Elements of Fiction (Fables, Fariytales, and Folktales)


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Elements of Fiction (Fables, Fariytales, and Folktales)


2. Protagonist

3. Antagonist

4. Plot

5. Conflict

6. Climax


8. Resolution

9. Rising Action

10. Theme

  1. Elements of Fiction Definitions


  1. Characters are the people (or animals) in the story.

  2. Protagonist is main character in the story.

  3. Antagonist is the character who opposes the main character. Sometimes the antagonist is an outside force in the story.

  4. Plot is a series of events that makes up a story.

  5. Conflict is either external or internal. External conflicts is a struggle between two people; between a person and an element of nature; or between a person and a society. Internal conflict is conflict between different goals or standards of a single person.

  6. Climax is the highest point of conflict.

  7. Setting is the time and place of the story.

  8. Resolution is the conclusion of the central conflict of the plot.

  9. Rising Action is a series of events that lead to the climaz.

  10. Theme is the central lesson or message of the story.

Examples of Elements of Fiction from the Three Little Pigs

1.In “The Three Character Little Pigs,” the characters are the three pigs and the wolf.gonist: The protagonist is the pig whose house is made of bricks.

  1. Antagonist: The antagonist is the wolf.

  2. Plot Summary: the three pigs build houses of different materials—sticks, straw, and bricks; a wolf comes and threatens each of them; and the wolf destroys the houses made of sticks and straw, but not the house made of bricks.

  3. Conflict is between the wolf and the pigs.
  4. Climax: the climax comes when the wolf tries to blow down the house of the third little pig.

  5. Setting: The setting is in and around the housed of the three pigs.

  6. Resolution comes when the third pig (whose house is under attack) thinks of a way to outsmart the wolf.

  7. Rising Action: The rising action begins when the wolf comes to the door of the first pig and ends when the wolf tries to blow down the house of the third pig.

  8. Theme: The theme of “The Three Little Pigs” is that the reader should build secure foundations in life.

  9. Protagonist: The protagonist is the pig whose house is made of bricks.

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