Dung is late for the meeting

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臺北市立建國高級中學九十五學年度第一學期高三英文科第一次定期考試題 p1
一、狄克生片語 10%


1. As is typical, Dung is late for the meeting.

A) Typically

B) Deliberately

C) As usual

D) For the time being

2. Temporarily, Janet is working as a waitress, but she hopes to become an actress soon.

A) For good

B) For the time being

C) All of a sudden

D) Permanently

3. The referee called off the soccer game because of the darkness.

A) put off

B) put out

C) cancelled

D) cut off

4. He is so careful when he plays sports that injuries are unusual for him.

A) under the weather

B) few and far between

C) out of order

D) out of the question

5. I don’t have a good opinion of our new neighbors; they are not very friendly.

A) make friends with

B) think much of

C) figure out

D) inspect closely

6. Herb tried to repair his car engine all morning before he stopped working for the rest of the day and went fishing.

A) wore out

B) took time off

C) turned around

D) called it a day

7. Ralph insisted that he had no connection with breaking the window.

A) get involved in

B) associated with

C) had nothing to do with

D) had no idea of

8. We should definitely wear formal clothes to go to the theater.

A) put on

B) all right

C) look over

D) dress up

9. Before I traveled to Mexico, I reviewed my Spanish; I haven’t practiced it since high school.

A) alternated

B) looked over

C) brushed up on

D) paid attention to

10. John stayed home from work because he was not feeling well.

A) out of order

B) turning around

C) under the weather

D) making a difference

二、綜合測驗 33%


  The phenomenon of stress is the constant interaction between mind and body. And the influence of  11.   can be either positive or negative. What can the mind 12. the body? Studies have proved that watching funny movies can reduce pain and promote healing. 13. , worry can give a person an ulcer, high blood pressure, or even a heart attack.

  The mind and body work together to produce stress, which is a bodily response 14. , a response that disturbs the body’s, normal 15. balance. 16. , stress is not always bad. For example, a stress reaction can sometimes save a person’s life by releasing hormones that enable a person to react quickly and with greater energy in a dangerous situation.


A) one another

B) either

C) one to the other

D) one upon the other


A) influence to

B) act

C) do to

D) lead to


A) As a result

B) After all

C) Conversely

D) Contrary


A) upon things

B) to a stimulus

C) to the stress

D) to the mind


A) psychological

B) neurological

C) archaeological

D) physiological


A) On the one hand

B) However

C) All in all

D) Altogether


  These problems are perhaps the biggest issue a researcher can 17. , while studying new markets. This is because markets that can be classified as similar 18. tend to be dissimilar when it comes to this particular aspect. There are differences 19. within the same country. 20. , travel advertising in Canada is divided between the English audience and the French audience. 21. pictures of travel advertisements show a wife alone for the English audience, a man and wife are shown for the French audience. This is done because the French are more 22. .


A) encounter

B) face with

C) submit

D) dealt


A) for no reason

B) for some grounds

C) on various reasons

D) on various grounds


A) even

B) even if

C) let alone

D) not to mention


A) That is

B) Namely

C) Consequently

D) According


A) Compared with

B) Whereas

C) In comparison with

D) But


A) attached to the family

B) care about each other

C) bound up

D) widely-travelled


  What can be done about 23. over-eating? 24. the conditioned reflex of eating under stress, you must first recognize the wide prevalence of emotional conflict. Everyone has weaknesses, though we express them differently. Some people lose their 25. under stress; others overeat. Still others 26. alcohol, or develop stomach pains, diarrhea, cardiac palpitation, or migraine headache, Overeating is a habit. It can be broken, like all habits, by the substitution of other routines. 27. you remove the need for overeating through self-understanding and tolerance, you can give yourself the motivation to carry through to a permanent goal.

臺北市立建國高級中學九十五學年度第一學期高三英文科第一次定期考試題 p2


A) emotionally-caused

B) physically-caused

C)emotional cause

D) environmentally-affected


A) Breaking

B) Having broken

C) To break

D) To get used to


A) appetite

B) interest

C) consciousness

D) balance


A) take to

B) lost in

C) give to

D) abandon to


A) Unless

B) Until

C) Not until

D) Once


   After blogging 28. photo blogging and then, suddenly last year, video blogging. Video

bloggers, also 29. vloggers, are people who regularly post videos on the Internet, 30. primitive show for anyone who cares to watch. Some vlogs are cooking shows, some are minidocumentaries, some are mock news programs 31. are almost art films.

Most simply are records of ordinary life. The Das Vlog recently demonstrated the virtues of urinating in the bathroom sink. Village Girl has posted a video of her 2-year-old 32. with a friend. Josh Leo taped himself

33. through his old baby pictures and art projects. Fat Girl From Ohio is a man blogging largely about his wife’s pregnancy.


A) left behind

B) came

C) arrive at

D) followed


A) known

B) famous

C) known as

D) known for


A) create

B) creating

C) resulting

D) leading


A) still others

B) still some

C) some

D) and some


A) to dance

B) danced

C) dancing

D) in dance


A) browsing

B) examing

C) taking

D) staring


  The fantastic and often humorous stories of Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels” (1726) were actually 34.

social criticisms of England. Swift’s readers would see strong parallels in the story of the war of Lilliput and Blefuscu with events in English history.

The beauty and power of Swift’s writing come from his 35. creation of a 36. world and at the same time creating subtle connections to the real world. The effect is humorous, disturbing and 37. . In Swift’s account of the Lilliputian war, the ridicule 38.    the foolish imaginary people rebounds into the world of his readers!


A) composing

B) made up

C) intended as

D) meant


A) persuasive of

B) convinced of

C) convincing

D) imaginary


A) realistic

B) dream

C) dreamy

D) fantasy


A) thought-provoked

B) thought-provoking

C) provoking-thought

D) provoked-thought


A) targeted at

B) aiming at

C) attacking on

D) laughed at


  Today, these online connections are, for the most part, 39. exchanges. Soon, all of that will change

40. technology develops new and more sophisticated ways to communicate. Many of them are already here. Audio compression 41. over the Internet in real time. Mass use of video conferencing is not far off in the future. What is the next step? Possibly, it is a tactile medium. Perhaps, it will someday include olfactory sensation and 42. . It will be a 43. experience indeed.


A) tactile

B) context-based

C) text-based

D) text-basis


A) as

B) with

C) until

D) unless


A) makes possible to speak

B) contributes to speak

C) makes people possible to speak

D) makes it possible to speak


A) audio

B) video

C) visual

D) taste


A) virtuous

B) virtual

C) cyber

D) Internet

三、文意選填 7%


  I returned to the Lilliputian capital and was received with great 44. . But because I would not agree to help him make 45. of the defeated enemy, proposing instead to make peace with them, the Emperor, urged on by my enemy (who had taken a dislike to me for no particular reason), decided that I should be punished as a 46. .

I determined to escape arrest by fleeing to the Emperor of Blefuscu, who had warmly invited me to visit in 47.

for my efforts to make peace with them. About three days after my arrival in Blefuscu, I happened to spy an overturned boat of my own 48. not far out to sea. With the help of the 49. , I was able to retrieve and outfit it, and within about a month I departed for home. On the way, I was taken in by a 50. ship returning to England.

A) size

B) traitor

C) appreciation

D) merchant

E) inhabitants

AB) gratitude

BC) slaves

四、文法選擇 5%


51. had he seen his fatherland he burst into tears.

A) No sooner, before

B) No until, then

C) Scarcely, when

D) Only when, did

臺北市立建國高級中學九十五學年度第一學期高三英文科第一次定期考試題 p3

52. You can have a day off tomorrow on that you agree to work this Saturday.

A) condition

B) providing

C) provided

D) fact

53. As three is to five is six to ten.

A) so

B) as

C) just

D) that

54. I never pass my old house I think of the happy years I spent there.

A) when

B) before

C) after

D) but

55. My car broke down I was late.

A) as a result

B) therefore

C) and consequently

D) thus

五、句子配合題 5%

A) once you get to know everyone else

B) likewise, his son now complains about his lack of freedom

C) because his mother opposes it

D) , I would wait for you

E) and has lived there ever since

AB) and had been there for ten years

AC) despite her parents' objection

AD) ;otherwise, he couldn't have been so successful

AE) depends mainly on your hard work

BC) unless you get used to it

56. Harry always thought his upbringing was too strict and…

57. She married Mike …

58. Whether you will succeed …

59. I'm sure you will enjoy your life here …

60. Joe went to England in 1990
六、閱讀測驗 15%




As might be expected from a Press Complaints Commission which includes tabloid editors, it has now stated that the public have the right to be informed about the private behavior of politicians if it affects the conduct of public business.

Was it therefore in the public interest for the tabloid editors to pay an 'electronics expert' who had bugged a bedroom and then sold the tapes and photographs of it? Have we now reached the stage where it is easier for those who acquire other people's damaging personal secrets to sell them to the tabloids rather than risk jail over blackmail?

The statement amounts to a simple approval of the tabloids' use of paid informers, as, for example, did the KGB in Moscow or the Stasi in East Germany. Like them, the tabloids use such information to destroy lives without trial, defense or jury. It endorses the practice of allowing a picket line of doorstepping journalists outside a house, to barricade relatives and children and cause them enormous distress, all in the interests of 'a good story'.

61. What does this letter mainly discuss?

A) Tabloids and its editors.

B) Privacy and the paparazzi.

C) Electronics experts and the public interest.

D) Blackmail and politicians.

62. What does the writer probably mean by putting 'electronics expert' in inverted commas?

A) The person doing the bugging knows a lot about electronics.

B) The person is less interested in electronics than in earning money by selling the secret recordings to newspapers.

C) It might be a combination of Choices A and B.

D) The person is not only interested in electronics but also skilled in it.

臺北市立建國高級中學九十五學年度第一學期高三英文科第一次定期考試題 p4

63. According to this letter, what kind of country employs large numbers of informers?

A) A police state.

B) A peaceful country.

C) A capitalist state.

D) A well-developed country.

64. What does "endorse" mean in the context?

A) support

B) oppose

C) force

D) discourage

65. Which statement is true about the author's stance?

A) Tabloids care about the public interest so they only report what the public are interested in.

B) Tabloids should be admired for their attempt to unveil politicians' private lives.

C) Everyone has the right to be informed of other people's business.

D) The paparazzi's invasion of privacy has made celebrities' family members unhappy.


He came into the room to shut the windows while we were still in bed and I saw he looked ill. He was shivering, his face was white, and he walked slowly as though it ached to move.

"What's the matter, Schatz?"

"I've got a headache."

"You'd better go back to bed."

"No, I'm all right."

"You go to bed. I'll see you when I'm dressed."

But when I came downstairs he was dressed, sitting by the fire, looking a very sick and miserable boy of nine years. When I put my hand on his forehead I knew he had a fever.

"You go up to bed, " I said, "you're sick."

"I'm all right," he said.

When the doctor came, he took the boy's temperature.

"What is it?" I asked him.

"One hundred and two."

Downstairs, the doctor left three different medicines in different colored capsules with instructions for giving them. One was to bring down the fever, another a purgative, the third to overcome an acid condition. The germs of influenza can only exist in acid condition, he explained. He seem to know all about influenza and said there was nothing to worry about if the fever did not go above one hundred and four degrees. This was a light epidemic of flu and there was no danger if you avoid pneumonia.

Back in the room, I wrote the boy's temperature down and made a note of the time to give the various capsules.

"Do you want me to read to you?"

"All right, if you want to," said the boy. His face was very white and there were dark areas under his eyes. He lay still in the bed and seemed very detached from what was going on. I read aloud from Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates, but I could see he was not following what I was reading. I thought perhaps he was a little lightheaded and after giving him the prescribed capsules at eleven o'clock, I went out for a while.

It was a bright, cold day, the ground covered with a sleet that had frozen so that it seemed as if all the bare trees, the bushes, the cut brush and all the grass and the bare ground had been varnished with ice. I took the young Irish setter with me up the road and along a frozen creek, but it was difficult to stand or walk on the glassy surface and the red dog slipped and slithered and I fell twice, hard, once dropping my gun and having it slide away over the ice.

臺北市立建國高級中學九十五學年度第一學期高三英文科第一次定期考試題 p5

66. The passage is an excerpt from a story by Ernest Hemingway. Whose point of view did the author choose to write the story?

A) The father's.

B) The son's.

C) The doctor's.

D) The young Irish setter's.

67. In what month did the story probably take place?

A) May.

B) July.

C) September.

D) December.

68. Which of the following does not refer to a disease?

A) Pneumonia.

B) Purgative.

C) Influenza.

D) Epidemic.

69. What was the son's attitude while his father was reading to him?

A) He was attentive.

B) He was distracted.

C) He didn't like pirates' stories.

D) He didn't understand what his father read.

70. What did the father do after he gave his son the capsules?

A) He went sleighing.

B) He went walking the dog.

C) He went hunting.

D) He went skating.


Cyberpunk is a sub-genre of science fiction, noted for its focus on "high tech and low life". It takes its name from the combination of cybernetics and punk, featuring advanced science such as information technology and cybernetics, coupled with a degree of breakdown or a radical change in the social order.

Classic Cyberpunk characters were marginalized, alienated loners who lived on the edge of society in generally dystopic futures where daily life was impacted by rapid technological change, a ubiquitous datasphere of computerized information, and invasive modification of the human body.

The plot of Cyberpunk writing often centers on a conflict among hackers, artificial intelligences, and mega corporations, tending to be set within a near-future Earth, rather than the far future settings or galactic vistas found in novels like Isaac Asimov's Foundation or Frank Herbert's Dune. The settings of this future tend to be post-industrial dystopias, but are normally marked by extraordinary cultural ferment, and the use of technology in ways never anticipated by its creators. Much of the genre's "atmosphere" is full of terror and evil, and written works in the genre often use techniques from detective fiction. Primary exponents of the Cyberpunk field include William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Pat Cadigan, Rudy Rucker and John Shirley. The term became widespread in the 1980s and remains current today.

Unlike New Wave Science Fiction, which imported stylistic techniques and concerns that already existed in literature and culture at large, Cyberpunk originated in the science fiction genre first before gaining mainstream exposure. During the early and mid-1980s, Cyberpunk became a fashionable topic in academic circles, where it began to be the subject of postmodernist investigation. In the same period, the genre penetrated Hollywood and became one of cinema's staple science-fiction styles. Many popular, high-grossing films such as Blade Runner and the Matrix trilogy can be seen as prominent developments of the genre's visual styles and themes. Computer games, board games and role-playing games (such as Shadowrun, or the rather appropriately named Cyberpunk 2020) often feature storylines that are heavily influenced by Cyberpunk writing and movies. Beginning in the early 1990s, trends in fashion and music were labeled as Cyberpunk.

71. What does the passage mainly discuss?

A) Classic Cyberpunk characters.

B) What exactly Cyberpunk is.

C) How Cyberpunk films have penetrated Hollywood.

D) The differences between New Wave Science Fiction and Cyberpunk Fiction.

臺北市立建國高級中學九十五學年度第一學期高三英文科第一次定期考試題 p6

72. Which of the following can be a classic Cyberpunk character?

A) A distinguished violinist.

B) A successful engineer.

C) An ambitious scientist.

D) A cynical clerk.

73. The passage refers to all of the following elements as important features of a Cyberpunk plot EXCEPT _________.

A) a large business company

B) a terrifying mood or feeling

C) an adventurous astronaut

D) information technology

74. The passage is mostly developed by _________.

A) focusing on effect

B) telling an anecdote

C) using an argument

D) explaining a term

75. Why does the author mention "Blade Runner and the Matrix trilogy"?

A) He wants to show the differences between the typical plot of New Wave Science Fiction and that of Cyberpunk Fiction.

B) He wants to show how Cyberpunk stories have been used in Hollywood movies.

C) He wants to emphasize the theme of investigation in Cyberpunk movies.

D) He wants to compare and contrast these two films with computer games, board games and role-playing games.

七、字彙 15%

76. In the wake of the race riots last year, a community organization has been set up, working with young people from different backgrounds, to break down cultural and racial b_______rs.

77. This new hair product has created a great s_______n among bald people. As soon as the products are put on shelves, they are bought right away.

78. Joe wants to buy a p_______e computer so that he can carry it around when he travels.

79. Nowadays people have to pass various tests for professional c_______es so that they can be qualified for a well-paying job.

80. Some proverbs are c_______y to each other. For example, you are never too old to learn and you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

81. The east coast has been p_______ed by blizzards for most of this month. The damage so far has reached one million dollars.

82. Martin Luther King Jr. advocated social change through non-violent means. He appealed to his supporters to r_______n from the violence of fist, tongue, or heart.

83. Having i_______l intelligence, the ability to understand other people, is more and more important in today's world.

84. The word "a_______r" can refer to a heavy object that is dropped into the water to prevent a boat from moving or a person who presents the news on a television or radio news program.

85. In psychology and cognitive sciences, p_______n is the process of acquiring, interpreting, selecting, and organizing sensory information.

86. My landlord is very h_______e. She often invites me over for dinner.

87. The Penghu archipelago features well-developed columnar basalt formations, which on the southern coastline are particularly s_______r.

88. Kate is a w_______c. She spends most of her time expanding her enterprise and has little interest in other things.

臺北市立建國高級中學九十五學年度第一學期高三英文科第一次定期考試題 p7
89. A good composition is always c_______t. This means that the writer should make sure that the different parts of his or her writing fit well together.

90. Jacky usually buys things on i_______e. His purchases seem to be driven by some sudden force or desire.

八、翻譯 10%
91. 如果他以前夠用功念書的話,他可能早就通過考試了。(Had …) 4

92. 不可否認網路愛情是有風險的。 (There …) 3

93. 雖然Linda生來又瞎又聾,但她從不氣餒。3


班級 座號 姓名
























6-10 DCDCC

11-15 DCCBD

16-20 BADAC

21-25 BAACA

26-30 ADBCB

31-35 DCACC

36-40 DBACA

41-45 DDBC BC

46-50 B AB AED

51-55 CAADC

56-60 B AC AE A E

61-65 BBAAD

66-70 ADBBC

71-75 BDCDB

76 barriers

77 sensation

78 portable

79 certificates

80 contradictory/ contrary

81 plagued/ paralyzed

82 refrain

83 interpersonal

84 anchor

85 perception

86 hospitable

87 spectacular

88 workaholic

89 coherent/ consistent

90 impulse


Had he studied/worked hard enough, he could/might have passed the exam/test.


There is no denying (that) a cyber-romance/an online romance is risky.

There is no denying (that) a cyber-romance/an online romance can/could be risky.

Although/Though Linda was born blind and deaf, she never felt/feels discouraged.

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