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Business Skills

We offer a wide selection of business skills courses geared towards the needs of managers and individual contributors. Our business skills courses enable students to gain the competencies they need to be successful business professionals.

Business Complete

This comprehensive library includes all Element K authored business courses with a diverse array of business, sales, and customer service skills and leadership training.

Business Fundamentals Premium Library

The Business Fundamentals Premium library delivers courseware that increases the effectiveness of managers and business professionals. The content provides principles and guidelines, job aids, and activities that map to real world situations. These premium courses feature business simulations with scenarios that reflect common business challenges. Students apply their newly acquired skills by making decisions throughout the simulated scenario, accessing guidance, and altering decision history when desired.

Business Fundamentals Library

The Business Fundamentals Library covers a broad range of business and soft skills topics for all levels of professionals. This interactive training addresses professional development, customer-facing skills, and personal enrichment.

Sales Effectiveness

The Sales Effectiveness library provides practical guidelines, tools, and best practices needed to be successful throughout the sales cycle.

Improving Customer Service

This library provides the strategies and techniques customer service agents need to deliver professional and effective service, maximizing bottom line results.

Developing Call Centers

The Developing Call Centers library provides the tools and resources professionals need to strengthen their call center operation, employee satisfaction, and employee retention.

Diversity Awareness

This library provides specific strategies for attracting, retaining, and developing a diverse staff, and fostering an environment that capitalizes on the uniqueness of each individual.

Leadership Transitions

This library helps managers navigate moving into a new leadership role. Includes a wide array of assessment and planning tools designed in collaboration with Michael Watkins, one of today’s foremost experts in leadership transitions.

Situational Leadership® (Second Edition) Library

The Situational Leadership® library includes quality leadership training courses by the Center for Leadership Studies.

Story Based CasesTM

The Story Based Cases™ library includes the most common organizational change initiatives (Giving Constructive Feedback, Managing Poor Performance, Cultivating Open Communications, and more).

Writing Skills for Business Professionals, RGI Learning

Never underestimate the power of a well-written business communication. We are living in a time when effective business writing and communication skills are essential. Business writing styles have changed. If you or your team is not using updated business writing techniques, you may be jeopardizing a new deal, an ongoing project, or a successful client relationship. Our business writing courses will quickly provide you or your team with the skills to explain business concepts, products, services, or ideas to others.

Basic Business Writing

This series teaches how to organize thoughts and information for clear, concise, and effective communications.

Writing Business Letters, Memos and E-mail

This series combines the Basic Business Writing courses with detailed courses about writing concise, yet complete email messages, creating informative and persuasive letters and memos and identifying effective methods for proofreading messages on screen and on paper.

Writing Business Reports and Proposals

This series teaches how to organize information into a coherent sequence and make an effective recommendation, plan and write a persuasive comparative analysis, write for audiences of varying levels, write a convincing executive summary, identify readers’ needs, design a proposal to meet them, and convey a confident image, both in appearance and language use.

Comprehensive Business Writing

This series combines the Basic Business Writing, Writing Business Letters, Memos and Email, and Writing Business Reports and Proposals libraries into one comprehensive package.


Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct library addresses the need to increase legal awareness and ethical performance in the workplace.

Employment Law

The Employment Law library covers topics to prevent innocent oversights in the workplace that might place your business at risk. Example topics include: ethics, computer security, disease, discrimination, and disability.

Financial and Legal Compliance

The Financial and Legal Compliance library offers training on ethical and legal reporting requirements, including mandates of the Sarbanes-Oxley law.

HIPAA Awareness

The HIPAA Awareness library provides health care professionals with the necessary online learning courses for HIPAA compliance training for all entities within an affected organization.

Occupational Safety

The Occupational Safety library provides environmental, health and safety training that maps to OSHA compliance regulations and other regulatory standards. Example topics include: fire safety, chemical safety, asbestos awareness, and basic first aid.

Sexual Harassment

This library includes online learning courses on the policies and procedures for preventing Sexual Harassment in the workplace, including content to help organizations comply with the California mandate AB 1825.

Workplace Ethics

This library includes compliance and ethics training, satisfying the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.



The A+ library trains to CompTIA exam objectives and includes Windows, Macintosh, networks, and more.


The Cisco Training Library includes critical skills and certification objectives for Cisco's Associate and Professional level certifications (CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCDP, CCSP, and CCVP).
Cisco Advanced Technology Library

This library includes advanced networking technologies such as: CallManager, IOS, IPT, IPv6, MSCV, MPLS, Optical Networking, Routing, Security, Service Provider, Storage Networking, and Wireless


The CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) library includes authorized Cisco training supporting the CCNP certification.


The CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) library includes authorized Cisco training supporting the CCNA certification.

Computer Professional Library

The Computer Professional library includes the most comprehensive collection of IT training topics, such as Networking, OS, Programming, Web Development, Database, and Design courses.

Communications Technologies

This library includes communication technologies and design network courses (TCP/IP, ATM, VoIP, Wireless and more).

Core Network Technologies

The TRA Core Networking Technologies Library contains detailed training about major networking technologies including ATM, Voice over IP, MPLS, SS7 and Quality of Service.

Corporate Comprehensive

This library includes the full suite of Element K-authored IT and Business courses, from office applications to advanced programming, networking, design and media, and general business skills training.

Data and IP Networking

The TRA Data & IP Networking Library contains detailed training about major IP based networks including TCP/IP, DSL, VPNs and frame relay.

Design and Media Library

The Design and Media library includes graphic art, design and media training from Adobe, Macromedia, Corel, Lotus, Quark, and Microsoft (Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker, Quark, InDesign and more).

E-business Library

The E-Business library includes Internet technology application courses used to carry out, improve, and streamline business processes (E-Commerce, site planning, security, encryption and more).

European Computer Driving License (ECDL-ICDL) Library

This library includes training courses mapping to the ECDL certification exams (Word processing, Internet, email, spreadsheets, databases, and more).

Fundamentals and Emerging Technologies

This library contains a variety of topics on voice, data, wireless and emerging technologies that introduce the learner to widely used telecommunications and internetworking technologies.


The LINUX library includes SUSE® Linux, LPI, Linux+, Red Hat, and Unix, tools, utilities and more.

Microsoft Complete

The Microsoft Complete library includes IT professional and end-user courses and labs developed for Microsoft proprietary software.

Microsoft Office Pack Library

The Microsoft Office Pack library includes Microsoft desktop application training on Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, and FrontPage.

Network and Operating Systems Library

This library includes dominant server and operating systems courses including Microsoft®, Novell, Linux, Unix, and mainframe technologies (MCSA, MCSE, CNE, A+, i-Net+, Network+, Server+, LINUX and more...).

Novell Complete

The Novell Complete library includes courses specifically developed for Novell products.


The Network+ library includes IT training to prepare for the CompTIA Network+ exam.

Office Productivity

The Office Productivity library includes desktop operating systems and general office applications courses (Microsoft Office, Windows, Lotus Smart Suite, and more).

Office Productivity Multi-Lingual Library

The Office Productivity Multi-Lingual library includes desktop operating systems and general office applications training in 15 languages (Microsoft Office, Windows, Lotus Smart Suite, and more...). This library is also available in an English-only version.

Optical Networking

The TRA Optical Networking Library contains detailed training courses about the basics of optical networking and SONET.

Programming and Web Development Library

This library includes web application, scripts, and relational database courses (Java, Oracle, VB, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP, COBOL, HTML, XML and more...).

Project Management Library

This library includes training to support the Project Management Institute's Project Management Professional® (PMP) Certification, CompTIA's Project+ Certification, and more.

The Server+ library includes IT training to prepare for the CompTIA Server+ exam.

Security Library

This library includes IT courses mapping to the CISSP certification, CompTIA´s Security+ and Security Certified Professional's (SCP) certification (Security+, Network Security Fundamentals, and more).

TRA Communication Technology Library

This library offers telecommunications and internetworking courses, developed by experts who actually helped develop the technologies (GSM, 3G wireless, VoIP, optical networking and DSL).


The TRA Wireless Library contains detailed training courses about mobile technologies including 3G, Cellular, CDMA, GSM, UMTS and other emerging technologies.


Available only from Element K, vLabs give students hands-on sessions, connecting directly to live hardware and software—not simulations. Our vLab technology provides students the opportunity to practice and reinforce newly learned skills in integrated labs, allowing them to gain job-related experience by working on actual projects. Students have 24/7 access to live equipment in a risk-free environment, utilizing the Element K bank of servers and infrastructure.

e-Reference Books

Our technical eBooks provide a quick, accurate learning resource for busy professionals in need of just-in-time content.  Our e-Reference books provide straightforward answers to technical questions without additional courseware.  eBooks are also the perfect continuous learning resource for employees who have completed e-Learning courses and wish to develop advanced skills in a specific tool or application.  The online e-Reference library contains thousands of the most current technical and business eBooks available.

Subject matter in the eBooks spans the gamut from technology theory and complex procedures to leading management and business ideas from true thought leaders. You'll find the pedagogy and format of the references run from “Teach Yourself” eBooks for the independent learner, to texts packed with hundreds of command-line definitions and detailed data tables, to practical “how-to” eBooks explaining management approaches, techniques and tips.

Online Reference Articles

For employees who need an immediate answer to a defined work problem in IT, Articles is the perfect product. Concise, available anytime online, and aimed at delivering a quick answer, our technical Articles will help employees on the front lines attempting to complete time-sensitive projects. These concise IT Articles provide job-related, technical solutions with step by- step instructions, full illustrations, task-based techniques, and time-saving tips. They offer the greatest benefit to those who have a working knowledge of a technology, and require task-specific information. Most Articles reference titles address a defined need or outcome, and are four to six pages in length. You'll have unlimited access to an extensive archive containing almost 5,000 technical Articles, with new titles added monthly.

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