Dragon Rivers Topic: Chinese New Year (culture) Major Rivers in China (geography) Grade/Course

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Dragon Rivers

Topic: Chinese New Year (culture)  Major Rivers in China (geography)       

Grade/Course Two / Social Studies/ English Language Arts

Essential Questions:  

  • What are some special preparations for the Chinese New Year’s celebration?

  • What is the connection between dragons and the rivers in China?

Learning Objectives

     Students should know and be able to…

II. Learning Activities

Students will:

  • Using the document camera, the story Chinese New Year’s Dragon by Rachel Sing is read aloud to students. Students are able to view the pictures which depict a family preparing for Chinese New Year. Students are asked to note any similarities are between the celebration in the story and their own family holiday celebrations (special food, presents, etc…). Teacher creates a Venn Diagram on chart paper as students respond. Teacher explains how each year is a different animal.
  • Students listen the story The Four Dragons (can be found on internet searching for Four Dragons Children’s Story).  After hearing the story, students view a map of China using the document camera. The four rivers mentioned in the story are located.

III. Assessment Methods

  • Students write a poem which retells the role of the dragons in the story and choose one dragon (Red, Pearl, Long or Black) to illustrate.

  • Student’s  pictures are shown to the class using the docu-camera and as they read their poems aloud to classmates.

Kathleen Babini

Plymouth Public Schools

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