Editor’s note 3 The College of St Cross at Oxford 4 Degrees Taken 17 The New Master of St Cross

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NUMBER 21 2004
Editor’s note 3
The College of St Cross at Oxford 4
Degrees Taken 17
The New Master of St Cross 23
Founders’ Feast 2003, Address by the Master 24
Awards, Prizes and Recognition of Distinction 26
New Fellows 27

Jonathan Baker Kurt von Mettenheim

Daniel Buck Michael Parker

Stephan Chambers Margaret Pelling

Grant Churchill Judith Pfeiffer

Jan-Georg Deutsch David Perrow

Vivian Ellis Mark Robinson

Rodney Hall Delores Romero Morales

Harold Jaffe Emilie Savage-Smith

Marina Jirotka Julian Savulescu

Simon Lamb Kate Venables

Petros Ligoxygakis

New Principal of Pusey House 33
Librarian’s Report 34

Archivist’s Report 37
St Cross College Gaudy 39

College Seminar 41

Thursday 13 March, 2003 Dodging Bombs in Bath-houses: Du Zhongyuan reporting China’s war with Japan, Rana Mitter

Obituaries 43

Stuart Wilson

Ben Pimlott
New Alumni and Development Office for St Cross 47
St Cross Alumni Association 48


This edition of the College Record is somewhat overdue for which I apologise. It covers the activities of the College up to the end of summer 2004. In future I hope to produce the Record at the end of each calendar year and the Newsletter in the middle of the year. The Record will include formal reports. The Newsletter will concentrate more on social events and Alumni matters. We plan to distribute both publications to all past and present members of the College and look forward to receiving material for inclusion in both of them.


February 2005



Goudie, Andrew Shaw, MA, DSc (MA, PhD Camb.)


Browning David George, MA, DPhil (BA Reading), Order of José Matías Delgado by Special Election; Registrar, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

Williamson, Edward James, MA, DPhil University Lecturer in Physics

James, Wendy Rosalind, BLitt, MA, DPhil, FBA Professor of Social Anthropology

Zimmermann, Friedrich Wilhelm, BPhil, MA, DPhil (MA Erlangen) University Lecturer in Islamic Philosophy

Warrell, David Alan, MA, DM, DSc, FRCP Professor of Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases

Tiffany, John Michael, MA (MA, PhD Camb.) University Lecturer in Ophthalmological Biochemistry

Abramson, Glenda, MA (MA, PhD Rand) by Special Election; Cowley Lecturer in Post-Biblical Hebrew

Parsons, Barry Eaton, MA (MA, PhD Camb.) Professor of Geodesy and Geophysics

Pethica, John Bernard, MA (MA, PhD Camb.) FRS Senior Research Fellow

Hedges, Robert Ernest Mortimer, MA (MA, PhD Camb.) Professor of Archaeology

Waters, David John, MA, DPhil (MA Camb.) University Lecturer in Metamorphic Petrology

Allan, James Wilson, MA, DPhil Keeper (Professor), Department of Eastern Art, Ashmolean Museum

Pendry, Anna Elizabeth, MA, DPhil (BEd Camb., MAEd Lond.) University Lecturer in Educational Studies (History)

Garcia-Bellido, E Paloma, MA (MA Texas (Austin), MA, PhD Universidad Complutense, Madrid) University Lecturer in Spanish Linguistics and Philology

Kruger, Nicholas, MA (PhD Camb.) University Lecturer in Plant Sciences

Harris, Ann, MA (PhD Lond.) Professor of Paediatric Molecular Genetics

McLatchie, Robert Craw Forsyth, MA (BSc Glas.) Senior Research Fellow; Industrial Director, Oxford Parallel

Mayhew, Nicholas, MA, DLitt by Special Election; Keeper (Reader), Heberden Coin Room, Ashmolean Museum; Vice-Master

Treadwell, William Luke, MA, DPhil (BA Camb.) Samir Shamma Lecturer in Islamic Numismatics, Ashmolean Museum

Thompson, Peter John, MA (BA Warw., PhD Pennsylvania), Sydney L Mayer Lecturer in American History

Gosden, Christopher, MA (BA, PhD Sheff.) University Lecturer in Prehistory and Curator of the Pitt Rivers Museum; Dean

Scott, Katherine, MA (MA, PhD Camb.) by Special Election

Adam, Christopher, MA, MPhil, DPhil (MA St. And.) University Lecturer in Development Economics

Davage, the Revd. William Ernest Peter, MA (BA Newc.; MPhil Leic.) Pusey Fellow

Pieke, Frank Nikolaas, MA (BA, MA Amsterdam; PhD California at Berkeley) University Lecturer in the Modern Politics and Society of China

La Rue, Hélène, MA, DPhil University Lecturer, Curator of the Bate Collection and the musical collections of the Pitt Rivers Museum

MacCulloch, Diarmaid Ninian John, MA, DD, (MA, PhD Camb.) FBA Professor of the History of the Church

Hope, Ronald Anthony, MA, BM, BCh (PhD Lond.) MRC Psych. by Special Election; Professor of Medical Ethics

Hamerow, Helena Francisca, MA, DPhil (BA Wisconsin-Madison) University Lecturer in European Archaeology (Early Mediaeval)

Whiteley, Jon James Lamont, MA, DPhil by Special Election; Senior Assistant Keeper, Department of Western Art, Ashmolean Museum

Chatty, Dawn, MA (BA, DPhil UCLA; MA, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague) by Special Election; Tutor for Women

Doherty, Maureen, MA (BA Lanc.; MA Open) by Special Election; Bursar

Rainey, Paul Barton, MA (BSc, MSc, PhD Canterbury NZ) Senior Research Fellow

MacGregor, Arthur Grant, MA (MA Edin.; MPhil, DLitt Durh.) by Special Election; Senior Assistant Keeper, Department of Antiquities, Ashmolean Museum

Endicott, Jane Anne, MA (MA, PhD Toronto) University Lecturer in Molecular Biophysics; Senior Tutor

Raynes, Edward Peter, MA (MA, PhD Camb.) FInstP, FREng, FRS Professor of Optoelectronic Engineering

Ulijaszek, Stanley Jan, MA (BSc Manc.; MSc, PhD Lond.) University Lecturer in Human Ecology; Tutor for Admissions

Forbes, Lesley Eleanor, MA (BA Durh.) Keeper of the Oriental Collections, Bodleian Library

Taylor, James, MA (MA Camb.; MSc Lanc.; PhD Lond.) University Lecturer in Management Studies

Taylor, Margaret, MA (BSc Warw.) by Special Election; Director, Management Information Services

Mitter, Rana Shantashil Rajyeswar, MA (BA, MPhil, PhD Camb.) University Lecturer in Modern History and Politics of China

Orford, Barry Antony, MA (BA, MTh, PhD Wales) Pusey Fellow

Briant, William Richard Christian, MA (MA Camb.) by Special Election; Head of Administration, Saïd Business School

Baltag, Alexandru, MA (MS Bucharest; PhD Indiana) University Lecturer in Computer Science

Dalton, Gavin Bruce, MA DPhil by Special Election; University Lecturer in Astrophysics

Savulescu, Julian, MA (BMedSci, MB, BS, PhD Monash) Uehiro Professor of Medical Ethics

Subrahmanyam, Sanjay, MA (BA, MA Delhi) Professor of Indian History and Culture

Ellis, Vivian Thomas, MA (BA Warw.; MA Washington State; PGCE Camb; Postgraduate Certificate in Research Methodology, Brighton) University Lecturer in Educational Studies (English)

Deutsch, Jan-Georg, MA (MA Hanover; PhD SOAS) University Lecturer in Modern History

Parker, Michael John, MA (BEd W England; PhD Hull) University Lecturer in Medical Ethics

Baker, Revd Jonathan Mark Robert, MA, MPhil Principal of Pusey House

Jirotka, Marina Denise Anne, MA, DPhil (BSc Lond.; MSc S. Bank) University Lecturer in Computer Science

Lamb, Simon Henry, MA (MA, PhD Camb.) University Lecturer in Structural Geology and Tectonics

Ligoxygakis, Petros, MA (BA Athens; MSc, PhD Crete) University Lecturer in Genetics

Chambers, Stephan, MLitt (BA Hull) by Special Election

Buck, Daniel, MA (BA, MA CSU Chico; MA, PhD Berkley) University Lecturer in Human Geography of China

von Mettenheim, Kurt, MA (BA Washington; MIA, PhD Columbia) University Lecturer in Brazilian Studies

Romero Morales, Dolores, MA (MSc Seville; PhD Erasmus University) University Lecturer in Management Studies

Hall, Rodney Bruce, MA (MS, MA, PhD Pennsylvania) University Lecturer in International Political Economy; Academic Director, Foreign Services Programme

Churchill, Grant Charles, MA (BSc MSc Saskatchewan; PhD Minnesota) University Lecturer in Chemical Pharmacology

Pfeiffer, Judith, MA (MA Köln; PhD Chicago) University Lecturer in Arabic

Pelling, Margaret Hansen, MA Mlitt (LittD University of Melbourne) by Special Election; Reader in the Social History of Medicine

Savage-Smith, Emilie, MA Status (MA, PhD Camb.) by Special Election, Archivist

Perrow, David, MA (MA Camb.) by Special Election; Director University Library Services, Bodley’s Librarian

Robinson, Mark, MA (PhD Lond.) by Special Election; University Lecturer in Environmental Archaeology

Venables, Kate, MA status (BSc, MSc, MD Lond.) by Special Election, University Lecturer in Occupational Medicine

Jaffe, Harold, MA (AB UC Berkley; MD UCLA) Professor of Public Health


Allen,Professor Sir Geoffrey, Kt (BSc, PhD Leeds), FInstP, FPRI, FRS

Seyoum, Prince Mangashia, GCVO, MA

Stafford, Godfrey Harry, CBE, MA (MSc Capetown, PhD Camb., Hon DSc Birm.) FInstP, FRS Master 1979-87

Crutzen, Paul Josef, (MSc, PhD, DSc Stockholm) Director, Atmospheric Chemistry Division, Max-Planck-Institut für Chemie 1980- ; Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1995

Lee, Hermione, MA, BPhil Goldsmiths’ Professor of English Literature 1998-

Repp, Richard Cooper, MA, DPhil (BA Williams Coll., Massachusetts) University Lecturer in Turkish History 1965-2003; Senior Proctor 1979; Pro-Vice-Chancellor 1994-2003; Master 1987-2003

Brook, Sir Richard John, OBE, MA (BSc Leeds, ScD MIT) Professor of Materials Science


Skipper, Constable Ian, MA


†van Heyningen, Ruth Eleanor (Mrs), MA, DPhil, DSc (MA Camb.) Fellow 1965-79; Senior Research Officer in Ophthalmology 1952-78

†Jones, Alan, MA (MA Camb.) Fellow 1965-80; Professor of Classical Arabic 1997-2000

†Whittaker, Eric James William, MA (BSc, PhD Lond.) FInstP Fellow

1967-83; University Lecturer in Geochemistry 1965-7, Reader in Mineralogy


†Tinsley, Thomas William, OBE, MA, DSc (BSc Durh., PhD Lond.) Fellow 1965-84; University Lecturer in Invertebrate Virology 1962-84; Director NERC Institute of Virology 1963-84

†Ward, Alan, MA, BLitt Fellow 1965-84; University Lecturer in English 1951-88

Walshaw, Charles Desmond, MA (MA, PhD Camb.) Fellow 1968-86; University Lecturer in Atmospheric Physics 1963-86

Porter, Simon Robert, MA, DPhil Bursar 1977-87

Hassall, Tom Grafton, OBE, MA. Fellow 1974-88; Director, Oxfordshire Archaeological Unit 1973-85; Secretary, Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England 1984-93

†Nye, Peter Hague, BSc, MA, FRS Fellow 1965-88; Reader in Soil Science 1961-88

†Patterson, David, MA (MA, PhD Manc.) Fellow 1965-89; Cowley Lecturer in Post-Biblical Hebrew 1956-89; President, Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies 1972-92

†Hodcroft, Frederick William, MA (MA Manc.), Commander of the Order of Isabel the Catholic; Fellow 1965-90; University Lecturer in Spanish 1953-90

Juel-Jensen, Bent Einer, MA, DM (Cand.Med. Copenhagen), FRCP, MRCGP, Hon FRGS; Fellow 1973-90; Medical Officer to the Medical School 1960-77; Clinical Lecturer in Communicable Diseases 1968-90; University Medical Officer 1977-90

Petford, Alfred David, MA, DPhil, FRAS Fellow 1967-90; Senior Research Officer, Department of Astrophysics 1961-90

Tregear, Mary, MA (BA Lond.) FBA Fellow 1967-91; Senior Assistant Keeper in Chinese Art, Ashmolean Museum 1970-87; University Lecturer in Chinese Art 1978-91; Keeper of the Department of Eastern Art 1987-91

Barton, the Revd John, MA, DPhil, DLitt (Hon Dr. theol. Bonn) Fellow 1974-91; University Lecturer in Old Testament Theology 1974-89; Reader in Theology 1989-91; Oriel and Laing Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture 1991-

Hockey, Susan Margaret (Mrs), MA Fellow 1979-91; Computing Officer in the Arts 1975-91

Smith, George David William, MA, DPhil, FInstP, FRS Fellow 1977-91; University Lecturer in Metallurgy 1977-93; George Kelley Reader in Metallurgy 1993-96; Professor of Materials Science 1996-

†Britton, Dennis, MA (MA Camb.) Fellow 1965-92; University Lecturer in Prehistory 1961-92

Brookes, Edward Michael, MA (BSc Durham; Hon LL D Waterloo; Ceng, MICE) Fellow 1972-92; Assistant University Surveyor 1964-76; University Land Agent 1976-83

Glare, Peter Geoffrey William, MA (MA Camb.) Fellow 1976-92; Editor, Oxford Latin Dictionary 1955-81; Editor, Liddell & Scott Supplement 1981-96

Saugman, Per Gotfred, OBE, MA Fellow 1978-92

Brown, Helen Wingate (Mrs), MA Fellow 1969-94; Assistant Keeper, later Senior Assistant Keeper, Heberden Coin Room, Ashmolean Museum, 1958-94

Beckett, Philip Henry Trim, MA, DPhil, DSc Fellow 1966-95; University
Lecturer in Soil Science 1958-88
; Redesignated University Lecturer in Plant Science 1988-95

Mould, Charles Marshall, MA, DPhil (BSc (Eng.) Lond.) Fellow 1981-95; Secretary of the Bodleian Library 1981-95

Olliver, Joseph Gascon, MA, DPhil (BSc Nott.) Fellow 1970-96; University Lecturer in Surveying and Geodesy 1966-96

Tyler, Godfrey John, MA (MSc Lond.; PhD Brist.) Fellow 1970-96; University Lecturer in Agricultural Economics 1968-96

Atkins, Frederick Brian, MA, DPhil Professorial Fellow 1975-97; University Lecturer in Mineralogy, Curator of the Mineralogical Collection 1969-97

Nizami, Farhan Ahmad, MA, DPhil (MA Aligarh) Junior Research Fellow 1983-85; Islamic Studies Fellow 1985-97; Director, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies 1985-

Bishop, David Hugh Langler, MA, DSc (BSc, PhD Liv.) Fellow 1984-98; Director, NERC Institute of Virology 1984-95

Roberts, Adrian David Scudamore, MA, BLitt (MA Camb.) Fellow 1978-98; Sub-Librarian, Bodleian Library; Keeper of Oriental Books 1976-98

Vessey, Martin Paterson, CBE, MA (MB, BS, MD Lond.) Fellow 1973-00; FRS Professor of Public Health 1974-00

Richards, Donald Sidney, MA Fellow 1967-00; University Lecturer in Arabic 1960-00; Dean of Degrees

Smith, Geoffrey MA, DPhil Fellow 1978-01;University Lecturer in Astrophysics 1969-00

Roe, Derek Arthur, MA, DLitt (MA, PhD Camb.) Fellow 1970-03; University Lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology 1965-97; Professor of Palaeolithic Archaeology 1997-03

Mackridge, Peter Alexander, MA, DPhil Fellow 1987-03; University Lecturer in Modern Greek 1981-96; Professor of Modern Greek 1996-03

† Founding Fellow

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