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First Science – This rich content area site includes science articles, news, video clips, quizzes, games crossword puzzles, cartoons, science projects, web cams, picture gallery.

Dictionary of Number Words – This dictionary defines English language words, phrases, prefixes, suffixes, and symbols that describe numbers.

Cut the Knot – This site includes interactive math games that use Java applets and much more content related to mathematical thinking and processes.

EyeWitness to History- This site offers a look at “history through the eyes of those who lived it.” It is a repository of personal narratives which cover the ancient world to the present. Snapshots, videos, and voices from the past help tell the stories.

Scholastic News – An excellent source of current, expository, e-text written for kids of all ages, this site also has sports and entertainment news sections.

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts – A collection of public domain documents from American and English literature The new version has many downloading options including plain text, HTML, XML, PDF, Palm DOC, Palm Reader, Rocket eBook.

http://www.infomotions.com/alex New version at http://www.infomotions.com/alex2/

Electronic Text (LD Resources) – Richard Wanderman’s collection of electronic resources which include E-text books, quotations, historic documents, puzzles, lists, tools, sources.

Breaking Down Barriers to Assistive Technology Grants - Fill in an application to obtain a grant for the Accessibility Suite for your entire school. Your obligation is to USE the programs. No strings. After the grant is up, you pay an annual small maintenance fee based on the number of computers to get new updates, programs and receive technical support or not.

FOR-PD Resources - Developed for the Florida Online Professional Reading Development course offered by the University of Central Florida, this rich database of classroom applications, strategies, lesson plans, web sites, articles, resources is accessible to anyone.


Between the Lions: Games - Cornerstones: A New Approach to Literacy Development for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children has a great tool for teachers of children who are deaf and hard of hearing: A Cornerstones teaching unit based on an episode of "Between the Lions," the award-winning PBS literacy series for beginning readers. Included are clear lesson plans as well as supportive material. For children with Down syndrome.


Mighty Books – Over 200 very cute illustrations and books for young students. Automatically advances pages but a switch user can control the stop/play button which is located in the same place on each page. Some of the stories highlight the words or groups of words as they are read to you. They have a variety for many ages and have them broken into age groups. This site also has some great videos to access various topics. There are also some very cute and fun music videos and sign-a-longs (a great relaxation song for kids). These too can be controlled easily by a switch user controlling pause/play. Also, there are some great books for parents and families regarding kids.

Children's Storybooks Online – Online illustrated children’s stories for all ages.

Pre-School Library - Fun animation. Reads to you. Basically set up to click in one area (good for switch users).

Cbeebies Story Circle - This is a bbc page. Good for switch users. It reads to you. The stories are very colorful. The buttons flash to give cues as to when to click to move on.


Compiled by Eileen Pracek, 1/05

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