Edmonds Cooperative Preschool

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Edmonds Cooperative Preschool

A Parent Participative Program affiliated with Edmonds Community College

Member Guide


Member Guide


Alderwood Early Childhood Center

2000 200th Place SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036


We admit students of any race, color, national and ethnic origins to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at our school. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of our educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered policies.

Table of Content

Member in Good Standing policy (MIGS) pg. 3-4

Enrollment & Terminating pg. 5

Classroom Rules and Standards pg. 5-9

Before Class, During Class, Bathroom Procedures

After Class, Work days, Buddy System, Unable to work

Substitutes, Snack/Lunch, Field Trips

Member Job pg. 10-11

Cleaning , Attendance to Member Meetings

Tuition pg. 11-12

Hardship Emergency Fund (HEF) pg. 13

Fact Sheet pg. 14-15

Before the Start of the School Year, Preschool Class size

District Children, Preschool Calendar, Inclement Weather

Policies pg. 16-18

Illness, Injury or Emergency Policy

Leave Policy, Maternity Leave, Emergency Leave

Medical Leave, Sibling Policy, Visitor Policy

Privacy and Confidentiality

Teachers, Parent Instructors and The Board pg. 19-20

Preschool and Teacher Evaluations

Appendix I. Cooperative Preschool’s Guidance Policy pg. 21

Appendix II. Because We Care pg. 22

Appendix III. Board Document pg. 23-26

Who and What of the Board, Position Descriptions

Appendix IV. Classroom Assignment Responsibilities pg. 27-28



2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR

The Edmonds Cooperative Preschool is affiliated with the Family Life Education Department at Edmonds Community College (EdCC). The name “Co-operative” implies the spirit of mutual helpfulness. When you enroll your child in a co-operative preschool, certain responsibilities are expected of you as a group member. The following guidelines are prepared to help the Cooperative operate effectively and efficiently. This Member Guide is designed to work with the By-Laws and is considered binding for all Members and Children.
Although this is a Member Guide, and the term “Member” is used throughout the Cooperative’s literature, the term refers to any adult who is responsible for the enrolled Child and participates according to the terms laid out in the Member Participation Agreement. The term “member” is used to represent any adult registered with EdCC.


A “Member in Good Standing” is defined as a Member(s) that fulfills all responsibilities as set forth in the Member Guide and Member Participation Agreement.

A “Member Not in Good Standing” is a Member(s) that fails to fulfill those responsibilities and make-ups where and when applicable. A member is assumed to be in good standing unless otherwise reported to the Executive Board by the Teacher, Class Coordinator, Treasurer, or other member holding a position to which a member's participation is accountable.

A "Member in Good standing" has voting privileges and is eligible for the Hardship Emergency Fund (HEF), nomination for Board positions, and to pre-register/register returning children and siblings for the following year. A "Member Not in Good Standing" loses these privileges and eligibilities, and in addition, may have their membership reviewed by the Executive Board in conjunction with the Teacher, class coordinator, and a Class Instructor with the possibility of disciplinary action or removal from the Co-op.

For members experiencing personal hardship, exceptions may apply. Please contact your Teacher, Class Coordinator, or Board Chair.

A Member in Good Standing will

  1. Fulfill all responsibilities as set forth in the Member Guide and Member Participation Agreement

  2. Attend and participate in the classroom one day per week per class, or find a qualified substitute (see sub policy), arriving ON TIME prepared to actively engage with the children

  3. Attend monthly Member Meeting, usually the 4th Tuesday of the month, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Attendance at both the business and Member education portions of the meeting is required

  4. Clean the classroom during one weekend per school year and participate in either the end of year or mid year group cleaning as assigned by class

  5. Hold a supplemental classroom job, which generally requires approximately six hours of commitment. Some jobs require more time and/or commitment.

  6. Provide nutritious snacks for the children on a rotating basis in the 2's and 3's classes. Children (and working Members) bring a lunch from home in the Pre-K class

  7. Pay monthly tuition ON TIME


  1. During the re-enrollment period (usually beginning in Jan) priority is as follows:

  • Children currently enrolled, then siblings of currently enrolled children. Member must be in good standing to enroll children. Members not in good standing at the end of school year will forfeit their spot to the waitlist.

  • Open registration begins in mid-Feb for new members. New members are enrolled on a first come basis until classes are full. A waiting list will be maintained year round for all classes.
  1. Exceptions to the eligibility and enrollment rules can be made with Teacher and Board approval.

  2. Class size will not exceed 18 children.


  1. Two weeks written notice must be given to terminate enrollment in the Preschool. Copies of the notice must be given to the Class Coordinator, Treasurer, Registrar, and Teacher. Tuition must be paid up through the end of the two-week period.

  2. Failure to provide notice will result in forfeit of last month tuition paid at orientation.


Before Class:

1) All Members and Children must arrive on time prepared for class

2) Please park in the upper lot (immediately on your right when entering from 199th). If no space is available you may park in available locations around the campus or on the street. NEVER LEAVE A CHILD UNATTENDED IN A VEHICLE.

3) Members are to walk children in to the school and help them prepare for class, including hanging coats and backpacks, signing in, and washing hands.

4) All children and working Members will wash hands with soap and running water before entering the classroom.

5) Members must record their presence in the “sign-in notebook” for their class, which is located on the sign-in table.

6) Members and Children are required to wear their nametag at all times.

7) Children (and Members) should dress appropriately. Clothing and shoes should be safe and comfortable, able to get dirty, and weather-appropriate. (i.e. jackets on cold days).

8) A full change of clothes and diapering supplies (if necessary) should be sent with each Child and kept in the Child’s backpack. Make sure that all items sent—including coats, hats and backpacks—are clearly labeled with the Child’s name.

9) If the Teacher is absent from the classroom, two Members must be present for children to enter or remain in the classroom. Ratios must be maintained.

During Class:

  1. Talking in the classroom should be primarily directed at the children. Conversations between adults not related to the class should be conducted before or after class.

  2. Smoking, taking of medication, and drinking heated beverages are not permitted while in the classroom or around the Children.

  3. Gum chewing is not permitted while in the classroom.

  4. No weapons of any kind, including toys, may be brought to school.

  5. Children are not allowed to bring food, beverages, gum, candy, pacifiers, bottles, toys or other personal possessions to class. The only exceptions are Show-and-Tell items or special treats or gifts that the Child wishes to share with all classmates. All personal items should remain in the Child’s backpack. “Lovies” (i.e. comfort items except those specifically excluded above) are welcome in the classroom upon approval by the Teacher.

  6. Cell phones should be set to vibrate while working in the class. Only emergency calls should be taken or made and this should be done outside of the classroom. Class ratios must be maintained.

  7. Shoes must be worn at all times in school except when playing dress up.

  8. Members should work in assigned areas during free play-time and follow in-class guidelines and Teacher directed activities if applicable. Descriptions of the areas will be provided during Orientation and will also be posted in the classroom. In addition to the duties in their area, Members are responsible for cleaning and storing all supplies used in their area.

  9. Items that are broken or in need of repair should be shown to the Teacher and placed in a designated area out the children’s reach.

  10. Member assigned to the puzzle area will be required to assist the Snack Person with snack preparation and cleanup. Snack duties are posted in the classroom.

  11. Member assigned to the playdough table will be required to take attendance using the sign-in notebook and post the number of children in attendance on the small erase board near the door.

  12. Members are required to supervise Children at snack time. This includes having at least two Members at each snack table who are able to sit or kneel at the level of the Children and assist them when necessary.

  13. All Members (except those assigned to snack/puzzle duties) should come to the carpet for circle time and participate fully. This will encourage Children to do the same. Please refrain from adult conversation during circle time, as it is a distraction (see 1 above).

  14. Bike helmets are required for all children riding wheeled vehicles (except cozy coops) at Preschool. Helmets are owned and provided by the Co-op, but may be brought from home if preferred. All personal helmets brought to school must be clearly labeled.

  15. During recess, including time spent in the gymnasium or outdoors, Members must spread themselves around the play area to ensure the safety of the Children. Whenever possible, there should be two Members supervising the climbing apparatus in the gym.

  16. Members and Children are required to wash hands thoroughly before entering the classroom, before handling food, after using the bathroom, wiping a nose, or administering first aid.

Bathroom Procedures:

  1. There must be 2 Members, 1 in the bathroom and 1 in the doorway, when a child needs to use the bathroom or have a diaper changed. The only exception would be if you were accompanying your own child to the bathroom.
  2. Diapers must be changed in the designated diaper-changing station provided in the bathrooms.

  3. Diapers must be double bagged and disposed of only in the marked container.

After Class:

  1. Members must pick up their Child on time and sign their Child out upon departure. The classroom closes to everyone 15 minutes after the end of class. Members wishing to stay or have conversations with other Members beyond the time allotted may do so outside of the classroom.

  2. Children may only be picked up by the Member or other persons authorized to do so. A release form must be completed for each person authorized to pick up a child. Release forms will be provided by the Class Coordinator at orientation. If someone other than the Parent/Guardian will be picking up the child, please note the name in the sign in book and tell the Teacher.

Please check Child’s cubby regularly for artwork, newsletters and other Preschool information.


Non-compliance with workday requirements is a breach of the Member Participation Agreement and may result in consequences such as a loss of good standing.

  1. Ratios: The following adult-to-child ratios must be maintained in order for class to be held:

2's: 1 adult for every 2 children

3's: 1 adult for every 3 children

Pre-K: 1 adult for every 5 children

  1. In order for the above ratios to be met, each Member must work in the classroom one day per week per enrolled Child. If two or more siblings are enrolled in the same class, the Member may work only once per week provided the ratios are maintained. If the ratio cannot be met, then these Members may be asked to work two days.
  2. To ensure classroom activities begin on time, Members and Children arrive early enough to wash hands and be at assigned workstation by the start of class. If you are running late, please contact the classroom at least 5 minutes before the start of class.

Buddy System:

  1. Edmonds Co-op operates on a Buddy System. At the beginning of the school year each Member will choose or be assigned one or two other Members to “buddy up” with. 2's Members each choose one Buddy Member. 3's and Pre-K Members each choose two or more Buddy Members. These selections will be finalized before school begins.

  2. The role of the Buddy is as follows:

  • Work opposite days from Buddy (i.e. in the 2's class Buddy “A” works Mondays and Buddy “B” works Wednesdays).

  • Get to know Buddy Child and/or Children.

  • Provide additional supervision, comfort and support for Buddy Child and/or Children, especially during transition times.

  • Stay with your Buddy Child and/or Children until they are picked up by an authorized pick-up person.

If Unable to attend workday:

It is the duty of each Member to provide a qualified, substitute when unable to complete workday requirements—even in the event of an illness or vacation.

To find a substitute please follow these steps:

  1. Contact your Buddy or other Members in your class to find a substitute.

  2. Call the classroom at (425) 431-1814 to notify the Teacher of your absence and who your substitute will be. Make sure your Buddy(s) know of your absence as well.

  3. If you cannot find a substitute after contacting the other members of your class, notify your Class Coordinator. Your Class Coordinator will work with you to arrange for you to make up your missed obligation.

  4. If you are unable to work and replace yourself with a substitute, DO NOT send your child to school. Your Buddy Children are permitted to attend.
  5. If we are unable to maintain above ratios, class will be cancelled.


  1. It is recommended that substitutes be other members already enrolled and familiar with the children and classroom environment.

  2. A substitute for a Member must comply with all classroom rules and standards outlined in a binder located in the classroom, labeled “sub book”. Substitutes must read the sub book and complete risk management training prior to the beginning of the class for which they are substituting.

  3. The substitute is responsible for working in the Member’s assigned area, be an active participant, and perform all duties the Member would be responsible for.

  4. A non-member may be used as a substitute on a one-time basis; the second time the same substitute works in the classroom, they must register with EdCC.


  1. Each Member in the 2's class and 3's class is required to provide a nutritious snack for the entire class in accordance with the allergy list and snack guidelines included in the registration packet.

  2. The Teacher will provide the monthly snack schedule at the beginning of each month and snack duties will be evenly divided among all Members.

  3. Each Member of a Pre-K Child will be required to send a nutritious lunch to school with the Child each day, unless otherwise notified (i.e. field trip). Lunch will be eaten during class time.

**No nuts are allowed in the classroom. Other allergy situations may affect specific classes and will be discussed as appropriate.


  1. Field trips are planned by the Teacher and/or field trip coordinator in conjunction with the curriculum and are appropriate for the age of the Children.
  2. A field trip permission form must be filled out at the beginning of the school year and kept on file for each Child.

  3. Children not enrolled with the Preschool (i.e. siblings, friends) may not participate without prior approval from the Teacher. As during class time, ratios must be maintained.

  4. Transportation to and from Preschool field trips are not provided, arranged or endorsed by the preschool and is solely the responsibility of each Member.

  5. Some activities may have a minimal cost. Members will be notified in advance and payment will be collected prior to the trip unless otherwise indicated.

Member JOB

  1. Each family is required to perform an assigned job or serve on the Board for the entire year. Member jobs will be assigned at the beginning of the year by the Vice-Chair and are assigned based on a lottery system.

  2. Member jobs are evaluated and revised annually.

  3. Families with two or more children in the school may hold one job as long as enrollment is sufficient to fill all jobs.


  1. Each family (except those serving on the Board) is required to clean the classroom once during the year, and again either mid-year or at year-end. The cleaning sessions will run in accordance with the schedule provided at the beginning of the school year by either the Class Coordinator or the Cleaning Coordinator. Sign-ups for specific cleaning days and times will be provided to Members in a timely manner and monitored by the Cleaning Coordinators. Families with multiple children may be asked to clean twice if enrollment is such that additional cleanings are necessary.
  2. Cleaning sessions are typically two hours and must be completed on the weekend. The classroom is available for cleaning Friday 11:30am-6pm and Sunday 11am-3pm. There will be no cleanings on Saturdays. A key will be made available. For your own safety, we recommend cleaning during daylight hours. No children are allowed in the classroom during your cleaning.

  3. The Pre-K class is responsible for a mid-year classroom and gym cleaning. This cleaning will occur in February; with the date set at a later date. This will be a two-hour commitment on a weeknight.

  4. A cleaning deposit of $50 is collected from all 2's and 3's Members at the April Member meeting to ensure the completion of year-end cleaning duties. If a Member completes their year-end cleaning duties, the money will be fully refunded. If not, the deposit will be kept and used to cover additional cleaning costs. Year-end cleaning takes place over two full days after the Preschool year is over and each Member cleans for a two-hour period.

  5. As long as enrollment will allow it, families in multiple classes are only responsible for one group cleaning (either mid-year or end-of-year) and may choose which to attend.


  1. Each Family is required to attend monthly Member meetings, both the business and parent education portions. Roll is taken and attendance is mandatory at both portions. If unable to attend, the enrolled Member may send another family member to the meeting as a substitute. The substitute is required to sign the attendance sheets. The Member is responsible for the information presented at both parts of the Member meeting. A substitute may only represent one family.

  2. Meetings are normally held on the 4th Tuesday of each month, and run from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the school gymnasium. If a conflict arises, Members will be notified of any changes to the time, date or location of the meeting in advance.

  3. At the meetings Preschool business is discussed, information is disseminated and votes are made. Topical instruction on a class-by-class basis is also provided through the Parent Instructors.
  4. Meetings are not appropriate for children. Non-mobile infants are welcome as long as they are in front packs, infant seats, or held and do not disrupt the meeting.

  5. If a family is enrolled in multiple classes, Members should participate in the parent education of each class on a rotating basis. Please contact the Teacher and Class Coordinator of the session you missed to obtain information distributed.

  6. If unable to attend or send a substitute, Members should contact their Class Coordinator prior to the meeting to give advance notice of their absence. Members are responsible for information given at the meeting, including the reading of minutes and obtaining any handouts from Parent Instructor. Missed meetings will result in the following actions:

First missed meeting: Member will be graced one missed meeting, but are still responsible for the information covered.

Second missed meeting: Requires a make-up within 30 days using either of the following activities, or a negotiated alternative:

  • Attend a board meeting. (2nd Tuesday of the month, 7 - 9 pm).

  • Or work with your Class Coordinator for alternative makes, ie; read parenting article, book, seminar, or video.

If, after thirty days, you haven’t made up the missed meeting, you will lose your “Member in Good Standing” status and your membership will be reviewed by the Executive Board in conjunction with Class Coordinator, Teacher, and a Parent Instructor.


  1. Expenses of the preschool will be paid for out of the tuition fee.

  2. Tuition and registration fees are recommended by the Preschool Board and voted on by the Membership and are stated herein.

  3. There is a non-refundable and non-transferable registration fee of $50 per student. The fee is paid regardless of when a child is registered.

  4. Tuition rates are as follows:

          1. 2's class: $85 per month

          2. 3's class: $110 per month

          3. Pre-K class: $145 per month

  5. Sibling Discount

For families with two or more children enrolled in the Preschool in the same year a 25% discount will given on the lower of the two tuition rates, if the funds are available in reserve to cover the cost of these discounts. At the end of each school year the Board will determine if sufficient funds are available in the reserve account to cover sibling discounts for the following school year. If it is determined that sufficient reserves are available then the discount will be offered, if not the discount will be suspended until reserve funds are sufficient to cover the cost of the discount.

  1. Tuition shall be paid in full for each month, regardless of a Child’s absence, illness, personal vacations, holidays or inclement weather. In the case of an extended illness or absence contact the Teacher and Treasurer to make arrangements.

  2. Tuition is collected on a monthly basis, except for September and June (first and last months), which are due at Orientation. Tuition may be paid at Member meetings or put in the gray tuition box on the wall behind the classroom door.

  • Tuition is due the 5th day of the month. Members are required to contact the Treasurer to make arrangements if tuition cannot be paid on time.
  • Non payment of tuition by the 5th will result in a $15 late fee (unless waived by the Treasurer) You will receive one email, one call, and one note in child's cubby regarding nonpayment of tuition.

  • If you have not contacted the Treasurer by the 10th to make payment arrangements:

    • You will lose your Member in Good Standing status (MIGS)

    • Child cannot attend school

MIGS are restored upon full payment of tuition and late fee. Ongoing late or non-payment of tuition is a breach of the Member Participation Agreement and may result in a review of your membership status by the Executive Board in conjunction with Class Coordinator, Teacher, and a Parent Instructor.


  1. The Hardship Emergency Fund (HEF) is available to all Members in good standing who have short-term need due to financial hardship. The Board administers the Fund as funds are available.

  2. Members in good standing who experience financial hardship may initially apply for a 50% tuition reduction for a three-month period. At the end of the term, if financial hardship persists, then the Member may apply for a second term of 50% tuition reduction for an additional three months. The same terms and conditions apply for the second application.
  3. To apply for the HEF, contact the Treasurer to receive an application. All requests are confidential. All applications are reviewed (following confidentiality regulations) by the Executive Board who will follow procedures listed within this document and approve or decline the application.  This committee will determine the amount and length of assistance based on funds available.  The committee will report to the board, at the next meeting, the total dollar amount and length of assistance granted.  In order for the application to be considered, the Member must be a member in good standing, fulfilling all other responsibilities as set forth in the Member Guide and Member Participation Agreement. If application is approved, the terms set forth in the HEF Application are considered binding.

  4. There is a limited availability to the HEF. If available, funds from the Preschool Retained Earnings account will be used to replenish the HEF up to $500 each fiscal year. In addition, the Board may vote to designate any additional amount up to $500 annually from specific Preschool fund-raisers.

Fact Sheet

Before the Start of the School Year:

  1. Each registered member must complete Edmonds Community College enrollment and Risk Management training.

  2. The “Member Participation Agreement" must be read, signed and turned in prior to the Child attending school. This document is considered binding.

  3. Prior to attending class, the following paperwork MUST be on file in the classroom: emergency contact information, current medical release, and a current, valid immunization record (or statement of exemption).

  4. The Teacher must be notified of any allergies, dietary or physical restrictions the Child may have. Dietary and allergy information will be posted in the classroom for snack preparation purposes.

  5. Registration paperwork and $50 registration fee must be complete by registrar. First and last months tuition must be paid (collected at orientation).


2's class (must be 2 by August 31)

  • Limited to 17 children

  • Meets Monday and Wednesday mornings, 9:15 to 11:15

  • Ratio: 1 adult for every 2 children

3's class (must be 3 by August 31)

  • Limited to 18 children

  • Meets Tuesday, Thursday & Friday mornings, 9:15-11:30

  • Ratio: 1 adult for every 3 children

4’s/Pre-K class (must be 4 by August 31)

  • Limited to 18 children

  • Meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday afternoons, 12:00-2:30

  • Ratio: 1 adult for every 5 children

*Exceptions may occur in class sizes with Board approval

District Children:

  1. The class size limits above include one space in the 2's class and two spaces in the 3's and Pre-K classes reserved for Edmonds School District special needs students referred to as “district children”. Edmonds School District contracts with the Co-op and pays tuition regardless of when the spaces are filled. If the Parent/Guardian of a district child is unable to meet classroom work requirements then the District will provide a district employee referred to as a “parent helper” who will be expected to meet the requirements of the Member Participation Agreement and Member Guide.

  2. Parent/Guardian helpers will be assigned a job that is completed in class without additional out of class time.

  3. Parents/Guardians of district placed children are encouraged to participate in the co-op as often as possible, including class time and Member meetings.

  4. Buddy Parent responsible to ready child and their belongings for Teacher to take to the bus at appropriate time.


  1. The Preschool Calendar runs from mid-September through June and operates in conjunction with Edmonds School District 15 in regards to school holidays and inclement weather procedures.

  2. We will have class on Edmonds School District 15 “non-student” or “Professional Development” days. Members should be aware that siblings are not allowed in class and appropriate arrangements are the responsibility of the scheduled Member. Members of older children are advised not to have Friday as their workday. An appropriate substitute may be used, please follow the sub policy outlined in this Member Guide.

  3. Changes to the Preschool Calendar or Schedule may be made by the Preschool Board in order to reflect the needs of the Preschool.

The preschool follows the Edmonds School District 15 concerning inclement weather.

Check the Radio, TV, or www.schoolreport.org for the report on Edmonds School District 15:

If for Edmonds School District 15: You will know that: You will know that:

A delay of any kind: AM Class is cancelled PM Class will decide

School is cancelled: AM Class is cancelled PM Class is cancelled
If closure occurs after classes have begun all Members will be notified by telephone and be required, if possible, to pick Children up immediately. Missed days will not be made up unless scheduled by the Teacher and the preschool board.
Please Note:

If you are nervous at all, have any questions on what to do or will not drive on the current road conditions, please call your Class Coordinator. If no one is coming, we will want to cancel the day anyway.



  1. The Preschool follows the Snohomish Health District guidelines for communicable diseases. Children with a known or suspected communicable disease are not permitted to attend school and Members should notify the Class Coordinator. Children exhibiting symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, rashes not associated with allergies, eye-discharge, sore throat accompanied by fever, or fever within the previous 24-hour period, must be kept home. (See Appendix)

  2. In the event a Child becomes ill or seriously injured at school, the Member will be notified immediately. If the Member cannot be reached, the alternate person listed on the Emergency Information sheet will be contacted. In the event that neither can be reached, the Child’s physician will be contacted. If not available, the Child will be taken to the nearest hospital or doctor.

  3. In the above situation, the Member will be responsible for any and all medical costs, including doctor’s fees, hospital and ambulatory expenses and other related services.

  4. If anyone (Member, Child or Visitor) is injured at school, an incident report must be completed whether or not the injured person requires medical attention. Witnesses to accidents should report them to the risk management board member using the incident/accident report form. Incident/accident report forms are available in the classroom. A copy of the completed form is given to the injured party, one copy is kept in the classroom and one copy goes to FLED at EdCC.

    1. An incident is defined as any occurrence of non-medical injury or accident at the school, even if basic first aid is required

    2. An accident is defined as any occurrence of accident or injury requiring medical attention by a doctor or other licensed professional.

  5. The classroom is equipped with a First Aid kit and manual. Every Member should know its location. Teachers and Parent Instructors are CPR certified. In the event of a Teacher’s absence from class a Member with CPR training must be present in order for class to be held. If no CPR trained person is available, class will be cancelled.
  6. Each class should expect periodic earthquake and fire drills. An emergency building evacuation plan is posted near all classroom exits. The classroom is equipped with an emergency evacuation pack. Additional emergency supplies of food and water are located in the classroom.


A leave is defined as an absence of two or more consecutive workdays. The following policies should be followed in any situation requiring leave. The board must approve a leave requiring more than three weeks of absence (maternity leave is automatically eight weeks). You may attend the board meeting or work with your Class Coordinator for make up. All leave requests will be presented anonymously and the confidentiality policy will be maintained. Your child will be allowed to attend class if procedures are followed and ratios can be met.

Maternity Leave:

A Member who gives birth or adopts a new baby is given eight weeks of maternity leave from the date of birth or adoption or may be taken consecutively later in the school year. Maternity leave means that the Member on leave does not have to work or participate in the classroom and does not have to provide a substitute for the eight-week period. However, they must meet all other Co-op responsibilities as laid out in the Member Participation Agreement, including attending Member meetings. If a Member cannot work in the classroom after the eight-week period then they are required to find a substitute. It is the family’s responsibility to contact the Class Coordinator for a maternity form, if the infant will be attending class.

Emergency Leave:

In case an emergency leave is required, please notify the Class Coordinator or Teacher ASAP. Class Coordinator will assist with finding a substitute for your workday. The Class Coordinator and Teacher will determine how best to handle other missed responsibilities (i.e. Member meetings, Member jobs, etc).

Medical Leave

For planned medical procedures, including surgery, you should notify your Class Coordinator and Teacher ASAP. The Class Coordinator can assist you in finding a substitute for your scheduled work days. Your efforts and advance notice will be appreciated. While on medical leave you are still responsible for fulfilling membership meeting attendance and your job responsibilities job while on medical leave. Upon your return to the classroom, please notify the Class Coordinator and Teacher of any restrictions.


  1. Siblings are not permitted to attend Preschool. An exception is made for infants up to and including about six months old as long as they are enrolled in the Co-op and carried in a front pack or sling at all times, as required by our insurance carrier.

  2. Edmonds Co-op requires the infant to be on the class list and a copy of the infant’s immunization form, emergency contact, medical release form, and signed infant agreement to be on file. (In maternity packet) Infants in the classroom may incur a small charge to cover insurance expenses.

  3. Infants in car seats, strollers or other devices are not permitted in the classroom during class hours.

  4. No more than two infants in front-packs may attend class at one time and normal classroom ratios must be maintained. If you plan to bring your infant to class, please contact your Class Coordinator first to make sure all necessary paperwork is on file.

  5. During pick up and drop off, non-enrolled students should be in your direct control. If it becomes necessary to enter the classroom, keep the visit as brief as possible with the sibling holding your hand or otherwise under your physical control (in your arms).


  1. Adult visitors (i.e. grandparents) are welcome at Preschool. A visitor is a guest attending in addition to the working Member. Visitors are encouraged to read the sub book, but will have no responsibility for the children. Visitors will never be alone with a child or group.

  2. If the same visitor attends more than two classes they will be required to register with EdCC and complete all risk management training.
  3. Visitors are expected to comply with all classroom rules and standards, outlined in a binder located in the classroom, before they visit class.

  4. Visitors are required to sign in on attendance sheet and wear a nametag during class time.

  5. Always get permission from the Teacher prior to attendance by any guest (adult or child).


  1. Each member shall respect the privacy of other members and the confidential nature of any verbal or written information received regarding students, families, staff, and the co-op organization. All such information shall remain confidential during membership and after co-op membership ends. Rosters provided for class members should only be used for preschool business.

  2. Information that is private and confidential include: names; addresses; phone numbers; health; legal; financial; business activities; religious or political affiliation; family relationships

  3. If communication in front of others is unavoidable, members shall not disclose names, but may use codes or initials, as necessary, to refer to those under discussion

  4. Privacy and confidentiality policies must be followed in all situations, including board meetings. Confidential matters should be discussed with appropriate personnel on a need-to-know basis.

  5. Members aware of any information that concerns a child’s safety or well being should bring the matter directly to the Teacher and not discuss such information openly with other members of the co-op.

  6. Using co-op information or meetings for religious, political, or commercial purposes is inappropriate. Our purpose as a co-op is solely educational and any action that infringes, impedes, distracts, or detracts from the goal shall be considered a violation of this Member Guide and may result in a loss of Member in Good Standing status (MIGS).
  7. Solicitation for sale, services, etc may be posted in the hall, outside the classroom door. Information may not be distributed in cubbies.


  1. Plans, prepares and executes daily activities for the Children

  2. Assigns daily work station and snack duties to Members

  3. Provides Members with a monthly calendar outlining upcoming activities and themes for each class

  4. Speaks at orientation at the beginning of the year and assists in the orientation of new Members

  5. Advises Member of the Child’s classroom behavior

  6. Remains available for conferences with Members, if requested

  7. Regularly evaluates the activities and lesson plans used in the classroom and makes improvements when necessary

  8. Works with Parent Instructors

  9. Makes an effort to continue education and expand knowledge in Early Childhood Education and attend EdCC Teacher meetings

  10. Acts as an advisor to the Preschool Board and attends all Board and Member meetings

  11. Meets First Aid and emergency training requirements as set forth by EdCC Risk Management Manual

  12. Works with Risk Management Coordinator to maintain adequate emergency supplies

Family Life Education Instructor (Parent Instructor):

  1. Serves as a resource for the Members and as an advisor to the Preschool Board

  2. Provides Member instruction at Member Meetings

  3. Attends all Preschool Board and Member meetings as well as one Preschool class per week

  4. Confers with Teacher on a regular basis

  5. Helps Members on an individual basis with questions concerning their Child

The Board:
  1. The Board meets monthly to facilitate operations of the preschool and communicate with the college.

  2. The Board is comprised of elected positions, both Teachers, and three Parent Instructors. Please see the Board Guide, included in each Board Member’s job binder, for more detailed information.

  3. Board positions are elected during the spring to serve from June-June.

  4. Any member in good standing may be nominated during the month prior to election. Any nominated member must accept nomination prior to election.

  5. Any position left vacant after spring elections will remain open for nominations until a vote at the Member meeting fills the vacancy.

  6. Board meetings are usually held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Meeting dates are announced at Member meetings. Meetings are open to any member.

  7. Board Members are exempt from cleaning.

  8. A Board position is a Member job and Board Members are not required to hold any other job.


  1. Each year the Preschool Board will provide all Members with a written form for the purpose of evaluating the Teacher, Preschool, Instructor, and Member involvement. This evaluation is anonymous and confidential and will be kept on file for one year by the Chairperson. The Class Coordinator summarizes all evaluations and provides this summary to the chairperson. The chairperson will keep all classes summaries on file for three years.

  2. Once the evaluations have been completed, the Teacher and Members will be presented with the overall results at the next Member meeting. The board is presented with a summary of the summaries by the chairperson. Teachers and Instructors are given the summary pages of the preschool environment as well as the summary of their own evaluations.

  3. Default to college procedures.

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