District disaster management

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Through there is no history of any out break of epidemics in the recent past in this district, yet contingent plan prepared by Civil Surgeon shall take care of any out break of epidemics. District Amritsar five civil hospitals and 13 PHC's. The list of Medical Officers along with their place of posting and telephone Number is being given here under:-
Sr.No. Designation of officer Telephone No. Place of posting

(O) (R)

1 Civil Surgeon 2211864 - Amritsar

2 Asstt.Civil Surgeon 2211864 2583680 -do-

3 SMO Amritsar 255264 - -do-

4 SMO Baba Bakala 245548 - Baba Bakala

5 SMO Ajnala 221105 - Ajnala

6 SMO TarnTaran 222755 - TarnTaran

7 SMO Patti 244949 - Patti

8 MO Chabhal 277343 - Chabhal

9 MO Gharyala 225227 - Gharyala

10 MO Lopoke 244852 - Lopoke

11 MO Verka 2263095 - Verka

12 MO KhemKaran 2422946 - KhemKaran

13 MO Kairon 226537 - Kairon

14 MO Manawala 2440136 - Manawala

15 MO Majitha 2533866 - Majitha


Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry has prepared a contingent plan for taking care of any cattle epidemics. The contingent plan is as under:-

Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry, Amritsar has constituted Block level teams in order to tackle any cattle epidemics arising out of flood or any other anticipated disaster in the distt. The control room at telephone No. 267478 is working round the clock in order to convey message to the Block level teams. The Block level teams are as under:-

Sr.No. Designation of officer Telephone No. Mobile

(O) (R)

1 Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry 267428 -

2 Veterinary Officer, Amritasr 267428 9814403137

4 Veterinary Officer, Ajnal - 2505616

5 Veterinary Officer, Baba Bakala - 2229738

The District has 132 veterinary hospital and 189 dispensaries.


As already described there is one fire station available in this district with Municipal Corporation, Amritsar. In case of major fire, fire tenders can be requisitioned from the nearby Station. There have been incidents of fire to the standing/ harvested/ wheat/ paddy crop. In most of the cases, the cause of fire is due to short circuiting, because of loose electricity cables and touching of combine harvesters with the overhead electric wires. To avoid such incidents, harvesting of wheat/ paddy crop at night has been prohibited by the District Magistrate. As already explained, in case of any disaster information about the same shall be conveyed to the affected population through civil and police control rooms. Mobilization of people shall be effected through Government and Non Government Organizations. At the District level DDPO Amritsar shall mobilize the village panchayats through respective BDPOs

Assistant Director, Youth service and co-ordination Nehru Yuvak Kendra shall mobilize the Youth Clubs in the real areas. NGos are mostly active in the Municipal towns. These NGOs shall be mobilized through respective SDMs. The National Reconstruction Crops Volunteers in the district shall also be pressed into service by the District Youth Coordinator.


Inventory and Evalution of the resources and opportunities from the stepping stone in the preparatory stage. Authentic assessments can make the planner awater of their tenacity and wants, so that they can equip themselves with all the required items and materials well in advance. The resources necessary for disaster preparedness and during and after disasters are listed below:

  1. Imporatnat Telephone Numbers (AMRITSAR) District which are listed in the Annexure.

  2. Nursing Home.

  3. Clinical Laboratory.

  4. Ambulance

  5. Blood Bank

  6. Pharmaceutical Shops

  7. Night Chemist.

  8. Oxygen Bank

  9. Tent House

  10. Search & Rescue equipments




Whereas, the various parts of the district viz ---------------------in Tehsil -------------------have got flooded and the situation in the area has taken the shape of natural disaster. Thus there is a serious apprehension of loss of human lives and damage to the public property at a large scale.

Whereas, it has been made to appear to me that with such kind of situation arising there is possibility of getting the persons trapped in certain packets. At places, they may get washed away by the water current. This Amy also causes a panic situation in the entire locality. With this, there is every likelihood that the people may assemble at one place and with this any kind of nun toward incident may take place which may cause serious breach of peace causing injury to persons and properties. So at certain places, evacuation of the population at a safer point shall also be involved.

I -------------------------, District Magistrate, Amritsar therefore, while exercising the powers vested in me under section 130 CRPC, requesting the armed force under your command with the following equipment so as to bring the exiting situation to normal.

1) Major Boats --------------------------

2) Life jackets --------------------------

3) Rope --------------------------

4) Chapoos --------------------------

The officers reporting against this requisition may contact the concerned S.D.M Shri ---------------------------- for getting the other details to assist the Civil Administration.

District Magistrate

Seal Amritsar


The G.O.C.


The Brigade Commander


C/O 56 APO.



Whereas, it appears to me that the vehicle detailed below is to be needed for the purpose of evacuation and transport of flood affected families to the safer places. And, whereas it appears necessary to make an order to requisitioning the vehicle detailed below:-

Now, therefore, in exercise of the powers confirmed on me under section 3 of the Punjab Requisitioning and Acquisition of Moveable Property Act, 1978.

I -------------------------IAS, District Magistrate Amritsar, therefore, hereby requisition Vehicle No -----------------------and further order that driver concerned along with aforesaid Vehicle with petrol/ diesel should report for suty immediately to ------------------------------------on---------------------------------------- at -----------------------------------
District Magistrate


Endst No. ----------------------------- dated ---------------------

Note :-

In case of non compliance of the order attention is invited to section 16 of the Act which read as under :-

"Whosoever contravenes any provision of this Act, or any rule made these inder, or any order made, or director given under this act or obstructs the lawful exercise of any power conferred by or under this Act shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with fine or with both



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