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DVD and Video List

Use the IMC’s Home Page to search the online catalog, Destiny, from your classroom or from home

In addition to the DVDs and videos listed in this catalog, videos and video clips are available

through the IMC’s video-on-demand databases Discovery Education and Safari Montage.

The IMC will email you a brochure that includes paswords and instructions.

Videos are also available from many of the IMC’s databases

September 2015


Art 3

Business 6

Drivers’ Ed 8

Dance 9

Drama/Theater 10

English 11

Entertainment 20

Family & Consumer Science 41

Math 44

Music 45

Physical & Health Education 46

Professional Development Collection 48

Science 49

Social Studies 53

Technology Education 73

World Languages 75

Art Department
DVD 070.4 Pre The President’s Photographer – 50 Years Inside the Oval Office (50 min) 2010

DVD 686.2 Gra Graphic Design, Typography

700 Art Art is: Creating Abstract Art

DVD 704.9 Let Lethal Landscapes: Canvases of the Combat Artists

DVD 709 How How Art Made the World

DVD 700.9 Evo Evolution of Art

DVD 701.85 Col Color

DVD 701.85 Col Color Theory Made Really Easy: Secret Formulas of the Masters

DVD 709 Foo Footloose in History - Ancient Egypt to Medieval Europe, Middle Class life in court of Henry VIII, Rembrandt’s Night Watch, A Potpourri of Americana

DVD 709 How How Art Made the World

709.01 Las Lascoux Revisited

709.024 Mas Masters of Illusion

709.04 Art Art Since Pop

DVD 709.2 Pab Pablo Picasso: A Primitive Soul

DVD 709.05 Art Art: 21 Art in the 21st Century Seasons 1, 2, and 3

709.6 Afr African Art

709.73 Ame American Art from the National Gallery of Art (laserdisc)

709.73 Nat National Gallery of Art: Treasury of Masterpieces

709.73 Sis Sister Wendy's American Collection (6 videos)

The Art Institute of Chicago

The Cleveland Museum of Art

Kimbell Art Museum

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

709.8 Wom Women Artists: The Other Side of the Picture

712 Lab Labyrinth: The History of the Maze

720.92 Wri Frank Lloyd Wright (Ken Burns)

DVD 722 Sev Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (History Channel)

DVD 726.6 Got Gothic Cathedrals: Notre Dame to the National Cathedral

728.81 Hom The Homes of Frank Lloyd Wright

730 Old Claes Oldenburg

.730.92 Cal Alexander Calder: Calder's Universe

DVD 730.92 Don Donatello: The first Modern Sculpture (2009) 85 min

DVD 731 Mas Maskmaking Workshop with Carole Sivin (2012)

DVD 731 Mas Maskmaker: Papier Mache Maskmaking (120 minutes) 2 copies

DVD 731 Pap Papier Mache Pop Art

DVD 731.14 Han Handbuilt Pottery

731.4 Inl Inlaid Colored Clay

731.75 Mas Masks and Face Coverings

DVD 731.75 Mas Masks from many Cultures (2012) 3 copies

735.23 Cla Clay Molding: Sculpting the Human Head

736 Pap Paper Sculpture Projects

DVD 736.5 Han Handbuild Clay Sculpture

DVD 738.1 Cer Ceramics Handbuilding: Slab Construction

DVD 738.1 Cer Ceramics Handbuilding: Pinch and Coil Construction

DVD 738.14 Cer Ceramics: Basic Throwing Skills

DVD 738.14 Cer Ceramics: Throwing Fuctional Forms

738.1 Ind Indian Pottery of San Ildefonso

738.1 Cre Creating with Ceramincs

DVD 738.14 Whe Wheel Thrown Pottery

DVD 738.6 Gla Glazing and Firing

DVD 739 Jew Jewelry USA

739.27 Com The Complete Metalsmith with Tim McCreight

DVD 741 Ske Sketchbooks: How Artists Use Them

DVD 741.2 Bas Basic Perspective Drawing

DVD 741.2 Cre Creating Dynamic Compositions: What Do I Do with Backgrounds?

DVD 741.24 Art The Art of Portrait Drawing

741.24 Eas The Easy Way to Draw Faces

DVD 741.25 Por Portrait Drawing

DVD 741.4 Pai Paint Like Monet in a Day with Oil Pastels

DVD 741.5 Chu Chuck Close

DVD 741.5 Chu Chuck Jones: Extremes & In Betweens

DVD 741.5 Chu Chuck Close: Close Up (27 min) 2010

DVD 741.5 Chu Chuck Close: the life and work of the man who reinvented portraiture

DVD 741.6 Hel Helvetica

DVD 743.28 Fun Fundamentals of Drawing

DVD 743.4 Fig Figure Drawing

DVD 745 Cra Craft in America Holidays

DVD 745 Cra Craft in America Messages

DVD 745.2 OBJ Objectifield

745.4 Ele Elements of Design: 1

745.4 Bro Principles of Design: 2

746.6 Bat Batik As Fine Art

DVD 751.4 Acr Acrlylics the Watercolor Alternative

751.4 Ass Assemblage as Fine Art

DVD 751.5 Chi Chinese Brush Painting

751.4 Ele Elements and Principals of Design

DVD 751.42 Chi Chinese Watercolor Techniques: Painting Animals

751.42 Cre Creating with Water Color

751.42 Wat Water Media Techniques: Acrylic and Casein

751.42 Wat Water Media Techniques: Watercolor and Gouche

751.422 Por Portraits in Watercolor

751.422 Wat1 Watercolor I

751.422 Wat2 Watercolor II

751.422 Wat Watercolor: Materials and Basic Techniques

751.422 Wat Watercolor Methods

751.4226 Acr Acrylic as Water Media

DVD 751.45 Pai Painting Mood & Atmosphere in Oils

DVD 751.73 Art The Art of Mexico: Ancient and Modern Traditions and The Painters

759.03 Pol The Polytych of San Francesco at Sansepolcro (Stefano Di Giovanni)

759.05 Edg Edgar Degas: The Unquiet Spirit

DVD 759.06 Exp Expressionism

DVD 759.06 Imp The Impact of Cubism

DVD 759.13 Cas Mary Cassatt (Great Women Writers)

DVD 759.21 Sis Sister Wendy: The Complete Collection 2 copies -

The story of Painting, Sister Wendy’s Grand Tour Sister Wendy’s Odyssey Sister Wendy’s Pains of Glass

759.4 Day A Day in the Country: Impressionism and the French Landscape

DVD 759.4 The Impressionists with Tim Marlow (The Collection)

B Mon Monet: Legacy of Light

759.44 Seu Point, Counterpoint, the Life and Works of Georges Seurant

759.5 Dav Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Master

759.5 Mic Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel

DVD 759.5 Mic Michelangelo: Artist and Man

759.6 Goy Goya

759.9492 Vin Vincent Van Gogh: Vincent : A Dutchman

DVD 759.972 Fri Frida Kahlo (Great Women Artists)

DVD 760 Bea Beautiful Boptanicals: Painting and Drawing Flowers and Plants 2 copies

DVD 760.28 Rel Relief Printing

769.92 ESC The Fantastic World of M.C. Escher

DVD 770 Ans Ansel Adams (2005) 100 min

DVD 770 Cam The Camera (Digital Photography (2008) 85 min

DVD 770 Pho Digital Digest Photography (2011) 47 min

DVD 770 Pho Photographic Light – Film and Digital (2009) 72 min

DVD 770.09 Ann Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens

DVD 770.9 Cap Captured Light: The invention of Still Photography (Modern Marvels) 50 min

DVD 770.92 Ame American Photography: a Century of Images (2005) 160 min

DVD 770.92 Atc At Close Range with National Geographic (2006) 57 min

DVD 770.92 Pho The Photographers (from National Geographic (2009) 57 min

DVD 778.5 Har Ray Harryhausen: The Early Years (2 DVDs) Early animations

DVD 778.93 THR Through the Lens (2009) 47 mi 2 copies

DVD 778.99 Nat National Geographic’s Most Incredible Photos 2010 150 min

DVD 781.64 Ani Animusic: A Computer Animation Video Album

DVD Art Art School Confidential

DVD Pla The Place Promised in the Early Days (Japanese Animated Film)

DVD Pix Pixar Short Films Collection 2013 Volume 2

DVD Rap The Rape of Europa

B Picasso Pablo Piccasso: A Primitive Soul

Business Education Department
DVD Pir Pirates of Silicon Valley

DVD 004.023 Com Computers and Information Technology – Top Careers in Two Years (18 min) 2009

DVD 004.67 Gro Growing Up Online (60 min) 2008

DVD 005.7 Htm HTML Basics (for use with DVD player and DVD-ROM computer drive)


VD158.1 Ony On Your Mark, Get Set, Goals (34 min) 2002

DVD 174.4 Eth Ethics and Social Responsibility in Business (27 min.) 2003

DVD 302.2 Wor Words, Camera, Action: How Body Language, Tone and Words

Affects Communication (2011) 24 min

DVD 331.13 Per Personal Liability in the Workplace: Pranks and Harassment (2011) 12 min.

DVD 331.7 Fin Finance – Career Cluster (20 min) 2007

331.7 Sel Career S.E.L.F. Assessment: Finding a Job That Works for You (32 min)1997

DVD 332.63 UPS Business Basics: Ups and Downs of Stocks 24 min

DVD 332 Sta Stash that Cash: budgeting, Saving and Investing for Teens (21 min) 2006

DVD 332.02 Bud Budgeting and Financial Decision Making (2011) 36 min

DVD 332.02 Che Checking Accounts and Everyday Banking (2011) 31 min

DVD 332.02 Cre Credit, Borrowing, and Debt (2011) 36 min

DVD 332.02 Sav Saving and Investing (2011) 32 min

DVD 332.02 Tax Taxes and Tax Benefits (2011) 32 min

332.024 Nob No-Brainers on Personal Finance (1 hour) 1998

332.024 Pow The Power of Money (The Consumer Economics Series)

DVD 332.024 Tak Takling Control of Your Credit (26 min) 2008

DVD 332.1 Ban Banks: Modern Marvels (50 min) 2007

DVD 332.6 Und Understanding Wall Street (110 minutes) 2004

DVD 332.63 Pro Profits & Pitfalls of Mutual Funds (20 min)

DVD 332.63 His The History of Dow Jones (50 min) 2011

332.64 Sto The Stock Exchange Modern Marvels (50 min) 1997

332.7 Cre Credit Card Cautions (30 min) 2001

332.7 Per Perils of Plastic: Handling Credit

DVD 332.7 Tak Taking Credit: Understanding Loans, Credit Cards, and other Debts (22 min) 2008

332.76 Wri Writing Checks Right

338.040 Aco Acorn Entrepreneurs: Visions of Young Enterprises

DVD 338.092 Jcp J.C. Penney: Main Street Millionaire (2008) 50 min

DVD 338.4 Coc The Cola Wars (Marketing)

DVD 338.5 Bus Business Basics: Supply and Demand (2009) 30 min

DVD 338.7 Coc Coca-Cola: The History of an American Icon

DVD 338.7 Dav Dave Thomas: Made to Order (50 min)

DVD 338.7 Her Milton Hershey: The Chocolate King (2002) 50 min

340.112 Its It’s Not My Fault: Strange Defenses (50 min) 1999

DVD 346.02 Bre Breaking the Deal (Business Law series) (26 min) 2005

DVD 346.02 Con Contract Law (Business Law series) (26 min) 2005

DVD 346.02 Con Contract Law: The Sequel (Business Law serfies) (26 min) 2005

DVD 346.03 Tor Torts (Business Law series) (26 min) 2005

DVD 346.07 Bas The Basics (Business Law series) (26 min) 2005

371.425 Car Careers: Preparing for the Future

371.425 Wor Workforce 2000 Video Library (Includes 5 tapes, 21 segments, and 1 guide)

DVD 381 Ben Ben and Jerry’s

DVD 381 Wal Sam Walton: Bargain Billionaire (50 min)

DVD 381.4 Har Hardware Stores: Modern Marvels (50 min) 2007

382 Com Competing in a Global Environment (23 mi.) 1997

382.7 Fre Free Trade Slaves

608 Pat Patent Pending: American Inventions

DVD 609.2 Eva They Made America Great (inventions from the Steam Engine to Search Engine)

DVD 646.3 Fro From Business Casual to Hygiene (18 min) 2002

DVD 646.7 On On Your Own: Finding an Apartment (2010) 20 min

DVD 650.13 Man Manners at Work (20 min) 2006

DVD 650.14 Get Get Hired and Go: the Complete Guide to Getting a Job and Doing It Right (2011) 27 min each segment

DVD 650.14 Get Getting Good Answers to Tough Interview Questions (2009) 21 min

DVD 650.14 Mak Making a Good Impression: Resumes, Interviews and Appearnce (25 min) 2004

DVD 650.14 You You’re Fired! (19 min) 2004

DVD 651.13 Com Communicating with tact, candor & credibility

DVD 651.7 Dyn Dynamic Business Presentations (25 min) 2004

DVD 651.7 Kil Killer Presentation (90 min) 2006

DVD 651.7 You You’re Fired (30 min) 2006

DVD 658.1 Cus Customer Service with a Smile (2011) 22 min.

658.2 Fro Frontline: A Dangerous Business (60 min)

DVD 658.4 Maj Major League Entrepreneurs (CEO Exchange) (57 min) 2004.

DVD 658.4 Now Now Who’s Boss? Loews Miami Beach Hotel (45 min) 2004

658.8 Bra Branded: The Power of Brand Names

DVD 658.8 Buy Buying into Brand Marketing: Shaping Your Perceptions

DVD 658.8 Com Communicating with Customers: An Entry level guide (15 min) 2005

DVD 658.8 Dea Dealing with Customers (2005) 26 min

658.8 Int Introduction to Marketing

DVD 658.8 Mar Marketing’s 4Ps: The Consumer Angle (25 min) 2009

DVD 658.8 Mer Merchandising: The Store as Persuasion (30 min) 2002

DVD 658.8 Sec Secrets of Selling: How Stores Turn Shoppers into Buyers (25 min)

DVD 658.8 Sup Supermarkets: Aisles of Persuasion (2012) 28 min

DVD 658.8 UPG Upgrade Your Communication Skills at Work:Ads and Brochures 2009 81 min

DVD 658.85 Pos Positioning: How Advertising Shapes Perception

DVD 658.85 Sel Selling Skills (35 min)

DVD 659.1 Ada The Ad and the Ego (57 min.) 1997-2007

DVD 659.1 Adi Ad Infinitum: The Many Paths into Advertising (61 min) 2007

DVD 659.1 Ame America’s Ad Icons (51 min) 2004

659.1 Sel Sell & Spin: A History of Advertising

DVD 659.1 Vis Visual Merchandising

DVD 659.1 Why Why Ads Work: The Power of Self Deception (22 min)

DVD 659.1 Why Why You Buy: 21st Century Advertising (23 min)

659.14 Bes The Best of Broadcast Commercials: From Winecoolers to Greenpeace

686.2 Typ Typography

DVD 688.7 Bar Barbie’s Midlife Crisis; Mighty Mattel Fights Back (30 min) 2005

DVD 746.9 Cal Calvin Klein: A Stylish Obsession

DVD 781.45 Mar Mary-Kate &Ashley Olsen (50 min)

DVD 794.8 Gam Game On (90 min) 16 min.

DVD 929.2 Van The Vanderbilts: An American Dynasty (50 min) A&E

DVD Civ A Civil Action (2 copies)

DVD Net The Net (Sandra Bullock – feature film)

DVD Rai The Rainmaker

DVD Net The Net

DVD Wor Working Girl

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