Editing is a dance of eyes

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Two Minute Film Project

AV. Production

Project #3
Editing is a dance of eyes.”
For this assignment, you will be making a 2 minute short film without any spoken dialogue. You can use music loops from GarageBand and Soundtrack Pro, but you cannot have the characters speak to each other. They must communicate with their body language, eye contact, or hand gestures. You can have characters “mouth” words, but you will not be able to hear this in the final product.
Step 1 – Character Development –
Characters are what they do, not what they say”
Create interesting characters that have the following:

    • Must have motivated actions (for example, if a character steals food from the market, what MOTIVATES that character to make that choice?)

    • Have flaws or quirks that make them unique (for example, the character is a compulsive liar or is a neat freak).

    • Go through change throughout the story (this can be a change in opinion, philosophy, environment, etc)

    • Wardrobe must match the character’s personality or mood that you are trying to create for the film.

Step 2Story and Plot

Write a treatment (a one page explanation of your story). Your treatment must have the following:

    • Typed, and double spaced, one page explanation of your story

    • Fit into a certain movie genre (horror, drama, sci-fi, etc)

    • Have a “hook” within the first 30 seconds

    • Have a Cause and Effect relationship

Draw a storyboard to plan out each shot of your film. Your storyboard must have the following:

  • Each cell represents ONE shot. Do not draw one cell with description that describes multiple shots.

  • Each cell must be clearly labeled with Shot #, short description of action, and proper use of camera terminology. (example: Shot 1, ES Outside School, Peter walks into Front Door).

  • The storyboard must be clearly drawn (example: if there is a Close Up, the figure drawn in the cell must appear to be close to the viewer).

  • Storyboard MUST match your story precisely. There should be no additions or gaps in comparing the treatment to the storyboard.

*Treatment and Storyboard will be TWO separate grades

      • Time: between 1.5 minutes min. and 2 minutes max (Including titles and credit.
        • A title: “AHS Productions” must be included at the beginning and at the end of your film).

      • Follow the rubric and other story and character requirements

      • Due date: December 6th, 7th (Monday and Tuesday)


Excellent (25)

Good (22)

Acceptable (18)

Needs Work (15)

Character Development

Characters go through changes in the story, and are motivated. Their wardrobe matches the film.

Characters are interesting to watch, but lack motivation and their wardrobe somewhat matches the mood of the film.

Some character development is present, but lacks good motivation for characters. Characters are flat or cliché.

No character development, characters are flat or cliché,


Actors demonstrate a range in their acting. They go through change.

Actors have good acting, but do not convey the right mood for the scene.

Actors do not have good acting and look as if they are forced into the role.

No acting is present in this film. Acting is flat.


Does not exceed the 2 minute limit and editing works well within the time frame.

Is between 1.5 minutes and 2 min.

Is 1.5 minutes exactly.

Exceed the 2 minute limit or below the 1.5 minute limit.


Has interesting titles, sound, and cohesive editing.

Has some titles, and some instance of cohesive editing.

Some titles, but lacks cohesiveness. Some extraneous frames are present.

No cohesiveness at all. The project is not finished at all.

*Just like any other project you do for this class, your project should NOT contain copyright music, improper use of language, nudity, nor bad language. Please refrain from inappropriate use of mature content.

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