Draft town of Honea Path, South Carolina Official Zoning Ordinance This document has been prepared for the Town of Honea Path Town Council The Honea Path Planning Commission With assistance from the Appalachian Council of Governments Adopted by Town

Section 405 CC – Core Commercial District

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Section 405 CC – Core Commercial District

Purpose The purpose of this district is to permit concentrated development and redevelopment of businesses in the town center to more efficiently serve the community and its surrounding area. The area is interned for a wide variety of land uses that will create a vital, quality, well-rounded, atmosphere for downtown. Desired activities include fully enclosed retail, commercial, office-service, public, civic, cultural and residential. The intent is to encourage the formation and maintenance of a centrally located trade and commercial service area and to provide for the orderly expansion of such uses.

405.1 Permitted Uses.

The following uses shall be permitted in the CC Zoning District:

    1. Any retail or wholesale business involving the sale of merchandise on the premises including:

      1. antique store

      2. electronic or appliance/repair and service shop

      3. book, magazine, and newspaper store

      4. drug store/pharmacy

      5. bakery

      6. florist shop

      7. gift store

      8. grocery store/produce stand

      9. hardware/paint store

      10. hobby/toy store

      11. household furnishings store

      12. music store

      13. general variety/retail store

      14. office supply

      15. liquor store

      16. shoe/shoe repair store

      17. sporting goods store

      18. jewelry/repair shop

    2. Businesses involving the rendering of a personal service including:

      1. Bank, insurance agencies and other financial institutions

      2. barber/beauty shop

      3. dressmaker/tailor shop

      4. dry cleaning/laundry

      5. locksmith/gunsmith

      6. medical/dental offices
      7. professional/government offices

      8. public utility business office

      9. real estate agency

      10. dance/art/music/drama schools

      11. travel agency

      12. funeral homes

    3. private/semi-private club, lodge, union hall, or social center

    4. church/other religious facility

    5. residential use lawfully existing within the district at the time of adoption of this ordinance

    6. off-street commercial parking lot/garage

    7. hotel/motel

    8. publicly owed and operated building, facility, or land

    9. commercial recreation facility

    10. commercial trade/vocation school

    11. eating, drinking establishment excluding drive in or curb service

    12. radio/TV station

    13. day care center (adult and child)

    14. senior citizen housing

    15. meat market

    16. plumbers/electricians

    17. Accessory use on same lot with principal use, as follows:

      1. off street parking or storage area for vehicles owned by members, customers or employees of business

      2. completely enclosed building for storage of supplies or merchandise for use in the principal business

405.2 Conditional Uses.

The following uses shall be permitted in any CC Zoning District :

  1. Temporary Christmas tree sales, on vacant lot for a period not to exceed forty-five (45) days.

  2. Contractor’s office and equipment shed provided all following conditions are met:

  1. used in connection with construction on premises

  2. must not cause traffic congestion or nuisance

  3. for term up to one (1) year; may be renewed once

405.3 Special Exemptions.

A. Automobile service station, including limited sale of groceries, provided the Board of Appeals determines:

  1. the use is compatible with the district

  2. parking & service areas are separated from adjoining residential property by planting screen, fence or wall at least six (6) feet high

  3. no major repairs or vehicle sales conducted on premises

  4. adequate provisions are made for access and traffic safety

  5. conditions are imposed to protect adjacent property from adverse impact

B. Car wash, either automatic or self-service provided the Board of Appeals determines:

  1. the use is compatible with the district

  2. adequate spaces for vehicles awaiting entry are required; more than minimum may be required

  3. the area is required to be adequately screened from adjoining residential property

  4. adequate provision are made for access and traffic safety

  5. hours of operation are limited to prevent late night noise

C. Transportation terminals for bus and railroad services provided the Board of Appeals determines:

  1. repair facilities and truck terminals are not permitted

  2. adequate maneuvering and parking spaces are set

  3. adequate provisions are made for access and traffic safety

  4. the area is adequately screened from residential areas
  5. the use is compatible with the district

405.4 Prohibited Uses.

No activity that does not fall within the parameters of Sections 405.1 and 405.2 shall be permitted within the CC Zoning District. The following uses are expressly prohibited in order to increase ordinance clarity:

  1. Sexually Oriented Businesses.

  2. Cellular Towers

  3. Tattoo Parlor

    1. Dimensional Requirements.

Unless otherwise specified elsewhere in this ordinance, uses permitted in the CC Zoning District shall be required to conform to the following standards except that the use of substandard lots of record as of the effective date of this ordinance may be subject to the relief provided in Article III, Section 303 of this ordinance.

Minimum Lot Area:


Minimum Lot Width:


Minimum Building Setbacks:

Front: None

Side: No setback is required except when the property is abutting a residential district. A side setback shall be provided on a lot where it abuts a residential district at least equal to the requirements of the abutting residential district. When a setback is not required but still provided, it shall be a minimum of 3 feet.

Rear: 10 Feet - The rear setback may be used for parking and service drives but must remain unobstructed by structures or buildings, and must be designed in conformance with Article VII, Section 812, if used for parking.

Maximum Buildings Height:

35 Feet

Accessory Structure Setback:

5 ft (rear)

405.6 Signs.

The following types of signs are permitted in the CC district:

  1. All signs permitted in residential districts

  2. Within the front or side setback area of any parcel in the CC district, a maximum of one (1) permanently mounted detached sign of the type required to secure a permits shall be permitted for each three hundred (300) feet of road frontage for each road fronted. The maximum allowable sign copy area for these signs shall be seventy-five (75) square feet multiplied by the number of signs permitted. No such sign shall be located closer than ten (10) feet on any street right of way. The maximum height if detached signs shall be twenty-five (25) feet, as measure from the base of the sign.

  3. Wall signs which must meet the requirements found in Section 613.1of this ordinance.

  4. May be illuminated

  5. All signs must follow the regulations found in Article VI of this ordinance.

405.7 Bufferyard Requirements.

Bufferyard and landscaping requirements are only applicable in residential districts where the following uses are permitted:

    Existing Use

    Bufferyard Table (Section 713)

    Single Family, Duplex

    Table Number 2

    Multi-Family, Recreational, Child Care, Institutional, Planned Development ,Religious, Industrial

    Table Number 1

All bufferyards must follow the regulations found in Article VII of this ordinance.

405.8 External Storage.

Any external storage of inventory, parts, or machinery shall be established to the rear of the front line of the principal structure and shall be completely enclosed by a six (6) foot high wall, board on board fence, chain link fence with solid slats, or any other opaque material that creates a visual barrier.

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