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Songs for every Easter” CD A wonderful compilation of Easter songs suitable for church/schools

A spring thing songbook /CD 30 songs on the theme of Easter and spring

Listen to samples online

Website: www.outoftheark.com

  • Redhead Music: Sheila Wilson

Wide variety of musicals suitable for all ages for use in church or schools


Easter Praise” excellent for all ages with two rhythmic chants in it!

C.D include sung versions and backing tracks

Catalogue available.

Listen to samples online @ www.redheadmusic

  • Under 5s Groups

Playtime” @ Care for the family

Outline for toddler/pram groups explaining the meaning behind Easter. Lots of downloadable activities including a service plan /invitations. www.engagetoday.org.uk/playtime

Teddy’s Adventure is a specially written story to explain the meaning of Easter. With a slide show presentation, colouring sheets, advertising posters, craft ideas and a ready-made script, Teddy’s Adventure will help you connect with your group in a lively and exciting way.

Our Easter Play: Brian Ogden Barnabas books

Our Easter Play” An easy-to-perform nursery rhyme play for early learner’s .The story is recounted through narration, mime and singing to popular nursery rhyme tunes.

Bible reading Fellowship: Lots of downloadable ideas for all age talks, children’s group’s games, crafts. Look under church then ideas section
Life words produce an excellent selection of Easter materials to be used in churches and the community .Includes assembly plans, Easter scripts, and a selection of booklets to give out at your event. New booklet for 2011 “Witness Easter voices “

Diocese of Gloucester www.experienceeaster.org

Wealth of Easter ideas to use in church and the community

See the egg venture bead bracelet set in an egg!
The Real Easter Egg: Traidcraft. UK’s only fair-trade Christian Easter egg order from www.realeasteregg.co.uk

  • Useful books

The colours of Easter”

A visual approach to the Easter story using colour, sound and light

Devised and written by the creative team of ‘Children in Urban Situations’ (CURBS), this is a highly visual approach to the telling of the Easter story. The book aims to help children discover the story by seeing, hearing, experiencing and doing. The material is broken into seven sessions that can be used at any time over the Easter period, as part of services, collective worship in schools, an all-age presentation or even as the basis for a holiday club. Lively, imaginative and versatile, this book is full of ideas and contains all the information needed to run each session

The Road to Easter”.

Activity programme for Lent and Easter .Eight sessions using the theme of a road to apply the Easter journey too .Stories/games crafts

The Easter Journey

An imaginative presentation for churches to use with primary schools. Provides an exciting opportunity for church-based children's teams to perform a delightful, easy-to-do presentation to their local primary schools. Aimed at Year 5 children, the material gives pupils and teacher a memorable learning experience by unfolding the Easter story through creative storytelling and simple drama

Footsteps to the Feast Contains twelve two-hour programmes which are ideal for special events or after-school clubs, picking up on Christian festivals and special days of the year including Advent, Easter, Harvest and Halloween

Play and Pray through Lent
A family resource: stories and activities to use with children at home. For 5–7 year olds and all who work with them. A playful and prayerful journey through the six weeks of Lent, this book aims to introduce children to the Easter story by building up to it in a fun but thoughtful way. Drawing on children’s natural sense of playfulness in order to engage them with the issues, it offers simple yet effective visuals to bring biblical themes to life, and gives simple guidelines on how to explore those themes, day by day, week by week, at home or at church.


Easter Cracked

Contains a wealth of materials ideas for drama. Craft, Easter events and service outlines.

Xpedition force

A 5 day holiday club which follows the life of Christ from Palm Sunday through to the resurrection .Ideal to run over the Easter break.

The Miracle Maker

Book and DVD can be used as an Easter holiday club or day event for children.

Love Life Live Lent family book and booklets contain over 40 simple things to do during Lent: one action for each day. These actions help us to transform our world - locally, nationally and globally.

With separate booklets for kids and for adults/youth, a book for families and supporting resources for churches and schools, everyone can get involved. Particularly popular with children .The website has ideas for children’s groups/sermons/house groups all free to download.

Godly play storytelling:

A selection of Easter story boxes available in the Ark resources room St James house to borrow

To book a Godly play storytelling workshop for your Parish contact


  • Craft Ideas

Easter Cracked: Scripture Union book

Selection of Easter crafts to make

Easter Make and Do : Barnabas books

Craft ideas which bring the story of Easter to life. Discover fresh ideas for Easter preparation and bring to life the story of Easter through crafts.

Make and Do Bible Crafts : Barnabas Books

Wide selection of bible crafts covering Easter and Christmas

Activity village is an excellent website for Easter craft ideas.


Baker Ross

Online craft supplier wide choice of Easter crafts

Crafty Crocodiles

Similar craft items to Baker Ross not as big a selection wide a choice but very price competitive

Even Jelly Beans can be used to share the good news message of Easter -

Jelly Bean Prayer

Red is for the blood He gave,

Green is for the grass He made,

Yellow is for the sun so bright,

Orange is for the edge of night.

Black is for the sins that were made,

White is for the grace He gave.

Purple is for the hour of sorrow,

Pink is for the new tomorrow.

A bag full of jelly beans,

Colorful and sweet,

Is a Prayer...is a Promise... Is an Easter treat!

Jelly bean poem for little ones

This idea it is a lovely visual way to remind little ones about that Jesus loved them so much that He was willing to lay down His life for them.

You will need a bag of different coloured jelly beans and one bag per child taking part in this activity. Read this poem to them allowing them time to take a jelly bean of matching colour and place it in their bag print out and attach the poem .You could decorate the bag

Red is for the blood He gave.

Green is for the grass He made.
Yellow is for the sunflowers so bright.
Black is for the dark of night.

White is for the grace He gave.
Orange is for the sun He made.
Purple is for the hours of sorrow.
Pink is for our new tomorrow.
A bag full of jelly beans,
colourful and sweet.
It's a prayer, a promise, and a child's treat.
May the risen Lord Bless you
this Easter and always


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