQ: How would the reasonable person interpret words/actions of the other party?
  Burden of Persuasion Generally 7 Sentencing Guidelines 9
  Justiceability – Standing
  Corporations: Spring 2006
  Art Law – Fall 2009 Professor Amy Adler Table of Contents
  Agencies and regulation
  First Amendment issues Economic concerns

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