The earth of genesis 1: 2 abiotic or chaotic? Part I
  You Have Prevailed
  Joseph in Egypt
  The Creation of Man and the Evolutionary Record J. Raymond Zimmer
  In Search of the Historical Adam: Part 2 Dick Fischer P. O. Box 50111, Arlington, va 22205
  Looking for Abraham's City
  Genesis ot esources collection compiled and prepared by Dr. Ted Hildebrandt Gordon College, 255 Grapevine Rd. Wenham, ma 01984 faculty gordon edu—Biblical Studies Dept. For my students and students of the Bible
  The Curse of Canaan
  The Curse of Canaan
  Westminster Theological Journal 25 (1962-3) 1-34
  Edward m. Curtis
  Adam and adapa: two anthropological characters niels-erik andreasen
  The Liberating Image? Interpreting the Imago Dei in Context
  The Creation Account in Genesis 1: 1-3
  Wilfried warning
  The great reversal
  An Exegetical Study of Genesis 38
  God's Perspective on Man

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