Drdp (2015) Interest in Literacy Group Checklist

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DRDP (2015) Interest in Literacy Group Checklist

Month: ______________________

Use space in boxes below for date, observer’s initials, and notes.

LLD 5: Interest in Literacy


Attends or responds to people or things in basic ways

Plays with books;


Responds to other literacy activities

Attends briefly to a familiar adult reading books, singing songs, or saying rhymes

Looks at books on own briefly,


Chooses to join reading, singing, or rhyming activities led by an adult

Looks at books page by page,


Participates, from beginning to end, in listening to stories, singing songs, or playing rhyming games, when supported by an adult


CL 2/4 Turned head toward sound when Mia started singing to Shane


MB 2/4 Joined singing circle, sang & attempted finger plays

MB 2/3 & 2/4 Attends to the story read by Mia
MB 2/4: Sings a tries finger play, while Mia sang the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” song.


MB 2/4: Joined “singing circle.” Sang songs & tried finger plays

MB 2/4: Looks at each page while Mia reads the “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”


CL 2/4. Smiled/waved arms when Mia sang to him

MB 2/10 Chewed on book

CL 2/10 Looked a few pages as Mia turned them and commented on pics

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