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Professor of Education,

Annamalai University



After listening to my lecture, you will be able to know the following:-

  • Pedagogical equation Vs e-resources

  • Knowledge of different e-resources

  • Development of e-resources for Education

  • Preservation of e-resources by using the latest gadgets

  • Webliography for e-resources


It is not important that how much resources you have, than how feasible they are. In other words, resources should be readily accessible to all. Before the development of computer and internet technology, printed version of resources like books, journals, dictionaries, work books, etc played a significant role in teaching and learning process. But these printed versions are not easily accessible to all and are also expensive in nature. For example, if two teachers want to refer to a particular book simultaneously, two separate copies of the same book must be needed in the library. Instead of having the printed version of the book, if we have electronic or e-version of the book, the same book can be easily accessed simultaneously by many and also can be accessed from their drawing room with the help of a personal computer. In this computer age, e-version of books, journals, etc or e-resources in general have become inevitable and hence it is very much needed to convert the printed version into e-version for future needs. Therefore, knowledge of the different e-resources, developing e-resources and preservation of them has become the need of this hour.

Proposed Pedagogical equation for future

We may have the following as the pedagogical equation for future

PEF = 3w + e

Where the 3 W’s are

  • Wire / wireless

  • Web

  • Windows

and the “e” stands for the electronic resources.

All the 3w’s need the use of e-resources and hence without “e”, the e-resources the pedagogical equation becomes meaningless. Therefore, e-resources are very much needed for future pedagogy, too.

Knowledge of different e-resources:

Generally, e-resources may be classified into two major areas viz,

Online e-resources

  • e-books

  • e-journals

  • email

  • gmail

  • sms / mms

  • e-library

  • e-forum

  • e-learning ( courses)

  • e-shops

  • e-dictionaries

  • Search engines

  • Meta search engines

  • Websites

Offline e-resources

  • CD ROM based e-resources

  • Offline e-books

  • Offline e-dictionaries

  • MS Office applications (power point presentation)

  • Training software ( mouse training)

  • Steganography

  • e-resources on mobile devices

Development of e-resources for Education

The development of e-resources requires the fundamental knowledge of the following:-
  • Basic computer skills

  • Internet skills

  • Web skills and so on.

Developing e-books

E-Books are electronic forms of text that have been “published” in a digital format that displays on specialized reading devices or computers.

Converting a Document into E-Book Format

It is relatively a very easy process to convert a document into e-book format. This document is available in three e-Book formats. Please visit to download this document in one of the following e-Book formats:

1 EB Dedicated Reader or Personal Computer

Using Adobe Acrobat 4.0 software to convert to a Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) formatted document. PDF is the open de facto standard for electronic document distribution worldwide. PDF is a universal file format that preserves all of the fonts, formatting, colors, and graphics of any source document, regardless of the application and platform used to create it.

2 Rocket e-books

Using the Rocket Writer™ which allows Rocket e-book™ owners to easily create their own titles in Rocket Edition™ format. Simply save documents as HTML files and "drag" them into the Rocket Librarian™, the software used to download and manage Rocket Editions.

3 Palm Pilot PDA

Using the Peanut Make Book Java program, this reads a text file which has been formatted using either the Peanut Markup Language or a subset of HTML.  

Easy way to develop E-Books

It is also possible to develop an e-book in a very easy manner, for which one can make use of Rudenko software. It is available free for download from the website: It has plenty of user friendly options available through which the user can convert their text into e-books. It is not only an e-book compiler software but also an e-book reader. With the help of this software one can read the e-books very easily. Facilities like auto scroll, different types of voice for reading, different font styles, sizes and colours etc are available in this software.

Developing e-journals

It requires the knowledge of web fundamentals. With the help of Microsoft Front page and Microsoft word applications one can very easily develop e-journals. The following are some of the e-journals available in the field of education developed by me.



Preservation of e-resources

Preservation of e-resources is as important as developing of them. This can be done with the help of following:-

  • Online preservation

    • Virtual storage space in gmail

    • Websites

    • Yahoo briefcase applications

    • applications for personal info

    • for photos and so on

  • Offline preservation

    • Compact disks

    • Digital Video disks

    • Memory sticks

    • USB Flash Drives

    • Smart cards

    • ATM / Debit / Credit cards

    • SIM cards in mobile phones

    • Joybee device and so on.


Thus the e-resources have significant roles to play in teaching and learning process and hence it is the high time for the teachers to get an awareness of these resources for their future academic growth.


Free E-Books Libraries

The following list represents only a small portion of the free e-book libraries available today.


Abacci Books:

Digital text versions of classic literature with reviews from Amazon (txt & .lit).

Alex Catalog of Electronic Texts   or

Site contains a catalog with roughly 2,000 links of e-texts, located on various servers.

American Library Association

700+ SITES for CHILDREN covering Literature and Language 

Aportis Library:  

over 5000 "AportisDoc" or "DOC" format  

Audio Books for Free:

Over 300 audio books (as MP3 file) available for free download.  Some texts available as unabridged edition.

Baen Free Library:  

over 45 relatively new science fiction books in Reader, Palm, Rocket, and RTF.

Classic books and resource/reference texts in html.


Over 2000 texts of classic literature, book notes, references, and resources in html format.

Blackmask Online:  

over 10,000 texts in a variety of formats: .lit, .html, .pds, etc.


Book notes and over 1500 novels (HTML) available.  

ebooks for Palm, Pocket PC or desktop PC

CIA Publication Library: Including the World Fact Book with information on every country in the world.

Classic Book Library:
Over 125 books in seven genres done in HTML page by page format.

Concordances of Great Books

about 600 literary works

CyberRead Free Books:

Digital Text Project
Links to great books


only .lit files for MS Reader

Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia Library:  

thousands of xml, html, Reader, and Palm texts.

Elegant Solutions Software Company eBooks:  

MS Reader books

The English Server's Fiction Collection:

works of and about fiction

The Franklin Free Library:  

1000+ text and HTML files 

Free Library of Classics:

  over 200 html formatted classics.

Internet Public Library:

links to over 20,000 titles

Litrix Reading Room:

Over 300 public domain titles in HTML chapter format.

Making of America (MOA):

Created by Cornell University Library, MOA is a digital library of primary sources in American social history (antebellum through reconstruction periods). This is a full text/image journal site of 22 magazines from 1830's to 1900's.

More than 10,000 eBooks Palm, PocketPC, Zaurus, Rocketbook, or PDA in multiple formats.

National Academy Press:

search the fulltext of their digitized books

On-Line Books:  

15000+ listings, usually .txt

Page-by-Page Books:

about 400 books to be read online (html).

EBooks in PalmDOC (mostly) and MS Reader formats.

Classics library in Reader format.

Project Gutenberg:  

Oldest and largest online library usually .txt only.

Read Print:

Thousands of books for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast in HTML.  

over a 1000 classic texts usually in Reader format.

Wired for Books:

Collections of audio books and interviews. Contains full versions of A Christmas Carol, Alice in Wonderland, and Beatrix Potter stories along with short stories and excerpts from other books. (Real player)

World eBook Library:

Over 27000 free eBooks in HTML format.


Aesop's Fables:
38 fables in traditional and modern forms.  Most in html some in flash.

Amazing Adventure Series:

Children's stories which can be read on the screen or have read aloud. Has two books in flash format.'s_Literature/Online_Books/

Links to a variety of online children's books.

BAB Books: Over 12 online html picture book.

BookPals - performing artists for literacy in schools: 
11 stories read by members of the screen actors guild (and others). Stories are read and displayed in a video screen (Windows Media, Real, & Quicktime). Additional another story is available by phone (


12 html picture books with the option to have the book read aloud.

Children’s classic books in HTML format.

Candlelight Stories:

Children's and chapter books in a variety of formats.

Children's Books Online: the Rosetta Project, Inc (formerly Editec Communications' Children's Books for Free library): 

1,200 antique children's books published in the 19th and early 20th century in HTML

An online bookstore for teachers and schools, this company does offer a 30 day trial program to allow teachers to download and use eBooks for use with their classes (lit).

Children's story book online:

Over 20 illustrated children's stories in html.

CIA Publication Library: Including the World Fact Book with information on every country in the world.

Class Conscious Big Books:
Seventeen young children's stories HTML based.

Clifford's Interactive Storybooks:

Four interactive stories about Clifford the Big Red Dog in flash format, presented by Scholastic.

International Children's Digital Library (ICDL):

The ICDL is building an international collection  that reflects both the diversity and quality of children's literature from 27 cultures in 23 languages (html).

Internet Public Library - KidSpace:

This section of IPL contains The Reading Zone which is similar to the fiction section at a public library. There are links to on-line stories and information and links about favorite books and authors.

Mighty Book Catalogue:

Over 50 children's books ages 2-preteen in html.  Books will read aloud.

NASA Books

An online stories Echo the Bat and Amelia the Pigeon in html.
Robin Whirlybird on her Rotorcraft Adventures.
A story and activities of a girl visiting her mother's work: in English, Spanish, and Chinese (HTML)
Our Very Own Star and Auroras! (Flash format)

Reader’s Theater Editions:

A collection of free scripts for readers theater, adapted from stories by Aaron Shepard and others.

Reading A-Z:

An online book seller of leveled book that you print out.  Sample books are available (pdf).

RIF Reading Planet:

A collection of read aloud books that changes monthly (Flash format).

Sebastian Swan's Infant Explorer:

Eight online big books (html).

Stories from Indonesia:

Seven html text stories.

Tales of Wonder:

Folk and fairy tales from around the world in HTML.

United States of America's Korean War Commemoration:

Has two online picture books (html).


Book notes and over 1500 novels (HTML) available.


From Barns & Noble, SparkNotes (like Cliff Notes) offers help in understanding literature for free online.


Offers help with understanding and writing about 12 famous literary works


SearcheBooks searches multiple fulltext book sites


Search database of thousands of books.

Online Books Search Books Page: 

Search from over 20,000 listings.

Digital Book Index:

index for most major eBook sites, along with thousands of smaller specialized sites


Libros Tauro (Argentina):

Spanish: Several thousand eBooks

Biblioteca Virtual do Estudante Brasileiro:

Portuguese: Several hundred eBooks

Athena Texts Francais:

French: 10,000 eBooks (French & Swiss Authors) Literature, philosophy, history, economics, & science, etc.

Gottingen State & University Library, Germany:

German: Approximately 4500 eBooks titles, primarily in German, French, & English, devoted mostly to Exploration & Travel Literature & Mathematics. (The English-Language titles are indexed)

Online Books Page Links to Foreign Language Libraries:

Links to over seventy foreign language libraries with languages ranging from Afghan to Czech, French to Russian, Latin to Yiddish. 

OTHER BOOKS Over 60 daily newspaper comic strips. Over 88 newspaper comic strips archived for the last 30 days.

Newspapers on the Internet:
Listing of newspapers from around the world that can be read online.

Has five graphic novels


An online magazine that is also published as an e-Book.


Awesome Library “organizes the Web with 15,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education.” users can simultaneously search the world's most respected encyclopedia,

Electric Library has full-text documents and images concerning: magazines, maps, books and reports, newspapers and newswires, radio, TV and government transcripts, and pictures.

ElectricLibrary's more than 14,000 free articles from The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia (3rd ed.).

Encyclopedia Smithsonian A resource for teachers and students with thousands of sources on hundreds of topics.

Information Please Offers online almanacs, encyclopedias, and dictionaries (links under “Sources”).

The Internet Public Library a resource for a variety of collections.

Library Spot A free virtual library resource center for educators and students, librarians and their patrons, families, businesses and just about anyone exploring the Web for valuable research information.

The U.S. Library of Congress Web site is the Internet location of the largest library in the world. Comprised of approximately 115 million items in virtually all formats, languages, and subjects.


ASCD Full-Text Books   Four complete books on education and educational issues. Book chapters are also available from ASCD at

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