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The ill-fated child
written by : Lucie Králová,

sound: Tomáš Vizingr, Michal Čech

edited by: Miloslav Novák

D. O. P.: Dalibor Fencl,

executive production: Filip Čermák

directed by: Lucie Králová, Miloslav Novák

produced by: Dvanact opic, FAMU, UPP

The story of twenty years old joiner Michal, the author of novel “ Predator in holocaust”.

Michal dedicated his life to former extermination camps in Europe. A probe into unconsciousness, other times, dream and the burden of collective fault.


Michal Choholatý is about 20yers old, he lives in a remote Czech village and for several years he has been visiting and documenting former extermination camps in whole Europe. Michal has no Jewish ancestors, his family has nothing to do with the Second World War. His father works as a stonemason and his mother committed suicide. Michal is employed in the local factory Siemens in Plzeň (Pilsen) where he does stereotyped work all his working time. He learned German, Polish, White Russian, English and partly Jewish.

From former concentration and especially extermination camps he brings information materials in Polish and German that have not been published in the Czech Republic yet and remnants of bricks, bones, barbed wires and stones from loading ramps and crematories. He translates these information texts and pieces of bricks, barbed wires and stones hang above his bed. He wrote eight novels (every of more than 150 pages), that take place in extermination camps. Many of them are based on real historic events, but the main contemporary character experiences strange conditions, in which he identifies himself or herself with both Jewish victims and Nazi murderers. The novels have not been published since the film has been finished. The most strange thing which help unveil the important mystery in the film is the fact that author uses the pseudonym “Michael Wäckerle”. The film reveals that Wäckerle was the very first commander in the concentration camp in the world, already in 1933 in Dachau.

The film was created in co-operation with Czech historian Dr. Petr Koura from The Academy of Science of he Czech Republic and the Archive of the Former concentration camp in Dachau.

Excerpts from Michael “Wäckerle’s” novels are read by the legendary Czech and German actor Eduard Linkers which was the first Czech actor awarded at the International Film Festival in Venice by film “The Revolh of the Toys” (Hermina Tyrlova, 1946). The Ill-Fated Child is the last film whereat Eduard Linkers cooperate.

The important part of the film consists of an telephone talk in Polish between Michael Chocolatý and Samuel Willenberg, one of the last survivors from the Death Camp Treblinka.


  • Best czech documentary in IFDF in JIHLAVA 2003

  • Special award of Jury in FAMUFEST in PRAGUE 2003

  • Best documentary film in FAMUFEST in PRAGUE 2003

  • Best edit in film in FAMUFEST in PRAGUE 2003

  • Special Award for Camera in FAMUFEST in PRAGUE 2003

  • Nominated to Czech TRILOBIT in PRAGUE 2003

  • Selection in cine-meeting in Helsinky, New York, Venice, Ankara, Moscow, Budapest, Chicago etc.

The film ILL-FATED CHILD has been introduced from May the year 2005 to distribution to cinemas in Czech republic. The film will be also broadcasted on th Czech TV, as well distributed in Slovak republic (ASFK) and Poland (PFDKF) from October the year 2005.

The film is provided with English, German, Italian or Polish subtitles on Digital Betacam, HDCam/D5, DVCam, Betacam SP, DVD, VHS or standart print 35mm.

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