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Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem


All praise is for Allah, the Most High, the Lord of the Worlds. Peace be upon all the Prophets of the past as well as our Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu 'alaihi wa aalihi wa sallam).

"Ibaadur Rahman"

[Servants of the Most Compassionate]

  "And among people there is one who would give away his life to seek the pleasure of Allah.

Allah is affectionate to His devotees." [ al-Quran 2:207]

"Declare: Surely my Salah (prayer), my devotion, my life, and my death are all for Allah the Lord of the Worlds." [ 6:162]

Dear brothers and sisters,

Assalamu 'alalikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

Praise be to Allah, who has made us among this Ummah of Muhammad (sallallahu 'alaihi wa aalihi wa sallam). This is the mature Ummah, but unfortunately we are also affected by the trials. We are performing Salah (prayer) and observing Sawm (fasting) but our supplications (Du'a) have no effect on our situation. In the Quran, Allah says: "O Prophet! Allah is all-sufficient for you and for the believers who follow you." [Anfaal - 8:64] and "Successful indeed are the believers.." [Mu'minuun - 23:1]. But are we not the believers, and are we not following His Prophet? Our situation is like those hypocrites about whom Allah said "..They have forgotten Allah; so He has forgotten them.. (Taubah - 9:67)". We have forgotten our promises with Allah that we will only worship Him Obey Him. We may have names such as 'Abdullah or 'Abdur-Rahman but are we really the true servants of Allah? Do a few prostrations (Sujjud) are enough to show that we are submitting to Him? A true Servant of Allah is the one who surrenders his Will (wishes, desires) to the Will of Allah. When our hearts & bodies will submit to the commandments of Allah, (insha'Allah) He will respond to our Supplications (Du'a) immediately. Allah says: "When my servants question you about Me, tell them that I am very close to them. I answer the prayer of every suppliant when he calls Me; therefore, they should respond to Me and put their trust in Me, so that they may be rightly guided." [al-Baqarah - 2:186]. Today we learn some of the characteristics of the true servants of Allah and try to imitate them because our Du'a is not enough until we change our selves. Allah says: "... Allah never changes the condition of a people until they intend to change it themselves. If Allah wants to afflict a people with misfortune, none can ward it off, nor they can find any protector besides Him." Al-Quran [ar-Ra'd - 13:11].

-=[ Ikhlas - Sincerity ]=-

A'maal (Deeds) without Ikhlas (sincerity) are like bodies without the soul, or dead bodies. At the times of the Prophet ('alaihi salam), the hypocrites (Munafiqeen) were performing the similar 'Ibadah (worship) as the true believers (Sahaba). Their physical (bodily) actions were similar to the believers, but the hypocrites had no sincerity in their actions (ie: hearts were empty). The story of Habil and Qabil also points to the importance of sincerity. Allah says: "And tell them the story of the two sons of Adam (Abel and Cain). Each one of them offered a sacrifice. God accepted the sacrifice of one of them (Abel) but not that of the other (Cain) who then said to his brother, "I shall certainly kill you." (Abel) replied, "God only accepts the offerings of the pious ones (almuttaqeen) ." [Maa'idah - 5:27]. Allah did not accept the offering from the one who was insincere. So do we reckon that Allah will accept our fasting, our Ibadah? Don't we worship Allah as we are doing a favor on Him, rather than asking for His favors? Our motive is to get the paradise, but don't we know that no one will enter paradise without the Grace and Mercy of Allah? Rasul- Allah ('alaihi salam) said: "None amongst you can get into Paradise by virtue of his deeds alone. They said: O Allah's Messenger, not even you? Thereupon he said: Not even I, but that Allah should wrap me in His Grace and Mercy." [Sahih Muslim (6764), Abu Hurayrah(r) narrated]. Shouldn't our motives also be to achive Allah's pleasure and mercy? After all, the pleasure of Allah (Ridwan Allah) is much better than just the paradise, as Allah says: 

æÚÏ Çááå ÇáãÄãäíä æÇáãÄãäÇÊ ÌäÇÊ ÊÌÑí ãä ÊÍÊåÇ ÇáÇäåÇÑ ÎÇáÏíä ÝíåÇ æãÓÇßä ØíÈÉ Ýí ÌäÇÊ ÚÏä æÑÖæÇä ãä Çááå ÇßÈÑ Ðáß åæ ÇáÝæÒ ÇáÚÙíã

"Allah has promised to the believers, both men and women, gardens beneath which rivers flow, to live therein forever, and they will have beautiful mansions in these gardens of everlasting bliss. Best of all, they will have the good pleasure of Allah. Now that is the highest achievement." al-Quran [Taubah - 9:72]

-=[ Ihsaan - Perfection ]=-

Our Prophet ('alaihi salam) told about the level Ihsan (perfection) as "you worship Allah as if you are seeing Him, and in case you fail to see Him, then observe prayer (with this idea in your mind) that (at least) He is seeing you."

Ibaadur Rahman are those Servants of Allah, who worship Him with the certainty (Yaqeen) that they are standing in front of the Lord Of The Universes. They don't worhip Him to demand paradise but to thank Him, praise Him for His unlimited favours on them. Allah says: "If you want to count the favors of Allah, you will never be able to number them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful," (Nahl - 16:18). They humbly worship him and 'hope' for his Mercy and Forgiveness. [And your Lord says: "Call on Me, I will answer your prayers. Surely those who are too arrogant to worship Me shall soon enter hell in humiliation.", al-Quran (40:60)].

"To Him belongs whosoever is in the heavens and on earth. And those who are near Him (i.e. the angels) are not too proud to worship Him, nor are they weary (of His worship)." al-Quran [Anbiyaa - 21:19]

"If you disbelieve, then you should know that Allah does not need you. He does not like ingratitude from His servants. Therefore, if you are grateful He is pleased with you..." [Zumar - 39:7]

Ibaadur Rahman will be prepared to sacrifice anything that they can, only for a smile from Allah. The one who has experienced this, will surely have no interest in these worldly (fake) entertainments. People might consider them tasteless, but they taste the sweetness of Faith; which is far sweeter than these worldly entertainment. Such are the ones, when they judge they judge with justice & wisdom, and don't even care about their own or their friends' interest.

æãä ÇáäÇÓ ãä íÔÑí äÝÓå ÇÈÊÛÇÁ ãÑÖÇÉ Çááå æÇááå ÑÄæÝ ÈÇáÚÈÇÏ

"And among men is he who sells himself to seek the pleasure of Allah ; and Allah is affectionate to His devotees." [al-Baqarah - 2:207]

-=[ Ibrahim and Islam (Submission) ]=-

Sayyidina wa Khalilullah (Allah's friend), Ibrahim (Abraham, sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam) has been given a high esteem in many religions in the world. However, only Islam teaches us his true way. Allah says: "Who has a better Deen (way of life or religion) than the one who is a Muslim (submits himself entirely) to Allah, does good to others and follows the faith of Abraham the upright one, whom Allah chose to be His friend?" [an-Nisaa - 4:125].

Sayyidina Ibrahim ('alaihi salam) lived his life submitting to Allah alone. He surrendered his Will to the Commands of Allah. When Allah commanded him to sacrifice his only-son (at that time) Isma'el ('alaihi salam), he fulfilled Allah's command without finding any excuse (ie: without saying "Oh Allah! this is my only son.."). Unfortunately, we call ourselves Muslim but we are not prepared to sacrifice our time, our temporary possession and our way-of-life for Allah. Actually, we don't have trust on Him. When Ibrahim ('alaihi salam) was about to be thrown into the fire, his trust was on no one but Allah. Did not Allah always save him? He was never proud of his deeds and he will say "O Lord, please accept this..". "And when Abraham and Ishmael raised the foundations of the House and dedicated it by saying: "Accept this from us, O Lord, You are the one who hears all and knows all..." [2:127]. Such is the example of 'Ibaadur Rahman. We can obviously not reach to their level, because of our weaknesses, but we can try to get as close as we can.

Whenever Allah said "O Ibrahim!", his reply would be "Labbayka ya Rabbi Labbayk!" (Here I am at your service, O my Lord, here I am). So do we Muslims think we only have to say 'Labbayk' in the Hajj and then forget it? Allah says: "No one turns away from Abraham's Tradition except one who makes a fool of himself. To Abraham We have granted distinction in this world and in the life hereafter he will be among the righteous ones. When God commanded Abraham to submit, he replied, "I have submitted myself to the Will of the Lord of the universe." [2:130-131].

Þá Çä ÕáÇÊí æäÓßí æãÍíÇí æããÇÊí ááå ÑÈ ÇáÚÇáãíä

"Declare: Surely my Salah (prayer), my devotion, my life, and my death are all for Allah the Lord of the Worlds." [ al-An'aam - 6:162]

-=[ 'Ibadur Rahman ]=-

WE have already seen some distinct characteristics of 'Ibadur Rahman. We will now look at what the Qur'an has clearly said about them.

Al-Quran [Furqaan - 25:63-76]

['Ibadur Rahman] True servants of the Compassionate (Allah) are those who walk on the earth in humility and when the ignorant people address them, they say: "Peace;" ¤ who pass the night prostrating before their Lord and standing in prayers; ¤ who say: "Our Lord! Ward off the punishment of hell from us, for its punishment is atrocious ¤ - certainly it is an evil abode and an evil resting place;" ¤ who, when they spend, are neither extravagant nor stingy, but keep the balance between those two extremes; ¤ who do not invoke any other god besides Allah, nor kill any soul which Allah has made sacred, except for a just cause, nor commit fornication - he that does this shall be punished for his sin, ¤ and his punishment shall be doubled on the Day of Resurrection and in disgrace he shall abide forever, ¤ except the one who repents, becomes a true believer, and starts doing good deeds, for then Allah will change his evil deeds into good, and Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful. ¤ He that repents and does good deeds, has truly turned to Allah with good turning. ¤ Those are the ones who do not bear witness to falsehood and, if they ever pass by futility, pass with dignity. ¤ Who, when reminded about the revelations of their Lord, do not turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to them. ¤ Who pray: "Our Lord! Make our wives and our children to be the comfort of our eyes, and make us leaders of the righteous." ¤ Such are the ones who will be rewarded with the lofty places in paradise for their patience, wherein they shall be welcomed with greetings and salutations. ¤ They shall live forever in that excellent dwelling and excellent resting place! ¤

O Allah, forgive our sins, our laziness, our ignorance, our arrogance; and accept our 'Ibadaat and teach us the ways to get closer to you. O Lord of Ibrahim ('alaihi salam) and Muhammad ('alaihi salam), purify our hearts from the lures of this world and help us surrender our way-of-life to what you have taught through our Prophet (sallallahu 'alaihi wa aalihi wa sallam). Allahumma, 'a'inna 'ala dhikrika wa-shukrika wa-husni 'ibadatik. Wa-la taj'alna, rabbana, min al-ghafilin. (O Lord, assist us in remembering You, thanking You, and in the beauty of worshipping You. And do not put us, O Lord, among the neglectful). Ameen.

"Strive in the Way of Allah as you ought to strive with sincerity and discipline; He has chosen you and has not laid upon you any hardship in the observance of your faith - the faith of your father Abraham. He named you Muslims before in prior scriptures and in this (The Qur'an), so that His Messenger may testify against you and you yourselves may testify against rest of the mankind. Therefore, establish Salah, pay Zakah and hold fast to Allah, Who is your Protector - so what an excellent Protector and what a splendid Supporter!" al-Quran [al-Hajj - 22:78]

"We wrote this in The Zaboor (Psalms xxxvii, 29) after the reminder (Torah given to Moses): that as for the land, My righteous servants shall inherit it." ¤ Surely in this is great news for those people who worship Us. ¤ O Muhammad, We have not sent you but as a blessing for all the worlds. ¤ Tell them: "It has been revealed to me that your God is One God - will you then become Muslims?"" al-Quran [al-Anbiyaa - 21:105-108]

"To the righteous soul it will be said: 'O fully satisfied soul!

Return to your Lord, well pleased with Him and well-pleasing to Him.
Join My servants, and enter My paradise.'" al-Quran [al-Fajr - 89:27-30]

"Glory be to your Lord, the Lord of Honor, He is free from what they ascribe to Him!

Peace be on the Messengers, and praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds." Al-Quran [37:180-182]

'Allahumma salli 'ala muhammadin wa 'ala ali muhammadin kama sallayta 'ala ali ibrahima wa 'ala ali ibrahima

wa barik 'ala muhammadin wa 'ala ali muhammadin kama barakta 'ala ibrahima wa 'ala ali ibrahima, innaka hammidum majeed


Irshad-e-Rabbani   hai:

Ae ALLAH Hum sirf Teri Hi Ebadat Karte hian aur Tujhi Se Madad mangte hain.”( Al-Fatiha:04)

Is  Aayat mein Do Baaten irshad Farmai hain: 1.Ebadat aur 2. Madad


Har Qisam ki Ebadat sirf ALLAH TA’ALA ke liye hai. Wohi  Khaliq aur Ma’bood hai.Wo Kisi Ka MUHTAAJ nahi.Ebadat aur Madad mein farq hai. Aayat mein  “Iyyaka  Na’bodo Wa Iyyaka  Nasta’een” , Wow Aatifa’ zahir karta hai ke Ebadat alag cheez hai aur Madad, ik alag cheez. Ebadat sirf  ALLAH ke liye hai, kisi Mekhlooq ki Ebadat ki jae to yeh Shirk aur Kufr hai. Jabk  Madad’ Haqeeqtan ALLAH ki taraf se hai lekin Majazan  Bandoon se bhi mangi ja sakti hai.

ALLAH TA’ALA se Madad mangne k   different tareeqe Quran o Hadees se sabit hain.

Ik hai , ALLAH TA’ALA se direct Madad mangna.
~ALLAH k kisi Mehboob Moqam aur Mehboob bande, Nek kaam  k Waseele se Madad talab karna.Yeh aik Mustahsan A’mal hai Kuenk  Waseela Qa’im karna ALLAH ki Sunnat e Kareema hai. Rizq ki Farahmi ka mamla ho, Rooh qabaz karne ka amal ho ya Insan ko Hadayat o Rehnumai ata karni ho, har kaam k liye ALLAH ne Waseela peda kar Rakha hai.
Isi tarah QURAN Pak mein,.. Hazrat Ya’qoob(Alaih Salam) ka  Hazrat Yousaf(Alaih Salam) ki qameez ko Aankhoon se laga kar Benaie Hasil karna,


Hazrat Zakariya(Alaih Salam) ka Hazrat Maryam(Aliah Salam) ki Mehrab mein khare ho kar Aolad ki Dua mangna 

aur  Moqam e Ibraheem par Khare ho kar Namaz parna…etc
Yeh  sab WASEELA ko Ja’iz aur ALLAH ki Bargah mein Maqbool hone ko Zahir karte hein.
Waseela ka Saboot Quran aur Hadees mein Mo’tad moqamat par Milta hai. Is ko Naja’iz aur Haram qarar dena Aqlan aur Naqlan BATIL ,…. aur Shirk qarar dena Qata’n Galt aur Naja’iz hai.
ALLAH ke Mehboobin Wafa’t ke Ba’d bhi Madad karte hein Jese k Hazrat MOOSA(Alaih Salam) ka  Me’raaj ki  Shab 50 Namazoon ko 5 Karwana.
Ahl.e.Islam  Jab  HUZOOR PAK(Sallal lahu Alaihe Wassallam) ko ya Deegar  Anbia Karam aur Aolia O Saliheen  ko Waseela banate hein to in ki Ebadat Nahi karte aur  Na ALLAH ki Tauheed ka Inkar karte  hein.

Isitarah  ALLAH ke kisi Moqarrab ko, Bargah-e-Khudawand i mein Waseela bana kar Madad Mangna bhi Ja’iz hai. Ahl-ul- ALLAH se Madad talab karna aik Mehboob A’mal hai, Yeh Madad mangne Wale ki madad farmate hain. Jis se Madad talab ki Jae, ose  Hosool-e-Faiz aur Qaza-e-Hajat ka zarya samja jae aur Yeh Aqeeda rakha jae ke ALLAH ke Moqarrab bande beghair A’TA-E-ILAHI ke khud is kaam ki Qudrat Nahi rakhte Jabk Madad Karne Wali HAQEEQI aur QADIR Biz-Zaat  ALLAH TA’ALA hi hai.


Ya ALI Mushkil Kusha!,

Ya Ghous-e-Azam! ,…. Is tarah Pokarna SHIRK Nahi hai.
Kuenk Jab  YA RASOOL ALLAH, Ya Ghous ul Azam, Ya Data,..etc  Kaha jata hai to is se Ebadat maqsood Nahi hoti aur Na ALLAH ke Siwa kisi NABI ya Wali ke Huzoor DUA ki Jasakti hai. Yeh  Sirf ALLAH TA’ALA hi ka Haqq hai, kisi Mekhlooq ka nahi.
Kisi NAbi ya Wali se Madad Mangne ke bare mein ik Bohat Sada aur Aasan Hadees Pak ko Bayan karna kafi hai. Wese to is ka sabot Quran O  Hadees mein kai moqamat par milta hai. Yeh Hadees Saheeh Bukhari aur Muslim mein mojod hai.
"Jab Qayamat ka din ho ga to Ahl-e-Mehshar ghabra kar Hazrat AADAM(Alaih Salam) k paas jaen ge aur un se Arz karen ge k ALLAH se hamari sifarish kijye.HAZRAT AADAM(Alaih Salam) kahen gey k mein is qabil nahi, tum HAZRAT IBRAHHEM (Alaih Salam) k paas jao.HAZRAT IBRAHEEM(Alaih Salam)  kahen ge k mein is kabil nahi, HAZRAT MOOSA(Alaih Salam) k paas jao aur wo kahen ge k HAZRAT I’ESA(Alaih Salam) k paas jao aur HAZRAT I’ESA(Alaih Salam) kahen ge k HAZRAT MOHAMMAD(Sallal lahu alihe wassallam) k paas jao.phir wo sab Mere paas aaen ge aur ,Mein kahoon ga yeh mera hi MANSAB hei ,Mein hi Is Kaam ke liye Hoon.”Ye Farma kar  Huzoor Pak(Salla lahu Alaihe Wassallam) Bargah-e-Rabbul Izzat mein Hazir hoon ge aur Sajda Karen ge. ALLAH PAK irshad farmae ga “AE MOHAMMAD! sar othao ,Kaho ..Tumhari Baat suni Jae gi, aur Maango,..Jo kuchh Maango ge Milay ga,aur Shafát Karo , Tumhari Shafa’t Maqbool hai.”


Is Hadees par ghor kiya Jae to Roz-e-Mehshar sari Ommattain ANBIA Karam se barah-e-raast Madad maange gi aur koi NABI yeh Nahi Kahe ga k Mujh se Kuen Madad maang rahe ho, yeh SHIRK hai, Ja kar ALLAH se direct maango. Ik  NAbi Shirk ke bare mein  ziada Janta hai ya Aaj ke Wo log jo Do, chaar  kitaaben par kar har Baat par Kufr o Shirk ka Fatwa lagate hein. Agar Os din Gher-e-KHUDA se  Madad maangna Shirk nahi ho ga to phir Shirk  aaj bhi nahi.

Waseele se Inkar karna aur Ahl-ul-ALLAh se Madad maangne ko Shirk kehna sarasar Jahalat aur Kam Ilmi hai. Aise Munkireen ko Mukhlasana Mashwara hai:


AAj  Le  Huzoor  Ki   PANAH !  Aaj  MADAD Maang Un Se!

Phir  Na  Maane Ge  Kal  QAYAMAT Mein, Agar Too Maan Gia…
Aur Aakhri  important baat:

Jo Aayat  Buttoon aur Kafiroon ke bare mein Nazil hui hain, Anbia aur Aolia ko un ka Masdaq thehrana aur ALLAH TA’ALA ne jo Hukm  Kafiroon aur Buttoon par Sadir Farmaya hai wo ALLAH ke Moqarrab aur Mehbobeen par lagana aur yeh Kehna k Koi Kisi Ka WAKEEL aur SIFARSHI  Nahi, Yeh  QURAN O HADEES ki Wazeh Makhalfat aur  ALLAH O RASOOL par Buhtan Lagana hai.QURAN Pak mein Jabaja Buttoon aur  Kafiroon ki Shafa’at ke Inkar ke Saath Momineen aur Muttaqeen ki Shafa’at ka Asbaat kiya  gia   hai.
YA  ELAHI !  Har  Jagah  Teri  A’ta  Ka   Saath  Ho,

Jab  Pare  Mushkil, SHAH-E- MUSHKIL  KUSHA  Ka  Saath  Ho,

YA  ELAHI !  Garmi-e- MEHSHAR Se  Jab  Bharkay  Badan,

DAAMAN-E-MEHBOOB Ki  Thandi  Hawa  Ka Saath  Ho!!
            Mera Dil  Bhi  Chamka De , Chamkane Walay !

                     Chamak  Tujh Se  Paate  Hein, Sab  Paane Walay.

wa Assalamu 'alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

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