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Year 8


Scheme of work

By Doug Black.


About this scheme

During this unit pupils will work as a whole group to create character and performance. They will experience Whole group drama, Teacher in role, role play and reportage techniques.


At the end of this unit

most pupils will: consistently work in role to imaginatively create character. They will be able to create performance that reflects an understanding of both the character and issues relating to him/her, and the convention of crimewatch drama (reportage).

some pupils will not have made as much progress and will: have worked in role for some of the drama, with support. They will work cooperatively in groups, although following rather than leading performing in character with some focus.

some pupils will have progressed further and will also: have created a strong imaginative performance, demonstrating excellent understanding of the issues surrounding the central character and an ability to communicate this to an audience.





Work with and lead group sensitively, in role consistently during rehearsal to create an outstanding performance


Work with group sensitively during rehearsal to create an imaginative performance


Work with group during rehearsal, initiating many imaginative ideas with excellent focus

Prior learning

It is helpful if pupils have:

  • Watched an episode of Police 10/7

  • Experienced drama previously

Language for learning

Through the activities in the unit pupils will be able to understand, use and spell correctly words relating to:

  • Whole Group drama, reportage, rehearsal, audience, character


  • Character bag

  • A2 paper

Future learning

Pupils will go on to:

  • Experience WGD in other drama work

  • Use and experiment with the Reportage technique


Learning could be enriched through:

  • Create a performance to be shown on Alfriston TV

SOW progression:
D1: Introduction to bag, fill in Who, What, When sheets
D2: Meeting of witness, further to investigation
D3: Dramatic creation of witness stories, H/W: Newspaper front
D4: What next? Creation of Crimewatch
D5: Film Crimewatch scenes
D6: Watch back, reflection, success?

Disappearance lesson 1


  • To introduce concept of Teacher in Role

  • To create and maintain a character

  • To work together as a team to start to solve mystery


  • To understand Teacher in Role and respond appropriately

  • To have acted character consistently

  • To have created strong ideas for WHO, WHEN, WHERE

Resources: Bag, 3 x A1 paper, pens, disposable gloves


Teacher Thinking



Students line up outside, teacher introduces him/herself as Chief Inspector [teachers name]. Greet each student as Detective [students name] as they enter room.

Introduce expectation of behaviour/character through teacher in role character.

Assist anyone not understanding with individual attention.

Register students as Detective surnames. Students sit in circle. In centre is bag.

As above

Teacher in role introduce situation.
All students at appropriate time must introduce themselves.

Suggested script sheet attached although improvisation should be used preferably.

Any classroom management should be in role.

Lit- listening

Introduce WHO, WHERE, WHEN concept

Teacher takes 1 item from bag, using glove. What can we tell about who where when form this.

E.g. receipt gives date, place, items might suggest something about person. When I have made suggestions, agree with partner and make note. All suggestions must be supported by evidence.

Show care: gloves worn for forensic reasons, contents have been fingerprinted but bag hasn’t so don’t touch with your hands!

Take time with evidence (might need to introduce evidence as vocab), take care and extract as much as possible from each piece.

1a –citz


Students take evidence

Take turn to wear gloves and extract three pieces of evidence per pair. Once evidence has been given, each pair has 10 minutes to make suggestions to each other.

Ensure that care is taken, bag will need to be closely supervised. Remember that both students and teacher must maintain role.

Friendship pairs are generally fine.

If needed, select complementary pairs for students.

Pairs into fours

Ask students to form pairs into fours and present evidence to each other, ask questions, etc.

Groups will present findings in 10 minutes to class so be clear on evidence.

Ensure that groups are complimentary, suggest making them from teacher.

Ensure that students have clear answers. Remind: Who Where When

Lit – discussion


Citz 2c

Present evidence

Group’s present evidence back, must be clear, concise with support from objects.

Allow no conjecture. Question if needed to speed up. Fill in sheets as you go (allow student to write).

Question to assist

What next

What should our next step be. What can we do to find out more.

Lead students to idea of questioning witness as next step.

Attachment 1: Script prompt for TIR introduction

TIR: Good morning everybody. I am delighted to be faced with so many excellent and bright minds here today. For those of you who haven’t yet picked up, my name is Chief Inspector …. of the Auckland constabulary.

I have been Chief Inspector for many years and yet today, and indeed for the last couple of days I have been very deeply troubled. We have reached a stalemate with a case which is making me extremely concerned. Therefore, I felt that I had no choice but to call in help form other constabularies in this country. I have spoken to my peers across New Zealand and asked them to send their brightest detectives. Those detectives are of course yourselves.
I think before we go any further, it is important that you introduce yourselves to each other. This for example is (point to student) Detective, what’s your name son? (Listen for response) and you have today come all the way from (Listen for response, if none comes, help student with comment like ‘its Wellington isn’t it. Come on the train did you?’ Praise student as incredibly bright mind and work way round class. Respond to silly suggestions in character where possible)

Anyway, now we are all introduced I think that it is important to get to the serious matter that is in hand. This bag that you see before you was handed into Manurewa police station on (two or three days ago). It was handed in by a man who said that the person who owns the bag has suddenly gone missing. Unfortunately, and I can only apologise for this, the Sergeant who received the bag did not take notice of the man who handed it in and thus far we have been unable to trace him. I know, I know, I have disciplined the man in question for not taking greater notice.

So this comes to you: all we have to trace this person is the bag. Nothing else at this stage. What we need to do is investigate its contents to try and find out what has been going on with this missing person.

Disappearance lesson 2


  • To continue development of team building

  • To continue character development

  • To further develop story of missing person


  • To have acted character appropriately

  • To have worked together to further understanding

  • To be ready for next stage


Teacher Thinking



Students line up outside, teacher introduces him/herself as Chief Inspector [teachers name]. Greet each student as Detective [students name] as they enter room.

Introduce expectation of behaviour/character through teacher in role character.

Assist anyone not understanding with individual attention.

Register students as Detective surnames. Students sit in circle. In centre is bag.

As above.

If necessary, come out of role an introduce objectives for lesson.


What happened last week?

What did we discover?

What did we agree to focus on this week.

Ensure that all students participate. If someone was absent, ensure that they understand. Bring out class paper as reminder.

Lit: listening


Citz 2c

Ensure that everyone has opportunity to speak and is offered respect.

Which witness?

Which witnesses should we interview? 5 needed

Get list of five witnesses. Must be sensible, and must be able to be found.

Citz 1a

Put into groups.

Students in mixed groups of about five. Each student given a number, 1-5. 1 is witness, 2-5 are detectives from last week.

Explain this taking time and clarity as this can get confusing.

Create witness

Each group given witness to create, out of character. Group decides what witness saw in every detail. They are not interviewing but creating.

Emphasise that the witness is being created, not interviewed. Check for appropriate characters. Witness must be based on what we already know form paper.

Citz 3a

Interview example

With one group, demonstrate formalities of interview technique. Must be polite and reasonable, witness is not under arrest. If witness feels threatened, he/she can leave room and come to me.

Stress that appropriate behaviour is essential for this to work.

Witnesses rotate

Witness rotates to different group who don’t know his her character. They must find out what they can.

Ensure behaviour is appropriate. Maintain TIR and ensure students maintain character. Allow about 4 minutes with witness and then rotate again, until all witnesses have visited all groups.

Support all groups, going circling and assisting, helping with questioning

What did we find out?

Feed back from students in character. Note down answers.


Out of role
What worked?

What didn’t?

Who played a strong character/witness?

How, why?

Focus on positives, praise and award merits where necessary.

Citz 2c / 3a /3c

Lit listening, discussion, communication


Disappearance lesson 3



  • To have acted character appropriately
  • To have worked together to create a short piece

  • To have understood successes of drama piece


Teacher Thinking




Out of role, as normal.

Usual high expectations


What have we learnt so far?

What has worked well?

What have our successes been?

  1. In terms of the story

  2. In terms of drama skills

What do we know and what can we show?

Using some of the skills learnt form introduction to drama, we will build a short story. This will include freeze frames, improvisation and mime.

Check that basic terms are understood, either write on board or point to learning aids.

Lit: discussion

Group work

Citz 2c

Task 1

In groups of four, create a freeze frame to show

  1. happiness

  2. sadness

  3. lonely

  4. scared

  5. love

  6. hate

  7. etc.

  8. how the missing person is feeling now.

Set groups in about four.

Allow 1 minute for each. Praise appropriately. Allow 1 minute for final freeze and ask students to remember it but do not show to other groups.

Mixed ability groups. Further task is to go beyond immediate literal sense.

Task 2

Create improvisation of what witness saw.

Everyone involved, characters must be clear.

If needed, frame in idea that it is from CCTV camera.

Task 3

Create short mime to show what might have happened when character vanished.

Imagination and building on previous evidence important.

Put all 3 tasks together to create short performance.

Practise to create performance in this order:

Freeze, task 2,3,freeze


Show all pieces, praise and evaluate. Does this further our understanding of the story?

What technical skills worked well?

How did this help?

Focus on establishing some technical language as possible.

Citz 3c


To help the missing person we need to use the media. There are different ways of doing this but two are through newspapers and through TV. H/W is to write a newspaper front page about the missing person to raise public awareness.

ICT- word processing

Further explanation for students who need it, write in h/w diaries


Disappearance lesson 4


  • To understand structure of crimewatch

  • To work as a team to create drama

  • To think about thought process


  • To have acted character appropriately

  • To have worked together to create a crimewatch drama


Teacher Thinking




Out of role, as normal.

Usual high expectations

Take in H/W

Last lesson we said that we could raise the profile of the case using the media and that one element was the newspapers.

Any other elements anyone can think of?

Go through media and eventually decide upon Crimewatch

Citz 2a

Lit – discussion, listening

Elements of Crimewatch

What does Crimewatch include?

What things happen?

Who has seen it?

What is its purpose?


  • Presenter

  • Expert

  • Interview

  • Reconstruction

  • Phone number

  • Phone room

  • Showing evidence

  • Etc.


  • Try and get a member of the public to help

Citz 2c, 3a

Assessment task

In groups of four/five, students have remainder of this lesson to prepare Crimewatch drama. Must include:

  • Presenter(s)

  • Interview

  • Reconstruction

May include any other elements discussed. Must be at least 5 minutes long. Piece will be filmed next week. Students will be assessed on character and focus.

Give out prompt sheet.(D4a)

Allow students around 30 min this lesson, circling and giving advice. Characters must be clear, must be formal and TV like.

Awareness of influence of media – citz 1g 2a

lit- communication

Mixed ability groups, ensure that everyone is involved.

Show back

Show 2 minutes of each piece back with constructive criticism

Ensure that we are using correct language.

Use of language- lit

Citz 3c

Positive feedback for everyone as far as possible.

Prep for next week

Next week we will be allowed 10 minutes for prep. Bring in anything needed.

Make sure that everyone is ready for filming next week.

Extension students can write script

Document D4a


NB: Must include

  • Presenter(s)

  • Interview

  • Reconstruction

  • May include any other elements discussed.

  • Each character that you have created

Section of show

People involved

Disappearance lesson 5


  • To focus for an entire lesson

  • To respect others work

  • To experience filming


  • To have a crimewatch episode complete


Teacher Thinking




Out of role, as normal.

Usual high expectations


Allow 15 minute time to prepare for filming.

Circle group, make sure that everyone is ready

Explain filming

Students to take turns in groups to be filmed. Students must listen to teacher Audience must sit quietly and observe

For filming advice either talk to DBl or Arts technician for advice.

Appoint student as floor manager to keep everyone quiet.


Work through groups as necessary.

As above.

Discuss how the filming affected performance

Who found it easier/harder/etc.

Citz 3c

Disappearance lesson 6


  • To consider successes

  • To use technical language appropriately

  • To vocalise what we have learnt


Teacher Thinking





Out of role, as normal.

Usual high expectations

5 min

Discuss unit of work

What did we enjoy?

What was the best lesson?

What was the biggest success?

3c citz

lit – discussion


10 min

Watch episodes

25 min


Was it how we expected?


10 min

Evaluation sheets

Till end

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