Eligibility to apply for the Erasmus Huis Fellowship is limited to


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Through its fellowship programme, PermataBank and Erasmus Huis will award a fellowship to one of Permata Photojournalist Grant (PPG) Programme Alumni.

The programme offers a one week residency training in Amsterdam. During the residency, the selected candidate will have the opportunity to work on photo stories mentored by Kadir Van Lohuizen (NOOR Photo Agency), including an opportunity to attend the World Press Photo Award Days in Amsterdam.
Eligibility to apply for the Erasmus Huis Fellowship is limited to:

  • Permata Photojournalist Grant Programme Alumni from 2011-2015.

  • Those able to speak English.


  • Complete (in English) and send the available application form along with your CV and latest headshot in digital format (3x4cm).

  • Send your photo story proposal which you will be working on during your stay in Amsterdam. The proposal should contain information such as the title and the summary or a short description of the photo story in a maximum of 100 words/3 sentences. You should also write why the story is important for you and/or the audience.

  • Send your portfolio by following the guidelines below:

    • 1 (one) photo story on any subject of your own choice with a maximum of 12 photos (set at 72 dpi, 1200x8 pixels). We prefer photo stories which done after the PPG program except for the 2015 PPG.

    • Attach the photographs in your email.
    • Name each photograph file with the photographer’s initial. For example: TO-Photo01, TO-Photo02 … in the order which the photographs are arranged to suit the photo story.

    • Each photograph you send must be accompanied by a caption.

    • Include the text / story of the photo story you send us.


  • Application forms can be submitted from February 10th - March 28th 2016.

  • Your application form, CV, latest headshot (in digital format), photo story proposal, and portfolio should be sent to info@pannafoto.org

  • The successful candidate will be announced on April 7th, 2016.


  • The selection process will be conducted by PannaFoto Institute and Kadir van Lohuizen (NOOR).

  • The selection process will consider photo stories which have been worked on during PPG programme, as well as the candidates’ proposals and portfolios.

  • The candidates’ English comprehension.


  • Visa, airfare, accommodation, food, and other programme-related expenses are included in the fellowship.

  • The chosen fellow must provide a Letter of Permission to join the programme from the Photo Editor or the person in charge at his or her workplace.
  • The chosen fellow must also hold a photo story sharing session in Jakarta, in the end of May 2016, to talk about his or her experience during the fellowship.

Please visit our website at www.permata-photojournalistgrant.org or  contact :

Swan Ti at 0812 979 0802 ( swanti72@yahoo.com ) for further information.
Application Form


(please include this form with your portfolio)

Full name :

Place / Date of Birth :

KTP ID Number :

Sex :

Telephone :

Email :

Home address :

Job :

Media :

Work Address :

English language proficiency (beginner, intermediate, advanced, fluent) :

  1. Why do you want to join the programme?

  1. How is this fellowship going to support you in your work?

I hereby declare my interest in joining ERASMUS HUIS FELLOWSHIP TO AMSTERDAM, which is a part of PERMATA PHOTOJOURNALIST GRANT programme and I have also read and agreed to the rules and regulations which apply to this program.

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