Dollhouse, largely collaborating with Kinetics & One Love (B. o. B), with an additional track produced with Robopop

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Melanie Martinez is a remarkable 19-year-old artist from Long Island, New York – a stunning and provocative singer, songwriter and visual presence.  On May 20, 2014, she released her debut EP Dollhouse, largely collaborating with Kinetics & One Love (B.o.B), with an additional track produced with Robopop (Jessie J, Lana Del Rey). Having spent much of 2013 selling out clubs across the country, Martinez celebrated the DOLLHOUSE EP in June with her biggest tour yet, covering virtually the entire East Coast of the United States.  She has since been putting the finishing touches on her eagerly awaited Atlantic Records debut album, Cry Baby; and on November 9th, she kicks off the Dollhouse Tour – Part Two. 

Her first official single “Dollhouse,” which Martinez co-wrote with the aforementioned, GRAMMY Award-nominated tunesmiths Kinetics & One Love, is a brutally honest depiction of a family falling apart, set to a spare dance beat. The song “positions Martinez as an American version of Lorde,” writes Newsday. “(Martinez) sings about a picture-perfect family that is much more troubled under the surface,” declared Us Weekly, noting that Martinez – a former contestant on NBC’s smash reality singing competition series, The Voice – “might be the show’s first real breakout star.” The Dollhouse video, conceived, co-directed & co-produced by Melanie, is rapidly approaching 10 million views (  

Another of the Dollhouse EP songs, “Carousel,” is featured in the Official Trailer for FX’s American Horror Story: Freak ShowMelanie’s own video for the song debuted on October 15th (  Yahoo says:  "Melanie Martinez has moved on from The Voice to American Horror Story. And her new song and video are so good, it's scary. The two-toned-haired Goth girl wonder, one of the most unique contestants to ever appear on The Voice, recently had her spooky tune "Carousel" featured in the extended trailer for AmericanHorror Story: Freak Show. While her new video for the song, out just in time for Halloween, isn't quite as twisted as anything on AHS, it's still totally creepy-cool, depicting a doomed romance that literally spins out of control at dark, deserted Long Island carnival.”  

Melanie captured the country’s imagination with her arresting performances on the highly rated Fall 2012 season of NBC’s The Voice, driving her unique renditions of “Too Close” and “Seven Nation Army” to top 5 sales on the iTunes Store. Her rendition of “Toxic” lit YouTube on fire, quickly earning over 6 million individual page views.  Look for the release of Cry Baby in early 2015.

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