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DNA Story Book due:________________

You will need 3 pieces of paper folded in half. Your book will contain the 5 chapters listed below. Include a table of contents. Below each chapter is the information that should be contained in that chapter. Each chapter should contain at least 3 illustrations with a caption describing the illustration. (21 pts total)

Chapter 1: DNA- The Structure (5pts)

  1. Create a concept map using the following words: double helix, nucleotide, sugar, phosphate, base, deoxyribonucleic acid, shape, made of, double stranded, hydrogen bonds.

  2. Describe the shape and chemical structure of the DNA molecule?

  3. What are the major functions of the DNA molecule?

  4. Who discovered the structure of DNA?

  5. How many chromosomes do Humans have?

Chapter 2: DNA- Making Copies (3pts)

  1. How does DNA make a copy of itself?

    1. What enzymes are involved?

  2. Why does DNA make a copy of itself?

  3. Be sure to use the following vocabulary correctly: complementary, chromosome, base paring, semi-conservative, replication bubble.

Chapter 3: Protein Synthesis (5pts)

      1. Describe (in words) and illustrate the 2 steps of protein synthesis.

          1. Include: location, major events

      2. What is protein synthesis?

      3. Create a chart comparing and contrasting DNA & RNA.

      4. Describe what a protein is made of.
      5. Be sure to use the following vocabulary correctly: mRNA, tRNA, DNA, codon, anticodon, genetic code, ribosome, nucleus, cytoplasm, transcription, translation,

Chapter 4: Mutations (4pts)

  1. What is a mutation?

  2. List and describe 4 common mutations?

    1. What is the mutation? How does it change the code?

  3. What can cause a mutation? Give specific examples (at least 4).

  4. What do mutations do to organisms? Be specific.

    1. Are they helpful or are they harmful? Explain.

Chapter 5: Technology(4pts)

  1. What is DNA fingerprinting?

  2. Genetic Engineering:

    1. What is genetic engineering?

    2. Give examples (at least 3) of some genetically modified organisms?

      1. Why did scientist genetically modify them?

      2. What are some concerns for genetically modified organisms?

  3. Describe the process of Gel Electrophoresis.

    1. What is it used for?

  4. Create a chart/diagram showing how DNA technology can be used in forensic, medicine, and agriculture.

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