Eight ursuline students win state writing awards

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February 7, 2012 Lynn Haggerty Wong ‘86

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Wilmington, Del. – Ursuline Academy is proud to announce that eight students received awards for their literary submissions to the 2012 Delaware Scholastic Writing Awards.
Entries were submitted from private and public high schools regionally and were judged on originality, technical proficiency, and personal voice.
Only 200 submissions received honors. Ursuline Academy is proud to announce the following award winners:
Caroline Arnold ‘15- Honorable Mention- Poetry “Laugh, The Center of Everything, and A Colorful Life”

Adeline Berger ‘16- Gold Key- Personal Essay/ Memoir “More than Just a Pest”

Rachel Brown ‘12- Gold Keys- Poetry “Funeral, Greek” and “Hematology 1-V” Flash Fiction “Antonia Age 9” Short Story- “How To Be A Clown” Portfolio Short Story- “The Organ and the Stopwatch Play”

Katie Houser ‘15- Honorable Mention- Short Story “Today”

Jacquelyn Kepley ‘16- Honorable Mention- Poetry “Nature”

Midori Lofton ‘16- Honorable Mentions- Short Story “Help Me” and Personal Essay/ Memoir “When She Left Us”

Alecia Nippert ‘15- Honorable Mention- Poetry “The Process: a collection” and Silver Key- “Fire: a collection”

Isabella Smith ‘17- Honorable Mention- Short Story “Saint Mary’s Bridge”
The Gold Key recipients will have their work submitted for national consideration.


Ursuline Academy, based in Wilmington, Del., educates students in the 476-year tradition of the Roman Catholic Order of St. Ursula, founded in Italy by St. Angela Merici. Ursuline Academy is the only Catholic school in Delaware offering both preschool and Montessori programs to boys and girls as part of its Lower School curriculum.  The Middle School offers a cutting edge Laptop Program. In the Upper School, 87% of the Class of 2011 was awarded a combined total of nearly $6.3 million in academic and athletic grants and scholarships – an average award of $135,000. And 100% of the graduating seniors pursue higher education. Ursuline Academy’s mission is the development of the whole person in a faith-centered community built on values of academic excellence, respect, and social consciousness.  The mission rests on the core values of community and family spirit, respect, excellence in education, wholeness of personal development, and Serviam.

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