Due: Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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Hatchet” Project

Due: Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mrs. Scribner’s 6th grade Literature

You have an opportunity to show your knowledge of our novel, "Hatchet" this quarter. You may choose one of the ideas below and must have this project completed and turned in to me no later than Tuesday, January 19, 2016. All descriptions of each choice must be followed for full credit.

Projects may be typed or handwritten in cursive with correct spelling and punctuation. They should be neat and should demonstrate good comprehension of the novel. This project will count as a Quiz grade for second quarter.

Design a new book cover

Illustrate a new cover for the novel, “Hatchet”. Your book cover should illustrate major plot(s) from the story, and include the title, the author, and a short “catch phrase” that will entice the reader to open the book. The back cover should include a short summary of the book, using quotes from the story, without giving the ending away.

Your illustration should be your own artwork, not designed on a computer.


Create a diorama, a miniature scene in a shoebox, using dried or living plants, stones, dirt, small figures, background pictures, etc. that illustrate a major plot from the novel. Be creative! Attach an index card describing the scene you have chosen and include quote(s) from the story. (i.e., Description: Brian kills his first fool bird with his self-made spear;

Quote:“…he picked up the spear and the bow and trotted back around the lake to his shelter, where the fire had burned down to glowing coals. He sat looking at the bird wondering what to do.”)

This should be no larger than an average-size shoebox.

Character Diary

Choose important days at strategic points throughout the book in a diary form. Brian should include actual events that occurred from the story and document them from his point of view. (Remember that a diary entry includes personal feelings and emotions; it is written as a person would think or speak.) This diary should have a minimum of ten entries. This diary should look like a small journal. Handwriting must be neat.

Be creative with your design. You may include self-drawn illustrations if you wish.
These projects will be displayed for the rest of the school to enjoy! Both signatures due Friday, 1/8.

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