Edited By Miss Fine & Miss Lopez Volume 2, Edition 2 October 20, 2016

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Edited By Miss Fine & Miss Lopez

Volume 2, Edition 2 October 20, 2016

Literacy News

During Reading Workshop we learned several new reading strategies! We practiced setting reading goals! We learned that good readers use post-it-notes in their books to show what they’re thinking. We talked about character traits and using our 5 senses to visualize the setting. We read The Ugly Pumpkin, Charlie Needs a New Cloak, and Harriet’s Halloween Candy and talked about the characters, setting, problem and solution of the story. Next week, the students will be learning about how we can make connections to our own life, another book, or to the world around us. We will be reading the books Oliver Button is a Sissy and Amazing Grace to practice this strategy.

The students are continuing to do a wonderful job with their spelling words each week. They are finally in the “spelling routine” and know what to expect each day. They are also getting faster at both sorting and putting their words in ABC order.

In Writer’s Workshop we are continuing to write small moment stories. We learned how to write stories with a set-up, mix-up and fix-up. We also talked about how important it is to have an exciting part in our stories for our readers to enjoy. We used some of our favorite picture books to help inspire us to make eye catching and exciting covers. This week we have worked hard at publishing our first stories and complimenting our fellow writers on their work.


We have been busy collecting lots of data. We learned how to use a thermometer and have been taking daily temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. We learned about the different types of clouds and what they look like. We also created our own cloud charts that you can find hanging in our classroom! We will be talking about the water cycle and reading The Magic Schoolbus at the Waterworks. Our students have been learning about all kinds of precipitation and created their own unique snowflakes that will decorate our classroom this winter.

Last week, our class was also treated to our first lesson in the KRS garden. We discussed which plants grow best during which seasons, and planted our own lettuce to grow in the garden. Thank you to Mrs. Saroul and Dr. Haliasos for introducing our class to the garden!

Please Keep In Touch!

e-mail: finea@madisonnjps.org


phone: (973) 593-3178


In Math we have been working on triple-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping. The students continue to amaze us with their math abilities! We have been using base ten blocks, pictures and even smart board games to show their thinking throughout this process. The students also learned how to play the games Addition Card Battle and Race to a Flat to practice their regrouping skills with friends. In the coming weeks we will be testing on subtraction and moving into our chapters on Bar Modeling.

We are beginning the process of memorizing our addition facts in class. It is crucial that your child have fact fluency to be successful in our various math units. We would appreciate any help you can give your child at home. Paper flash cards can be sent home for your child to cut out and use to practice. If you prefer to buy an inexpensive set of cards to use at home, that works too! The more they practice, the more fluent they will become!

Health/Responsive Classroom/Other

Our Morning Meetings are continuing very successfully. We have learned to say hello to our friends in many different languages. Some of these include, Chinese, French, Italian, German and more!

To celebrate Columbus Day we participated in several Columbus-themed activities. The children used their graphing skills to decode facts about Columbus and put on a play that detailed his journey across the Atlantic! You will find our Columbus drawings hung around the classroom.

This week we celebrated Safety Week at KRS. The students learned several things from our Madison police officers and firemen on ways to stay safe. We learned about sun safety from one of our own room parents, Dr. Haliasos.

We look forward to seeing you come to our classroom tomorrow for Parent Visitation Day earlier. Please arrive at 9 with a favorite picture book for you and your child to work with.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dates to Remember:

Halloween Parade- October 31st @ 1:15

Conferences- November 7 and 8

No School- November 10 and 11

Half day- November 23

Thanksgiving Recess- November 24 & 25

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