Contracts outline, Epstein, Fall 2007 (I got a B+ in the class)
   What is intellectual property?  Are copyrights, patents and trademarks needed?
  Internet Commerce Outline introduction internet business models
  Ip in General Origins
  Tms definition: a word, name, symbol or device that identifies
  Antitrust nyu spring 2010 – Jonathan Baker Table of Contents
  Constitutional Law Outline Prof. Malamud Fall 2003
  Chapter 1 – Choosing a System of Procedure Intro to Class
  Evidence outline
  Remedy for a 4th Amendment violation: Exclusionary rule
  Prof. Adler Spring 2001 Corporations Outline
  Personal Jurisdiction A. Traditional Bases of Jurisdiction: Power, Presence, Domicile, and Consent
  Corporations Outline Prof. Siegel
  Torts – Fox – Spring 2005 intentional torts
  Securities Law Outline Choi Spring 2006 1 Introduction 1
  Copyright Law Outline
  Part A: Trademark Law Categories of Marks
  Limitations on exclusive rights
  Josh Kaplan Civil Procedure Fall 2004 Pro. Eskridge Contents
  Zimmerman Copyright Outline The Concept of Copyright
  Chapter 2: Jurisdiction Over the Parties or their Property 3
  I made a B+ in this class. Introduction to relevance
  1. the jurisdiction, structure, and procedure of the nlrb
  Fox Antitrust Outline 2011 I. Introduction 3
  I. Introduction: Illustration of an Evolving Due Process Test
  Wide judicial discretion
  Public goods – non-excludable and non-rival
  Criminal Procedure Outline Professor Schaffer Fall 2004 I. Introduction 3 II. Search & Seizure 3
  Relevance & general admissibility fre 401—Relevance Defined
  Relevance- article IV
  Jurisdiction constitutional smj
  Personal Jurisdiction Reminders
  Administrative and Regulatory State (ars) Outline – Rascoff, Spring 2009 – Jason Hardy
  I. The Concept of ™ A.§45- definitions

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