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Daniel Forbes-Ford The role of Hfq in ‘Salmonella typhimurium’ and ‘Escherichia coli’
Anne Haour The former Kano? Ethnoarchaeology of the site of Kufan Kanawa, Niger, West Africa
Jane-Elizabeth Kerkhoff Isolation Rearing-Induced Deficits in Prepulse Inhibition of Acoustic Startle Response:

How Reliable is this Phenomenon?

Fiona Moore Global elites and Local People: Images of Germanness and Cosmopolitanism in the

Self-Presentation of German Transnational Business People in London

Viet Schenk Visual identification of fine surface incisions
Duncan Watts Circular, Grating-Coupled, Surface-Emitting, Lasers
Wang (Yvonne) Ying Transition of a Third Front Enterprise Guannan-based Development Strategy and Ningjuli Emphasized College Transition in China’s State-owned Enterprises


Jan Olof Bengtsson The Worldview of Personalism: Origins and Early Developments
Tilman Bruck Coping with peace: Post-war household strategies in Northern Mozambique
Patrick Daly Biography, potency and life history in the late prehistoric Berkshire landscape
Lisa Dawson Sweet poison: the representation of lovesickness in early modern English literature, 1580-2645
Julian Faultless The prologue to John in Ibn Al-Tayyib’s ‘Commentary on the Gospels’
Polly Field Lipid recycling between liver and adipose tissue: Implications for the regulation of plasma lipoprotein concentrations
Nadia Jamil* Ethical values and poetic expression in Early Arabic Poetry
Britta Jensen Imperatives in English and Scandinavian

Kerstin Jentsch Mancor* The fictional representation of the occupation in Greek Literature

John Jungclaussen The Nazis and Hamburg’s merchant elite: A history of decline
Sister Edmée Kingsmill The Song of Songs and the Eros of God: A Study in Biblical Intertextuality
Amanda Lee Modelling uncertainties with an intelligent neuro-fuzzy sensor for fault detection and diagnosis in HVAC systems
Sara McFall Mapuche culture as a strategy for resistance in Chile
Thomas Povey On Advances in Annular Cascade Techniques
Elizabeth Schroeder-Butterfill Ageing in Indonesia: A Socio-Demographic Approach
Robert Simpson Metamorphism, melting and extension at the top of the High Himalayan Slab, Mount Everest region, Nepal and Tibet
David Van Heel The identification of inflammatory bowel disease susceptibility genes
Gro Ween ‘Bran Nue Dae’: Indigenous rights and political activism in Kimberley, Western Australia. A study of indigenous activism
Kees Windland Garibaldi in Britain: Reflections of a liberal hero
Victoria Winton A study of Palaeolithic artefacts from selected sites on deposits mapped as clay-with-flints in southern England, with particular reference to handaxe manufacture


Jonathan Baker

Gillian Bell

Elizabeth Schroeder-Butterfill


Marisa Grier

Michalis Kiourktsoglou

Takashi Yagi


Jaqueline Barrett


Raul Acosta

Andrew Amend

Nina Cole

Anna Dean

Sandra Jaeger

Sara McFall

Ryan Murray

Asma Mustafa

Guido Petruccioli

Jan Sabo

Wang (Yvonne) Ying


Yahia Baiza

Jamie Bartholomew

*Raeli Bronstein

Paul Cartwright

*Vivek Chauhan

Eniola Fadipe

*Yi Jiang

Anupum Khaitan

Kanita Karaduzovic

*Amanda Kibler

Boris Krey

Yan Liu

*Yihui Li

Lisa Maddigan

*Ka Wai Mak

Simon Malamis

Erica Moret

Nkunde Mwase

Athanasios Patsouras

Jyotin Pandit

Diyaa Rachdan

Adaikalavan Ramasamy

Pedro Ruiz Castell

Almut Scherer

Eric Shih

Yong Leng Soh

Kuotong Soo

*Yu Su

Fleur Tonies

Divya Vaid

Pia Windland

Holger Witte

Huazhang Zhou


*Grace Chew

*Irini Kalamakis

Zena Overton

*Korey Maas

Hugh Roberts

Amarjot Singh

Thiresia Spilioti

Laurie Whitcomb-Norden

Joseph Yarbrough

Wang Ying


Hannah Barney

Neil Dixon

Sarah Ker

Tajinder Sanghera



Khalon Al-Kharusi A¯tha¯r al-Kabı¯b. Habı¯b: Edition and Study
Linda Arthur Education Reform in Developing Countries: Decentralization with Reference to India and Pakistan
Suzy Bantick Imaging the Neural Correlates of Cutaneous Sensation and its Modulation by Psychological Factors
Gari Clifford Signal Processing Methods for Heart Rate Variability Analysis
Ranty Islam Massive Black Hole Remnants of the First Stars and their Significance in Present-Day Galactic Halos
Felix Kullchen Studies on Proline 3-Hydroxlase
Hsiao-Ting Lin A Re-examination of Nationalist China’s frontier agenda: A case study of Tibet, 1928 -1949
Nancy Miller-Chenier Gender equality and special protection in the workplace: Canada and Britain, 1965 - 1985

Anastasia Natsina Greek Short Stories in the last quarter of the Twentieth Century: A contribution to the study of the Post Modern

Timothy Rayment Modelling and Development of the Sprayform Tool Process
Peter Teriete The solution structures of the hyaluronan binding domain of CD44
Sue Walters Bangladeshi Pupils: Experiences, Identity and Achievement


Felix Kullchen


Daniel Stacowiak


John Clarke


Sharon Carlson

Frank Cho

Tatiana Giraldo

Eun Koh

Stephanie Leung

Kaoru Ogasawara

Nicholas Pialek

Sander Verboom


Gabriel Brat

*Katrina Crear

Victor Davies

Luca Giberti

Martha Hildebrand

Jessica Porter

Jenny Sandusky

Mike Shott

Lisa Warth

Helena Winston

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