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Parts of a Newspaper

Layout, typical features and technical terms

Masthead – (UK) the masthead is the title block or logo identifying the newspaper at the top of the front page. Sometimes an emblem or a motto is also placed within the masthead. The masthead is often set into a block of black or red print or boxed with a border; the ‘Red-tops’ (for example The Sun) are categorised by style and the use of a red background in the masthead. It is clalled nameplate in the US.

Front page – first page of a newspaper.

Section Nameplate – similar to the newspaper’s nameplate, it identifies a specific section of the newspaper. In American newspapers a “section” is a group of pages folded together and separate from other sections.


Folio – it identifies a page’s number, section and today’s date. It appears at the top of the page.

Jumpline or Pointer – line telling the reader where the story is continued.

Menu – the list of contents inside the paper, also called index.


Headline – the title given to a story. A banner headline spans the full width of the page.

Dateline – information at the start of the story giving the location and/or date of the story.

By-line – the name of the reporter, if they are important is often included at the beginning of the feature, rather than at the end, or not at all.

Lead – the first sentence of a news story.

Cut – a photo or illustration.

Caption – typed text under photographs explaining the image, also called cutline.

Infographic – diagrams and tables.


Splash or Lead Story – the splash is the main story on the front of the paper. The largest headline will accompany this, along with a photograph.

Spread – a story that covers more than one page.

Box-out – a small part of the page, shaded in a different colour.


Editorial – an article written by the newspaper’s editor giving the newspaper’s opinion about local, national or world issues.

Editorial or Political Cartoon – a cartoon that expresses an opinion about a local, national or world issue, person or group of people. Appears in the Editorial section of the newspaper.

Feature – not necessarily a ‘news’ item (current affairs), but usually with a human-interest angle presented as a spread.

Advice Column – it contains readers’ questions and the columnist’s answers.

Reviews – they give the newspaper columnists’ opinions or ratings of movies, music, theater, art, etc.

Obituaries – they include death and funeral announcements from families. They are usually grouped together in a specific section of the newspaper.

Stockmarket Report; Film/Movie Listing; Daily Television Program Listing; Crossword Puzzle; Comics; Letters; Weather Report; Daily Horoscopes; Sports Results.


Display Ads – advertisements paid for and created by businesses trying to sell something. Typical sizes are 1/4 page, 1/2 page and full page, but can be almost any size. Ads might appear anywhere in the newspaper.

Classified Ads – small advertisements paid for and written by people and businesses trying to buy or sell something or to hire workers. Usually they contain only words (no pictures). They are usually grouped together in a specific section of the newspaper.


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