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Chapter 24 Vocabulary Name

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Chapter 24 Vocabulary Name_______________________________
Write a short definition of the following vocabulary and/or give an example that explains the meaning in relation to the study of Oklahoma.
1. “cronyism” ________________________________________________

2. “loan sharking” ________________________________________________

3. phenomenon ________________________________________________

4. pari-mutuel betting ________________________________________________

5. escalation ________________________________________________

6. extortion ________________________________________________

7. indictment ________________________________________________

8. collateral ________________________________________________

9. corporate takeover ________________________________________________

10. right of sovereignty ________________________________________________

11. prison riot ________________________________________________

12. incarceration ________________________________________________

13. bribery ________________________________________________

14. inheritance tax ________________________________________________

Chapter 24 Vocabulary Key

1. “cronyism” the employment of friends or relatives by an elected official

2. “loan sharking” lending money at excessive rates of interest

3. phenomenon any state or process known through the senses rather than intuition or reasoning

4. pari-mutuel betting a law which allows wagering on horse races

5. escalation to increase rapidly

6. extortion felonious act of extorting money of officials for doing their sworn duty

7. indictment formal document charging a person with a criminal offense

8. collateral a security pledged for the repayment of a loan

9. corporate takeover using a targeted company’s own assets to buy or take over the company and to pay off the debt incurred

10. right of sovereignty the right a country or nation to exist independently

11. prison riot wild or violet confusion within a prison by inmates

12. incarceration the state of being imprisoned

13. bribery anything given to induce someone to do something wrong

14. inheritance tax the tax on the estate of a deceased person

YOU SAID IT!” Name_________________________

Match the statement to the person in Chapter 24 who said it.
(1) “Please don’t make me out a A. Government spokesman

women’s liberationist.”

B. Patience Latting

(2) “Running against a woman is the most

impossible thing I ever had to do.” C. Unknown prison inmate
(3) “This is a revolution!” D. Idabel citizen
(4) “I was left to mind the store.” E. Bill Bishop
(5) “Arrest the killer by 7 p.m. or face F. Joe Bailey Cobb

violence in the streets.”

(6) “Rumors and a lack of communication

are responsible for this isolated incident.”

Oklahoma in the 1970s and 1980s Name___________________________________

Complete the following statements.
1. David Walters was elected governor in _______________.
2. Walters had run for governor in 1986 but was defeated by __________________.
3. During Walter’s tenure in office, he developed and promoted a ____________________.
4. Walters’s successful efforts resulted in the first measure of its kind to be approved in

___________________ years.

5. On October 21, 1993, Governor Walters became the first Oklahoma governor to plead guilty to a

___________________ while in office.

6. An Oklahoman who served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the mid-1980s is


7. In 1994, ___________________was appointed to serve as ambassador to the Court of St. James (Britain).

8. Oklahoma enjoyed a boom in its economy in the early 1980’s because of the __________________market.
9. The failure of ___________________in 1982 caused financial problems for many banks.
10. The largest number of bank failures occurred in ___________________.
11. By __________________the oil boom slid all the way to bust.
12. __________________, an Oklahoman from Holdenville, became well known as a corporate raider in the


Student Activity Book Chapter 24   HIGHLIGHTS OF THE 1970s AND 1980s
I. VOCABULARY. Write a short definition for each word below.
1. women’s liberation___________________ 5. collateral______________________________
2. extortion______________________ 6. “loan shark” __________________________
3. allege____________________________ 7. “inheritance tax” _________________________
4. expenditure___________________________ 8. ultimatum _____________________________

II. COMPLETION. Fill in the blanks.

1. The reapportionment plan adopted by the legislature was written mostly by__________________.
2. The most serious, acute state problem faced by Governor David Hall was the_________________.
3. David Hall was defeated in his bid for reelection by____________________________________.
4. David Hall was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury on the charges of ______________________.
5. The first governor to have more than 500,000 votes in a general election was_________________.

6. Some of David Boren’s most important work as governor was in __________________________


7. Boren resigned as governor __________________________days before the end of his term so

that he could be appointed___________________________________________.

8. The governor of Oklahoma during the remaining days of Boren’s term was____________________.
9. David Boren was succeeded by_________________________________________.
10. The youngest person to be elected state representative was__________________________.
11. The first Oklahoma governor to succeed himself was___________________________________.
12. The biggest news stories in the state in 1981 82 were the ________________________scandals.
III. MATCHING. Match the date to the event.
______ 1. Patience Latting was sworn in as mayor. A. July 27, 1973
______ 2. David Hall was elected governor. B. 1975
______ 3. McAlester Prison riot occurred. C. September 28, 1982
______ 4. A “double celling” ruling was ruled illegal by a Federal judge D. April 13, 1971
______ 5. The double celling was court-approved. E. January, 1980
______ 6. A former governor was indicted by a Grand Jury F. March 14, 1976
______ 7. A former governor convicted on charges G. May 30, 1974

and sent to Federal prison.

H. 1970

______ 8. David Boren was inaugurated as governor.

I. August 29, 1983

______ 9. The Idabel race riot occurred. J. January 13, 1975

______10. The Connors Prison riot occurred. K. July 5, 1982

______11. Voters approved pari-mutuel betting. L. September 21, 1982

______12. The Penn Square Bank failed.

IV. TRUE or FALSE. Write “T” for true and “F” for false.

______ 1. Patience Latting was the only woman mayor of cities with more than 30,000.people.
______ 2. Latting was the first woman to be mayor of a city with more than 200,000 people.
______ 3. David Hall inherited a state with financial problems.
______ 4. Most of the state’s increased revenue during Hall’s administration went to fund and improve


______ 5. Despite personal efforts, few industries came into the state during Hall’s administration.
______ 6. David Boren was the youngest man to serve as governor of Oklahoma.
______ 7. Boren was responsible for eliminating inheritance tax between husbands and wives.
______ 8. Oklahoma produces more race horses per capita than any other state.
______ 9. Penn Square Bank’s failure had no effect on banks in other states.
______10. The county commissioner scandals were largely confined to Oklahoma and Tulsa counties.


1. Explain the “Boom and Bust” cycles that cause severe problems in Oklahoma’s economy.
2. Explain the interrelationships of “Boom and Bust” on various sectors of the economy, including energy, industry, financial, and real estate sectors.
3. What were the results of the grand jury investigation into Gov. Walters’ campaign of 1990?
4. What were some of the positive accomplishments of the Walters administration?

5. Discuss the role of Oklahomans in the Gulf War; include military involvement

of Oklahomans who helped to extinguish the oil well fires in Kuwait.

6. Discuss the accomplishments of William J. Crowe.
Chapter 25

Lesson Plans for Oklahoma History Teacher_________________ Date__________________
Common Core

Content Standard 3: The student will analyze the formation and development of constitutional government in Oklahoma.

3.4 Describe the division, function, and sharing of powers among levels of government including city, county, tribal, and state.

3.5 Identify major sources of local and state revenues and the services provided including education, infrastructure, courts, and public safety.

Content Standard 5: The student will investigate how post-war social, political, and economic events continued to transform the state of Oklahoma during the 1950s through the present.

5.5 Analyze the evolving relationship between state and tribal governments impacting tribal self-determination and control over Native American lands and resources including issues of joint jurisdiction, taxation, and gaming.

5.7 Describe the contemporary role the state’s agriculture plays in feeding the nation and the world including the wheat, corn, cattle, pork, and chicken industries.

5.10 Cite specific textual and visual evidence to analyze the causes and effects of the domestic terrorist attack on the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City including the responses of Oklahomans to the event, the concept of the “Oklahoma Standard” and the creation of the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.

Read The New Century, Chapter 25, pages 387-405.

Be prepared to participate in class discussion using the questions on page 405.

Complete the following written assignments.



Take a Closer Look


I. Discussion Questions
1. Why was the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building called “the worst act of terrorism in history?”
2. Identify:

Timothy McVeigh

Terry Nichols

Branch Davidians

Stephen Jones

Michael Tigar

Michael Fortier

Richard Matsch

3. Describe the tragedy that occurred on May 3, 1999.
4. Describe the major change in corrections in the 1990s.
5. What are pros and cons of the large number of tribal gaming facilities here?
6. Give examples of renewal projects developed with public funding.
7. List animals raised as an industry in the state.
8. List cash crops that thrive in the state.
9. Describe the length of the first Persian Gulf War and Oklahoma’s role in it (refer to previous chapter).
10. Describe the length of the second Gulf War and Oklahoma’s role in it.

II. Activities:

1. Time Line - add the following people, events and dates to the classroom time line.

Oklahoma City Bombing

Governor Frank Keating

May 3, 1999 Tornado

Governor Brad Henry

September 11, 2001

War with Iraq

2. End of the Century Vocabulary

3. Matching/Current News

4. Research a terrorist attack in the United States. Find out where it happened, who did it, why, how many were killed or injured, and what changes were made afterward to prevent similar occurrences.

5. Debate: State funds should be spent on prevention programs like education, job training, and drug rehabilitation more than on prisons.

6. What three things would you want to save if your home were threatened by a tornado? Why these things?

7. Why might attorneys refuse to defend Timothy McVeigh? Why would others agree to represent him?

END OF THE CENTURY VOCABULARY Name____________________________
I. Identify:

2. millennium___________________________________________________________

3. Y2K bug_____________________________________________________________
4. heartland_____________________________________________________________
5. extensive _____________________________________________________________

6. encouragement _________________________________________________________

7. expectation ____________________________________________________________
8. mourning _____________________________________________________________
9. devastation ____________________________________________________________
10. renovation ___________________________________________________________

Name ____________________________________________________

a. List at least 3 fears that people had about the turn of the century/millennium:

b. List at least 3 ways in which Oklahoma responded to the emergencies caused by the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building:




c. List 3 facts about “the fence” that was erected around the bombing site:


d. List 3 problems identified by people who object to the large hog farms in northwestern Oklahoma:


e. List 3 items said to be needed for success in a project such as MAPS:


TAKE A CLOSER LOOK Name ________________________

Complete the following statements or identify as directed.
1. What was the exact time of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building? ________________________________________________________________________
2. Why was it called the worst act of terrorism in history? _________________________________________________________________


3. Identify:
a. Timothy McVeigh______________________________________________________.
b. TerryNichols__________________________________________________________.
c. Branch Davidians_______________________________________________________.
d. Stephen Jones__________________________________________________________.
e. Michael Tigar_________________________________________________________.
f. Michael Fortier________________________________________________________.
g. Richard Matsch________________________________________________________.
4. What major tragedy occurred on May 3, 1999?


5. How many people died in this event?


6. What is a safe room?


7. In the elections of 1996, who was elected to be a United States Senator?


8. What political party won all of the Congressional district representative positions? ___________________________________________________________________.
9. In 1998, who was elected:
a. Governor ____________________________________________________________

b. Lieutenant Governor____________________________________________________

c. United States Senator____________________________________________________
10. How many farmers are operating in the state?


11. What is the most notable change in farm production in the last five years of the century?


12. What is the controversy about hog production?


13. What is the number-one cash crop in Oklahoma?


14. What was the major change in corrections in the last five years of the century?


15. Where are the private prisons located?


16. Where is the first private city/county jail located?


17. What was the unemployment rate in non-farm jobs as of November, 1999?


18. What is the MAPS Project?


19. What new facilities were to be built?



20. What facilities were to be renovated?


Match the following: Name ______________________________

____ Brad Henry 1. Leader of al-Qaeda

____ Republican Party 2. Terrorist group led by Osama bin Laden.
____ Casinoes 3. A location that suffers from a natural disaster.
____ September 11, 2001 4. Sworn in as Governor on January 13, 2003.
____ Osama bin Laden 5. Headquarters of U.S. Defense Department
____ Saddam Hussein 6. Gained a majority in House of Representatives in 2005.
____ al-Qaeda 7. Date of terrorist attack on World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
____ Afghanistan 8. Gaming centers owned and operated by Indian tribes.
____ disaster area 9. President of Iraq before the invasion by the U.S.
____ Pentagon 10. Country where al-Qaeda conducted training and possible hiding place of Osama bin Laden.

Using the current news as a resource, evaluate the state of the Iraq war at this time.


Student Activity Book Chapter 25 - END OF THE CENTURY
I. Identify:
1. century____________________________________________________________

2. millenium_______________________________________________________________

3.Y2K bug________________________________________________________________
4. heartland_______________________________________________________________
5. extensive _______________________________________________________________

6. encouragement __________________________________________________________

7. expectation _____________________________________________________________
8. mourning ______________________________________________________________
9. devastation _____________________________________________________________
10. renovation ______________________________________________________________

11. terrorists _______________________________________________________________

II. COMPLETION. Fill in the blanks.
1. What was the exact time of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building? ___________________
2. Why was it called “the worst act of terrorism in history” up to that time? ______________________

3. Identify:

a. Timothy McVeigh __________________________________________________________

b. Terry Nichols ______________________________________________________________

c. Branch Davidians ___________________________________________________________

d. Stephen Jones ______________________________________________________________

e. Michael Tigar ______________________________________________________________

f. Michael Fortier _____________________________________________________________

h. Osama bin Laden ___________________________________________________________

4. What major tragedy occurred on May 3, 1999? __________________________________.

5. How many people died in this event? __________________________________________.
6. What is a “safe room?”__________________________________________________________.

7. In the elections of 1996, who was elected to be a United States Senator? __________________.

8. What political party won all the congressional district representative positions in 1996?


9. In 1998, who was elected?
a. Governor________________________________________________________________.
b. Lieutenant Governor_______________________________________________________.
c. United States Senator_______________________________________________________.
10. How many farmers are operating in the state? _________________________________________.
11. What is the most notable change in farm production in the last five years of the century? _______
12. What is the controversy about hog production? ________________________________________


13. What is the No. 1 cash crop in Oklahoma? ______________________________________.
14. What was the major change in corrections in the last five years of the century? ______________
15. Where are the private prisons located? ______________________________________________
16. How many American Indian tribes are recognized in the state of Oklahoma? ___________________

17. What industry do the American Indian tribes operate in the state? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

18. What are some advantages and disadvantages to the tribes and the people of the state?


19. Who was elected governor and took office in 2003? What was his party affiliation? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
20. What is the MAPS Project? ___________________________________________________
21. What new facilities were to be built or renovated?

22. What event happened on September 11, 2001?


23. What reason did the terrorists give for attacking the United States on September 11, 2001?


24. What were some of the problems that resulted from the attacks?


25. How did the United States respond to the attack?


(It may be necessary to research current events in this area.)

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