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  1. Set A Date

  • Decide where the ceremony will be held.

  • If Nampa 1st Church of the Nazarene is selected, make sure that the hall of choice is available by checking the calendar and call the main office. Make sure your reservation request is confirmed by the Rectory person in charge of reservations. You should reserve the Hall 2 to 3 hours before the ceremony and 2 to 3 hours after the ceremony

  • Make sure the date does not conflict with a Troop 112 activity

  • Make sure all the guest speakers are available

  • Make sure your family members are available

  • As soon as the date is set, contact the Troop 112 Executive Committee Chariman to reserve the Eagle Court Of Honor flags/banners for the ceremony. The flags must be picked up on Monday through Friday between 8 am and 4 pm unless special arrangements can be made (i.e. pick up at the scout room). They should be returned the Monday after the ceremony.

  1. Prepare The Invitations

  • You can purchase the official Eagle invitation card stock and envelopes from the Scout Shop in 50-ct packages.

  • Many Eagle invitations include photographs of the Eagle Scout. These can be done professionally or using a personal camera.

  • You may either have the invitations printed professionally or print them using a personal computer/printer. Our experience has been that Kinkos cannot print on the heavy card stock and half sheets used on the blank invitations.

  • The invitations should include the following information:

  • Traditionally, the invitations have read…

The (Family Last Name) Family

and Boy Scout Troop 112

Cordially Invite You To Attend The

Eagle Court of Honor Ceremony

to award

(Scout's Name)

the rank of

Eagle Scout

  • Date of Ceremony

  • Time of Ceremony

  • Place of Ceremony (complete address)

  • RSVP information (phone, email)

  • Invitations should be mailed a minimum of 4 weeks before the ceremony. They should be sent to:

  • Every Troop 112 family (address list is available from the troop Scoutmaster or troop treasurer…it is also distributed at the Committee Meetings)

  • BSA District Advancement Chairman and District Executive

  • The Sponsoring Organization

  • The sponsor of your Eagle Project

  • Family Members and guests

  1. Decide on a Ceremony Format

  • The format of the Eagle COH Ceremony is completely up to the Eagle Scout and his family. A traditional COH Ceremony may have the following agenda:

Court Of Honor Program

Call to Order

Presentation of Colors

Eagle Escort


Call to the Eagle's Nest

Trail to Eagle

One Hundred Scouts

Personal Video (optional)

Review of Eagle Rank Criteria

Eagle Scout Oath

Presentation of Eagle Scout Medal and Parent Pins

(Lighting of Eagle Candle)

Presentation of Eagle Neckerchief and Slide

Presentation of US Flag and Commendations

Eagle's Charge

Keynote Speaker

Parent's Minute

Sponsor's Minute

Eagle's Minute

Scoutmaster's Minute

Closing Ceremony
However, your COH may have a different format. There are many examples of COH ceremonies on the internet. Simply do an internet search for "Eagle Court Of Honor Ceremony" to find many, many great ideas. After deciding upon a format, select speakers for each agenda item in the program. Provide information to the speakers, if necessary (i.e. the Eagle Charge you wish to have read at the ceremony).

  • Prepare the Eagle Court Of Honor Program. Card stock with the Eagle Scout insignia for the cover of the program is available from the Scout shop. The format is up to you but it should include the agenda and speakers in the ceremony. Most Scouts have also included one or more of the following:

  • Scout's Trail to Eagle ranking dates and special recognition dates

  • Eagle Scout Badge description

  • One Hundred Scouts

  • Poems
  • Recognition of important people along the Scout's Trail to Eagle

Prepare the program in the "landscape" format for printing. You might want a long-neck stapler to assemble the programs, or have this done as a service at a print shop like Kinko's.

  1. Preparation for the Ceremony

  • In addition to speakers for the ceremony, you should choose and contact scouts to hand out the Eagle COH programs at the entrance, scout escorts for the Eagle scout and his parents, color guards, food servers, and a set-up/clean-up committee.

  • The Troop purchases the Eagle Scout medals; however, the Scout is responsible for providing his own Eagle neckerchief and Eagle slide. These may be purchased at the Boy Scout Shop. The parents may also choose to purchase a certificate binder to hold and display the Eagle Certificate. The Scout Shop has binders with the Scout insignia.

  • The parents should be invited to come forward when the Eagle Scout Medal is pinned on the Scout. The Scout will pin on the mother's pin and father's tie pin. Parents should come to the ceremony prepared for this. The mother should wear her Scout ribbon so the Eagle Scout may easily pin on the mother's pin. The father's pin may either be pinned to a tie or converted to a lapel pin by removing the small chain.

  • The red table cloths used in regular troop Court of Honor ceremonies may be borrowed for the Eagle Court of Honor. Contact the Advancement Chairperson to borrow them.

  • If candles will be used in the ceremony, it is advisable to purchase new ones. Also, don't forget to bring matches!

  • Eagle Insignia Placard and green candle stands are stored in the Scout storage room of the AV room. You may choose alternative ways to display the placard and candles.

  • You will need the troop flags (US and Troop 112), flag holders and possibly some of the candle holders (depending on your ceremony). Make sure they will be available on your COH date. These are stored in the Scout storage room of the Quartermaster’s Room.

  • The Eagle Plaque, which is displayed inside the foyer of the church, may be borrowed to display at the ceremony. Coordinate getting the Eagle Plaque with the troop Eagle Scout Counselor.

  • Prepare all the medals, parent pins, certificates, kerchief, etc. so they are easy to get during the ceremony. Many families put the Eagle certificate in a frame or certificate binder (available for purchase at the Scout Shop).

  • Some ceremonies have included an "Eagle's Nest". Seats are reserved at the front rows, perhaps even segregated with a slight off-set to other chairs if desired, so all scouts and adults who have achieved the rank of Eagle rank may sit together. If you will be having a "Eagle's Nest", be sure to place "reserved" signs on those seats.

  • "Reserved" signs should be placed on the chairs for the Eagle Scout and his parents and on any other chairs which should be reserved for guest speakers.

  • Some scouts like to have a guest book at the ceremony. It can be placed at the entrance or on the memory table for guests to sign. Be sure to have a pen that people can use. Choose one that is large so it will not be put into someone's pocket by mistake.

  1. Decide On The Decorations
  • Decorations are completely up to each family's individual taste. It is recommended that the tables at the front be covered with tablecloths. Serving tables also look nicer when they are covered by tablecloths. Using plastic tablecloths on the serving tables makes cleanup much easier!

  • If wall decorations are used in the Parish Hall, they must be put up with tape that can be removed at the end of the ceremony.

6. Decide On The Refreshments

  • Be sure to provide a knife to cut the cake and cake servers. Providing plastic gloves for the servers to wear is advisable but not required.

  • Order the cake at least one week in advance. Talk to the Troop Committee for help.

  • Some families choose to serve a light meal or snacks at the COH. It is entirely up to each family to decide on the refreshments that will be served. It is absolutely acceptable to limit the reception refreshments to cake and a beverage.

  • Eagle COH plates and napkins may be purchased at the Boy Scout Shop; however, many families choose to use less expensive plates and napkins which can be purchased at party outlet stores.

  1. Prepare A Memory Table

  • Traditionally, Troop 112 Eagle COH Ceremonies include a memory table. The memory table holds pictures, awards, scrapbooks and other items that help "tell the story" of the scout's climb to the rank of Eagle. The troop Eagle Scout Counselor has requested that the Eagle scout create a picture board of the Eagle project and have several copies of the Eagle project report on display at the Eagle COH. Many guests attending the ceremony may not be aware of the details of the Eagle project. Also, it is a great way to introduce younger scouts about the steps in an Eagle project.

  • Commendation letters from government officials can be displayed in a binder on the memory table or presented during the ceremony (Note: Since the September 11th tragedy, the commendation letters and US flags have taken much, much longer to receive. Unfortunately, the COH may be planned before the arrival of these items.)

  1. Send Thank You Notes

  • After the Eagle COH ceremony, thank you notes should be sent to each participant in the ceremony. This includes all speakers and those who helped with the reception.

  • Thank you notes should also be sent to anyone who brought a gift for the Eagle Scout.

  • You may purchase packages of thank you cards/envelopes with the Eagle Scout insignia from the Boy Scout shop; however, any thank you note card or letter will be fine.

  1. Take Snapshots at the Court Of Honor Ceremony

  • Don't forget to take a camera to the ceremony!

  • Plan to take snapshots of the Eagle scout in front of the cake, memory table, etc. BEFORE guests begin to arrive. There may never another chance to get them!

  • Make prearrangements with someone to take snapshots during the ceremony and reserve a seat in one of the front rows for your photographer.

  1. Take A Professional Eagle Scout Photograph

  • Nampa 1st Church of the Nazarene requests that each Eagle scout provide an 8x10 professional photograph for their perpetual display of Troop 112 Eagle Scouts.

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